Adventurer Online

Chapter 3 Assassin class

After bathing Alex put on a normal white top with a black design, a black underwear and a black jean pant, he had always liked the color black.

Finally he looked at his phone to check the time, time was [9:00 A.M]

”They would be opened by now ” Alex said and put his phone in his pocket, he proceeded to take his credit card and looked himself in the mirror before leaving his apartment.

Alex always knew he was cute, but to him it didn really matter, girl would flock over him and sometimes confess their feelings, but he would always dismiss them politely or laugh it off as a joke.

The only time that he dated was back at highschool.

The weather was friendly today as Alex walked down the street, every step mattered to him, he was going to spend his entire saving on a grade 4 VR helmet.

Alex walked a few hundred meters before coming to a stop, this was not where he was heading to but the sign outside the shop made him stop.

[VR helmet at reduced price]

Though this didn state the exact amount that was reduced, Alex couldn pass up the opportunity and quickly rushed in to purchase his own.

As Alex approach the door, the door was opened from inside before he could open it, the store was very busy as excited teens and adults filled the store.

Two teenage boys left the store smiling with a package in their hands, a small picture of a VR helmet was drawn with the sign Adventurer Online.

”Wow, even though its already been a month since the release, the game sales is still at its peak ”

Alex pulled through the crowd of many teens standing and talking about the game, they were at least four counters and all of them were filled.

Alex grabbed one of the lowest grade VR helmet and saw a tag on it [900$]

He quickly took the helmet and joined one of the lines with fewer people, they were few girls in line staring at Alex trying to get his attention but he didn mind them.

He purchased the VR helmet and quickly exited the busy store with a smile, he got his paycheck from both of his job yesterday, he had been saving since the release of the game till now and finally he bought the VR helmet.

After buying the game and almost emptying his wallet Alex didn seem distressed at all instead he was thrilled about the new world he was about to enter.

He left the bustle and hustle of the street and walked back to his apartment.

After walking for sometime he reached his apartment.

”Alex, is that the game Ive been seeing on TV? ” miss rose asked.

”Yes miss rose ” Alex replied politely.

”Isn that expensive… ” she asked with a worried look on her face.

”Yes, but I got it at a reduced price, bye miss rose ” Alex said and opened the door to his apartment.

Alex carefully dropped the VR helmet and remove it from the box, it contained the usual helm he had been seeing from other players.

”How do you turn it on ” Alex said and looked around the VR helmet till he found a small button and switched it to the other said.

Alex connected the VR helmet to his wifi and was ready to start his Adventures before his phone rang.

It was his mum calling, she probably wanted to ask if she he was alright. I can tell her I bought this game, I would never hear the end of it

”Hello Alex ” the mother spoke as soon as he answered the call.

”Hello mum, how are you ” Alex took the lead and ask her first.

”You know, same as always Im fine, what about you honey ” the mother said.

”Im good, so why did you call ” Alex asked cause he knew she wanted to say something.

”Do I need a reason to call my son ” the mum said. ”well you know the semester is over and you are currently on break ”

”Yes… ” Alex said

”Can you come home… only for a while ” Alex mum said with a soft voice.

”Maybe, yea maybe I will, Im tired of this place ” Alex said and his mum was joyous.

”You are tired of the place, is it the apartment, do you want a new place ” the mum quickly ask.

”No mum not the apartment, bye mum ” Alex said laughing.

”Bye son, well be expecting your call ”

Alex kept his phone and lay down on his bed with his back touching the wall, he quickly slid the helmet onto his head.


Alex was smiling as he stared at the floating words in front of him.

Everything changed and the next moment he was in a grassland.

[Hello user]

[Welcome to Adventurer Online]

A voice sounded in Alexs ears, ”okay, so what next ”.

The world turn pitch black and a huge timer was in front of him counting down.





Alex suddenly appeared in a forest, green tall trees filled the place making it a great scenery.

[Hello user]

A voice sounded, but this time it came from behind him, Alex turned back and saw a female robot smiling at him.

”Hello… ” Alex said back.

[Choose your name]

The robot girl said, Alex thought about the name he could use, all the good names would have been taken.

”Alex I suppose ”

[This name has been taken]

Alex knew that was what was going to happen, so he tired to think of other names, most of the games he played, he used his real name as his in game name.

”I don have any decent name,I don want to be blood or death or war, I want to be something like… ”

[May I suggest a name for you]

”Yes, that would be great ” Alex said and waited patiently.

[How would you feel about Reaper]

”Hmm, Reaper I like it ” Alex said.

The word [Reaper] appeared on top of Alexs head.

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