Adventurer Online

Chapter 3 Assassin class

forward and entered the main Street and a message popped up in front of him.

[Welcome to Elyria Village]

”Nice, this is great ” Alex murmured.

”Okay lets see, interface ” Alex said, and the blue screen appeared in front of him.

[Name: Reaper]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 10/10]

[XP: 0/50]

[SP: 0]

[Class: Assassin]

[Adventurer Coins: 0]

[Title: None]

[Rank: None]

[Strength: 10]

[Agility: 30]

[Stamina: 15]

[Vitality: 15]

[Stealth: 30]




[Log Out]

Alex pressed the [Inventory] icon and a small rift opened in front of him with a message on top of it.

[Inventory: Sharp wooden dagger]

[Dagger Rank: Common]

”Wooden dagger… what would I use that for ” Alex proceeded to carry the dagger out of the rift and the rift closed.

Indeed the dagger was sharp, it could pierced human skin but it wouldn kill them.

Alex glanced down at his outfit, he was wearing a black shirt and a black pants, maybe the game knows he likes black after all.

Ray looked around and saw some players holding wooden swords and strange items, thats means everyone was given common item the same as Alex.

Alex also checked the map and began to trek through the street looking around and hoping for something interesting to happen and it did.

One of the players was trying to get into an NPC house and was stopped by two guards holding sharp Spears.

”Whats happening inside there, let me though ” the player shouted and was block again.

”This place is out of bound ” the NPC said to the player.

”Wow, that is so real ” Alex chuckled slightly as he watched the scene in front of him.

Another player later joined in and both of them were annoyed with the NPC.

”Why can we pass ” the player asked.

”This place is out of bound, so it is none of your business ” the NPC said with a stern voice.

”Get out of my way you are just NPCs ” the two players joined together and tried to force their way through but the NPC resisted, the NPC got angry and pointed the spear towards on of the players.

”Woah, you think I would be afraid of NPCs ” the player said and grabbed the spear of the NPC.

The NPC wasted no time in plunging the spear into the body of the player and he faded away with a message floating where he died.

[Player Deathbag – Dead]

The other player didn want to die he quickly ran away from the building, Alex watched the whole thing and was marveled.

He left and continued walked but stopped and burst into laughter when he saw two NPCs fighting over a female NPC.

”You slept with my girlfriend ” one of the NPC shouted and punched the other one.

Other players and NPCs watched the fight and was laughing, some NPC even tried to separate the fight.

Alex on the other hand left after a few minutes, he was going towards the newbie forest to hunt or possibly obtain some items when an NPC walked up to him.




Entry to WPC 310 – Level up

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