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Chapter 5


”What did you say? You failed to kill the Princess?! ” Said by the Viscountess of Java.

The assassins who came back were tied up in the dungeon and is personally tortured by the Viscountess.

She is fuming mad. While holding her thorned whip, shes screaming very very loud.

”I paid you a hundred gold coins! You can even kill a single prick! ”

”AHHHH! ” The bald assassin screamed in pain.

I wasted my gold coins!

”Now, now, honey, calm down. ” Said by the Viscount.

She looked at her husband with her rolling eyes.

”How can I calm down? They failed to kill her! She needs to die and I really loathes her! Shes just a half commoner! ”

”Then lets plot something again tomorrow, you can kill her anytime. ”

Damn you Chiara! You made my wife upset. Just die!


”Hey come here bitch! HAHAHAHA! ”

The punks on the street are ganging up on one woman.

”S-sir please stop, I have a husband at home. ”

The woman said frightened and backed away until her back hit the wall.

e not going to get away. ” The gross man licked his lips.

”No! AHHHHH! Save me! ”

He immediately placed his hand to cover her lips. They heard some footsteps.

”Tsk! ”

”Hey you there! What the hell are you doing to her! ”

A man in a brown cloak said as those guys got frightened.

Its not just some man! Its the rumored grim reaper of the north. The knight who became a criminal for killing his 385 subordinates without getting a scratch.

”AHHHH! Men, you gotta move if you don want to die! Hes the, hes the— ”

Before he can finish his sentence, his chest got stabbed.

”Grim reaper of the north… ” He whispered between his breaths as his fellow troublemakers ran for their lives.

The woman covered her mouth and immediately cried as she hugged the man.

”Where were you? I went out to find you! ”

”Im sorry, Bella. A lot has changed in the capital, so I got lost HAHA. ”

Hes the knight of the night, Niceto Serrano Halisco. The forgotten man of the kingdom.

Hes not the grim reaper, hes the former commander knight of Gigracrea.

”Why would they gang up on me? Don they know that I am 49 years old?! ”

”HAHAHAHAHA, its because you looked so young my wife. ”

She continued to whine along their way home. Thats right, hes 52 while shes 49 but they looked so young due to some kind of erm—sorcery?

Hey narrator we
e not using witchcraft! Said by Niceto.

Erm—they just stopped aging thats all.

On the other hand, Gregory is still up when his father entered his room.

”Why are you still up Greg? Its midnight. ”

He sighed and said:

”I can stop thinking about what happened on Gampadia, father. ”

”Oh? When the monsters attacked? Forget it some, go get some sleep. ”

”No… ” he frowned ”-the Princess favorite color; I can get it off my mind. ”

The Archduke was confused but later on he got it.

”Whats the Princess favorite color, then? ”

”Its green. ”

Oh! Like the color of the crest of Imperial Family, a green chrysanthemum.

”Care to tell me what happened? ” He was intrigued.

Gregory sighed.

”When shes giving out laces, I asked her if I may have her favorite color and she said she doesn have any green laces available. So, I chose beige but when we went to hunt some little animals, I saw Zykrieg, he has a green lace. ”

The Archduke laughed.

”Do you think the Princess have some kind of special treatment for him? ”

”No—yes? I don know. ”

”Maybe its just a coincidence, maybe Zykrieg went in before you, maybe the green is just one. ”

The Archduke patted his sons back and told him to sleep and whispered his goodnight.

Its really a long night, tomorrows her birthday. Time sure flies fast. Its already the crack of dawn.


The huge bell in the Imperial Palace, rang three times, symbolizing the third birthday of their Crown Princess.

Chiara is having a parade in the whole town. Her father asked for it.

What a pain in the ass, its so crowded.

Shes in the carriage of the Imperial family while waving to the folks and smiling at them. Shes just thinking that its a pain in the ass, but shes really enjoying this moment.

Stfu, will you?

Oh sorry, my highness.

Anyways, Arden is so overjoyed. Hes happy that Chiara is interacting at the folks.

You can hear them shouting and saying:


Arden wants Chiara to know that the interaction between the ruler and his/her people is important.

”Princess! ” The woman with a pink hair said.

Chiara looked at the woman and smiled at her, they stared at her in awe.

”Wow! The Princess is so pretty! ” Said by the little girl.


The carriage went on and on, until they arrived at the Fiergie Street, the street of the criminal folks.

Arden sighed as Chiara looked around.

She saw a lot of big figures of man.

There are a lot of mercenaries and junk shops, some abandoned buildings, and a lot of rotten crops.

”It used to be so lively here… ”

”Mr. Coachman, can you please stop? ” Chiara asked.

The coachman did what he was told to do and they didn expect Chiara to get out of the carriage.

She ran, and it attract the attention of the men on the alleyway.

They will be a good Knights, my Knights are all wimps.

”Say, Mister Shag, would you like to be a Knight? ”

The shag haired man stared at her for a while and they all soon laughed.

”A Knight? Me? HAHAHA! Kid, do you think this appearance is willing to be a Knight? ”

Some man grabbed Chiaras shoulder and smiled at her genuinely.

”Kid, you may not understand this but we are mad at nobles, they are pathetic piece of shits, ah no they are bad. Don repeat the bad words. ” He said.

”Then, I have a proposal for yall. ”

The bald moved forward.

”Kid, didn you heard him, huh?! ”

He lift Chiara up in the air and stared at her fiercely. She stared back at him too, with authority and dignity. Yhere they saw a glimpse that she will stand before them.

”If you guys are mad at those piece of shits, then why don we kill them together. ” Then she smiled insanely.

”This brat is a psycho! I should kill her now. ”

”Wait… ” The leader said.

He put Chiara down and the shag haired man stared at her in awe.

”Princess! ”

”Princess! Where are you? ”

”Princess? ” The shag man said. ”Say, are you Chandrias daughter? ”

”Yes, I am. ” She said firmly.

She handed out a piece of paper and gave it to them.

”Once youve made up your minds, come to the Palace and visit me. Ill be expecting you. ” She said.

Whew! That was one hell of a troop, they will win in the Knights munera. Im sure of it. She smirked mischievously.

”Im here. ” Chiara showed herself not really caring.

Arden immediately hugged her and she can felt wet drops of liquid on her shoulder.

”Don left like that Iara… ” He meant something to it.

Hes so scared that Chiara will be gone, like his wife.

Chiara hugged her father back and told him:

”I will not leave you father… ”

Arden carried Chiara back to the carriage and the parade went on and on.

They came back to the palace as the morning banquet started. The nobles are laughing and having fun.

Then, the most awaited night masquerade ball came. Chiara wore a dazzling black dress and a crown braid.

Gregory wore an olive green tuxedo and pants and a pair of black leather shoes made by a famous artisan.

Zykrieg wore sage green coat and a pair of black pants and brown shoes.

Prosaiah wore a brown long sleeve and black blazer. His shoes are also black.

The banquet went like this and that and someone with a brown long sleeve asked her to dance with him so she did.

e kinda familiar, my lady… ”

”I guess. ”

She danced with him for quite some time, Gregory already recognized the Proncess so as soon as she finished dancing with whomever it is, he asked her to dance with him.

”You look so pretty, my lady… ”

”I could say the same as well, my lord. ”

She danced with Gregory too, swiftly moving their feets in the rhythm of a familiar song, but it soon ended.

Zykrieg asked Chiara to dance with him and she did again.

”My princess, you look so stunning. ”

”Well, same to you my lord. ”

Zykrieg pouted and whispered against Chiaras ear.

”Just call me brother like you really do. ”

Gregory saw it and his chest got tight, hes jealous of what hes doing to the Princess.

”Ouch! ” Said by some noble girl and there they saw Lia being sandwiched by a grownup nobles.

The son of the baron protected her.

”Are you okay? ” Avalon asked.

She looked up to him nervously and saw Avalons captivating eyes. The night soon ended with happiness of everyone.

Arden wiped his tears as he looked at Chandrias picture.

”Shes becoming more and more like you… ”

He sat on his bed and remembered the times when shes pregnant with Chiara.

”Arden don be such a pussy! Im just pregnant, I can still move… ”

”But my love, you need to be careful. Im just worried about you and our baby. ”

”I know that… ” Chandria smiled.

Another drop of tears went out from his eyes as he remembered how she died. Hes crying silently and blamed himself for what happened.

He didn know that Chiara entered his room. Chiara hugged his father and Arden hugged her back.

”Papa don cry… ” She said and wiped his tears.

Arden was moved beyond words as he stared at Chiaras figure.

”A-Arden, promise me to take care of Chiara. Promise me, hmm? ”

Chandria said as he reached for Ardens face while bleeding.

”I will, and I will always do it. ”

That night Chiara wondered what kind of woman is her mother.

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