Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 18 - Wait! Can She Read Minds?

Chapter 17:Surprise Suckers

The entire arena was quite, they all had their eyes fixed on the figure whose hand was on the stone. They wanted to know the result badly.

Time slowly moved as the seconds crept at a sluggish pace. Their hearts were racing in anticipation. What would be the result?, this was the question in their minds.

Jonas and the representatives also had the same thoughts. They were closer to the platform, so they saw how calm Grey looked.

”He really is different from the rest ” One of the representatives said. They all looked at the lazy looking Grey whose hand was on the stone.

Grey had a lazy look when his hand was on the stone, he didn ’t have the disposition of someone who had failed to awaken his element previously. It was like it was his first time doing the test, and he didn ’t even care about the result.

After some time, the strange energy left his body and returned into the stone. The Elder walked over to confirm the results, when he saw the results, he looked at Grey shocked.

”Please place your hand on the stone again ” The tone of the Elder changed slightly when he asked this.

Grey looked at him for some time before placing his hand on it again. When the crowd saw this, they immediately started to murmur among themselves.

”This was how he was also told to place his hand on the stone the last time ”

”Seems like we came in vain. Clearly he ’s failed to awaken his element again ”

Different opinions came in when they saw this. Those who were present the last time Grey did his test, also didn ’t think Grey will be able to awaken. To them, seeing this was like seeing Grey in the platform years ago. What happened in both cases was exactly the same.

The energy circled all over his body before returning to the stone. The Elder once again came over to check. He was left stunned by what he saw, he couldn ’t even speak the results of the test.

The people were surprised by his behavior.

”Could it be that he was able to awaken his element? ”

They immediately started speculating about the result of the test. They knew something must have definitely happened for the Elder to have this sort of reaction.

”Elder, what is the result?. We don ’t have much time, so tell us the results ” The representative of the Starlight Academy spoke coldly toward his for not calling the result sooner.

The Elder immediately got out of his shocked state and immediately announced the result.

”Grey, Lightning element Purple grade talent and Earth element Pink grade talent ” He announced loudly.

When everyone heard the result, they all looked dumbstruck. Even Grey had a surprised look in his face.

Jonas had a look of disbelief. ”Dual Elementalist ”

Grey was surprisingly a rare Dual Elementalist, and what was more shocking was the fact that he had the Lightning element as well. Although the grade of the talent for the Earth element, it doesn ’t change the fact that he is a Dual Elementalist.

Martha looked at her son surprised, ’Did he know about this. We will talk when we get home ’ She didn ’t want to distract herself from what was happening. Today, Grey has shamed them all. And also, he had surprised even her who stayed with him.

Martha looked at Grey ’s face which also had a look of surprise. ’Seems like he wasn ’t aware of this as well ’ She calmed down when she felt it okay already.

The crowd immediately burst into an uproar.

”Did the Elder just call two different elements? ”

”Yes, Lightning and Earth elements ”

”He is a Dual Elementalist ”

The crowd couldn ’t calm down. Not only were the crowd agitated, the representatives felt more agitated. This is an unseen talent. Each of his element balances him completely. One is for attacking, while the other is used mostly for defense.

Jonas just looked on without being able to say anything. The representatives from each Academy even forgot to fight over which Academy he will be admitted to.

Grey looked at the reactions of everyone and also how they looked. ’I ’ll always remember this day ’. Grey was proud of himself.

He searched for Martha with his eyes and saw her smiling towards him. He walked out of the platform towards his mother.

The stunned crowd still haven ’t been able to get over what they heard. The representatives quickly regained their wits and quickly shouted for Grey to wait.

”Wait!, which Academy will you like to join ” The Elder of the Lunar Academy said.

Grey looked at them and chuckled to himself. ”I will be joining the Lunar Academy ”. Grey didn ’t bother to wait before replying. He had a good impression of the representative from the Lunar Academy. He still remembered how he cheered him up when he came for the test previously.

Grey left the platform and headed towards where his mother sat. The crowd still haven ’t been able to get out of the shock, from what they witnessed.

Derek ’s face paled when he heard the result. He knew there was a bad blood between the both of them, so when he thought about Grey ’s current status, he couldn ’t help but be scared.

Grey felt very happy deep down when he saw the reactions of everyone.

’Hehehe, surprise suckers ’ Grey snickered in his heart. The feeling of victory truly was a good feeling. After being mocked for so long, now he had climbed up from the abyss and stood straight before them. Yet, none could speak before him.

”Well done Grey, you ’ve truly silenced them. And also, you made me proud ” Martha spoke with a huge smile on her face.

”Of course, I ’m the best. You didn ’t expect anything less from me right? ” Grey shrugged and said with a little laugh.

”Will you die if you don ’t praise yourself for once? ” Martha asked with a look that scared the shit out of Grey.

Grey immediately dropped his head, clearly not having any plans of replying.

Martha looked at him and shook her head, she could tell no matter what happened, Grey will always be Grey.

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