Adventurer Online

Chapter 1 Adventurer Online

ed back before entering his apartment.

Alex was your normal college student, bright but not straight A, just some few B and C, he lived alone in a small apartment rented and paid for by his parents.

He attends the Woodpine college which was slightly far from his apartment. Alex sat down greedily munching on the burger and chips he bought on his way home.

Am i really going to spend a thousand dollar to buy the VR helmet, or I should just leave it, no Ive already made up my mind to buy it tomorrow Alex laid down on his bed after eating and drifted off to sleep.

VRMMORPG: Adventurer Online was launched in November 26 2022, the game was widely played with an estimate number of players of almost a billion since it release.

All rich people had quickly followed the trend and bought a VR helmet of the highest grade and played the game.

From what people were saying, the game was extremely difficult and you can use real life money to purchase in game items, you can only strive and work for the items, but it was still an enjoyable game.

Alex had watched life streams from people who had played the game and it was wonderful, he had been saving and working part time jobs just to join the trend and play Adventurer Online.

The VR helmet can be used by a single user and if the user was killed in the game, he would have to buy another VR helmet, the VR helmet used in Adventurer was very different from others.


”Alex run ” a woman shouted.

”Mum ” Alex shouted back, ”Mum Im not leaving you, mum mum ”

Alex body jerked up from the bed and he breathed heavily.

”Just a nightmare ” Alex sighed and yawned weakly, a bright light shined through his window and illuminated his apartment.

The left over from what he ate last night was still on the ground, he quickly stood up from the bed and arranged his bed, picked his left over and took them to the garage.

Alex had always loved clean environment, he always wash his clothes, ironed them and hanged them in his wardrobe.

He never leaves his room dirty and unattended to, that was one of the things his parents loved about him.

Alex carefully arranged his room before proceeding to the kitchen to fix something for himself, after eating he took his bath, the warm water calmed his body as he dipped himself in the tub.

He had finished his semester at the college and he was now on break, and planning to enter the world of Adventurer Online.




Hey guys, Im writing this new book from the idea I had long ago about video gaming, its going to be an enjoyable read, I promise you that.

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