Adventurer Online

Chapter 4 First task

p> ”Did you get the rabbit fur? ” the man asked.

”Yes ” Alex said and quickly opened his inventory and brought out the item and gave them to the NPC.

”Wonderful, give me a minute ” the NPC said and quickly rushed inside to bring something.

The NPC came out with some green coins and gave them to Alex.

”I added a little extra for completing it time ” the NPC said smiling then he walked inside with his rabbit fur, ”Time to create it ”

Alex was surprised at the realistic expressions the NPC made and knew that this game deserves to be at the top.

Alex counted his green coins and there were 12 pieces, the NPC added two extra coin for him.

Alex walked into the village back and looked for a weapon shop, he finally found one and wanted to enter when he looked in a mirror.

He looked exactly how he was in real life, he looked handsome.

This is not good, I need a mask to cover my face, a mask would be great for an assassin

Alex entered the weapon shop and saw a large man sitting behind a large wooden desk, there was a name hovering over his head.

[Weapon seller – Matt ]

Matt turn his head and looked at Alex, ”Would you like to buy or sell a weapon? ”

”I would like to know the prices of weapon ” Alex said.

”Check the screen over there ” the large man said pointing to a light blue screen displaying all the weapon he has and their prices.

Alex walked over and checked the weapons.

”Shit ” that was all Alex could say.

The prices of the weapon displayed were above him, he checked weapons for assassins.

Wooden dagger – Ordinary 20 coins

Sharp Wooden dagger – Common 50 coins

Rusted dagger – Common 70 coins

Alex was not able to buy any of the weapon so he left the weapon shop with his head down. He was going to hunt for more animals or monster in Hope of selling the item they dropped.

Alex stood in front of the weapon shop and was thinking about his next move, the NPC that give him his first task walked up to him.

Maybe if he asks any of the NPCs if they need something, they may give him another task.

This was worth trying, Alex walked up to a female NPC who was standing in front of a building.

”Hi ” Alex greeted

”Hello handsome ” the woman replied seductively.

The NPC was a woman in her mid thirties or late thirties, she was wearing a tight black dress that hugged her sexy body, but Alex didn care about that he was finding ways to get coins.

”Do you need help with anything or need help finding something? ” Alex asked her.

”I need something, but I don know if you would be able to help me with it, Im willing to pay 20 coins for it ” the woman said.

”What is that ”Alex said quickly.

”Will you have sex with me, I will pay 20 coins ” the woman said and pointed towards her house across the road.




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