d the door; she saw a maid holding a lamp acting suspiciously.

It might be an assassin.

She pretended to sleep on her bead, underneath her blanket shes holding a butterfly knife. She heard the door creaking. She felt the presence in her bed.

”Princess, wake up… ”

”Nngh… ” She pretended to open her eyes. ”Why are you waking me up? ”

”Shh… ” She shushed the Princess. ”There is assassins outside, we better hide. ”

What? Why would I believe you?




A weird clanking noises of blades were heard in the kitchen. The chefs and cooks were fighting the assassins using their kitchen knives.

”You guys sure are tough. ” Said by the pewter haired assassin.

”We are, you damn dipshit assassins. ”

Since the day Chiara said that someone will kill her, they started to train themselves in order to protect her.

”We won let you harm the princess! ”

”Hoo? Really? Then, well kill you first. ”

”Ugh! Theres no end to these freaks! ” Said by the yellow haired assassin.

”Say, assassin lad, why are you planning to attack the Princess in the first place? Tomorrows her birthday. ”

The assassins laughed.

”Its an order from our boss. ”

Joseph woke up from the noisy clanking sound. He was shocked to see the assassins.

Damn it! I can even protect the Princess.

He grabbed two blades; the assassins don notice him because they are too busy fighting the cooks. He immediately threw it to their butts.

”Ouch! ”

”What the **?! ”

Their ass is now bleeding, they saw Chiara in a corner.

”Oho! The Princess is now here, our job will be easy. ”

Chiara grabbed a classic craftsman knife and stabbed the lying assassins left chest, directly to the heart. They all gulped; she stabbed the assassin again ten times.

”Kono yaro… ” She whispered.

TRANSLATION: You bastard…

Chiara looked at them, they saw bloodlust in her eyes.

”This… ” she said and stared at the corpse in front of her, ”is how you do it. ”

The assassins were shocked as well as Chiaras loyal servants. Chiara is very observant; she saw the Viscounts family crest.

As I thought its the Javas family. Tomorrow is my birthday, and this is their birthday gift to me? Thanks, I guess?

”Hey, minion. ” She called the yellow haired one.

”What? ”

”Say thanks to your boss birthday gift to me. Tell them they
e dead. ”

”Oh really? You will die first! ”

The assassins dropped a smoke bomb containing a large amount of strychnine.

Shit! They still have tricks up their sleeves!

She saw Joseph fainting behind the door. Through the smoke she saw each and everyone fainting except her and the assassins.

Damn it! Guess Ill kill them all.

”HAHAHAHA! ” They all laughed thinking that Chiara also fainted, they didn know that Chiara has the most advantage through this smoke.

Every one of them in every minute is screaming in pain. Chiara is jumping like an experienced jaguar through a forest.

Guess grandpa taught me well…

Their throats are all opened, its Chiaras fighting style. She earned her high jumping because shes trained in the Redwoods Park.

The maids called the knights a while ago to explain the situation, they didn believe them, so Cara went to the main palace to ask for help.

Entering the kitchen, there they saw Chiara sitting on top of the assassins corpses, yawning. Arden was shocked on what he saw, Chiara has a bloody knife in her hands.

”What? ” Chiara asked when she saw the knights. ”The party is over, haangh… ” She yawned again.

”C-chiara what happened? ”

She looked at her father insanely happy.

”They tried to kill me, so I killed them. ” She told him and jumped out of the corpses.

She even licked the blood on the knife and said: ”Type A, eww. ” She then starts to jog but not moving from her direction and instantly jump towards the knight and pointed her knife in his cheeks.

”Father, they
e not skilled enough, Im even faster than them, how can they be a knight? ”

She jumped out again and went to raise her hands in front of her father.

”Upsy daisy. ” She spoke.

The emperor carried her and smelled the blood on Chiara, he looked at the knights.

”No word shall go out. ”

After that he went towards Chiaras room and wet the towel and cleaned Chiaras face and hands.

”Chiara, how can you kill them? ”

”Simple, its my specialty, Papa. ”

No matter how I look at it, Chiara is just a cute little child, but I guess shes really taking after Chandria so much. But she still has a soft side like me.

He hugged Chiara and prayed to God that Chiaras fate will not end like her mothers.

Glimpse from the future…

Teresita and her gang is resting under the shade of a tree and bullying other people.

”So noisy… ” Chiara said as she removed the book from her face.

Teresita just rolled her eyes on her and tsked. She can fight Chiara back because of her status.

”Oh its so hot in here… ” Teresita said and used her hand to fan herself.

”I know right? ” The underlings said and laughed.

”Its so hot like hell! ” She said.

”Howd ya know? Are you from there? ” Chiara said and looked at her from head to toe. ”Maybe you
e from hell, your attitude says so. ”

Chiara laughed and stuck her tounge and waved her hair. She walked past them.

”You! You! ” Sandra said restraining herself from unnecessary actions against her.

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