Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 15 - Grey Appeared

Chapter 14:Lightning Mountain

Grey headed into the forest he usually trains in. Surprisingly, the location was in this forest. His mom told him very few people knew of lightning striking the mountain top. Only the higher ups of the City knew of it.

The mountain was in a deeper region of the forest. Although he had been to the forest for a long time, he never tried to head deeper into the forest. There were magical beasts in the forest. The magical beasts were also attuned with elements and some of them are even better at using it than humans.

The mountain wasn ’t too deep into the forest, that was why Martha was able to tell him freely. If it was too deep in, she won ’t be comfortable telling him about the place as he might be in danger if he encounters a magical beast.

Grey cautiously headed deeper into the forest, he had to be careful as some times, magical beasts do come out from deep in the forest.

After 30 minutes, Grey has already gone deep into the forest. The trees were really high and looked old. ”They must have been here for a long time ” Grey muttered while placing his hands on the old tree.

Grey looked at the trees, he couldn ’t take his hands off it when he placed them on it. It was like he could hear the heartbeat of the tree from the earth. He traced his hands down the tree towards the earth, he felt the solidity and support of the earth. It was able to support everything and all the trees could depend on it. The earth was regarded as the sturdiest element.

Grey had a little beat of understanding with the element and for some time, his heart was breathing in the same rhythm as the earth.

”What a wonderful feeling ”

He felt strong at that moment. His eyes glowed with a dark brown color for some time before returning to normal. The earth element truly was resilient and was also the best element in terms of defense.

”How great would it be if I can awaken the earth element. That would make me almost perfect for now. With great attack and great defense ” Grey said with a smile. He was completely aware of the brown glow that flashed through his eyes for some time.

Grey really didn ’t think this short realization would help him awaken the earth element for him. He continued his journey into the deeper parts of the forest. This is the deepest he had gone into the forest since he started coming here.

Shortly, a huge mountain appeared in front of him. The mountain was over 1,200 meters high, and it extended over a range of 300 miles. Grey stood at the foot of the mountain looking towards the top of the mountain.

He began climbing the mountain, the mountain was rough, so he couldn ’t hurry while climbing it.

The top of the mountain had an empty space. It looked very smooth, probably because of after being struck by lightning for too long. Grey reached the top of the mountain after some time. He felt a stinging wind hitting him hard, he looked into the distance from the top of the mountain.

The forest extended as far as his eyes could see. This really was a huge mountain, he wouldn ’t dare to go into the deepest part of it. He was curious about it though.

The mountain had a high concentration of the lightning element. Although Grey hadn ’t started cultivating yet, he can still feel how high the lightning concentration in the mountain is.

Due to the high concentration of the lightning element in the mountain, Grey was able to feel some sort of closeness to it. ”This is really a great place, even without any lightning descending, I can clearly feel the lightning element ”

This mountain could be regarded as a paradise for all lightning Elementalists. The element could even be felt in the air, it was amazing. Grey felt great. If he could stay here frequently, he can increase his comprehension on the element.

Grey sat in a meditative state and tried feeling the lightning element in the air. He focused intensely on the element.

While Grey was in a meditative state, the lightning element in the air immediately got attracted to him. His body was like a magnet towards the element, even the mountain had a reaction.

The lightning element gathered in the mountain started moving towards Grey. Grey couldn ’t feel anything as he was fully immersed in meditation. Some earth element also moved towards him, although a little, it still moved towards him.

Grey stayed in a meditative state for 3 hours without making any movements. He got out of the meditative state and decided to head home.

”What a wondrous feeling ” Grey felt greatly surprised by the feeling he got. He even felt somewhat intoxicated by it. He almost couldn ’t draw himself out of meditation.

Grey headed home, this was a fruitful experience for him. He couldn ’t wait to come back tomorrow. Grey decided he won ’t check if he made any improvements, he will wait till the test and see what he got.

He needed someone to protect him if he wanted to stay longer. He had to always remain vigilant when he was meditating, although he forgot himself sometimes. It was his first time, so the feeling took him by surprise.

Grey went to bed early, he wanted to go quicker tomorrow, so he can comprehend for a longer time. He truly enjoyed the feeling and wanted to feel it again.

Grey got up the next morning and headed towards the mountain in high enthusiasm. This was the last day before the test, he had to make good use of the day. He meditated for a long time before heading home.

Soon, the next day reached. The day for the test have finally reached after waiting for so long, Grey got up early like usual.

”This is the day it all changes ”

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