Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 23 - Lunar Academy

Chapter 22:He ’s Not Bad, But I ’m Still Better.

Two days later…

Grey and Chris were in a restaurant having a meal. Usually, Elementalists?could go days without eating, but most of them still enjoy the taste of delicious foods, so they eat whenever they can. And some foods are also helpful to cultivators.

Grey hasn ’t started cultivating yet, so he still had to depend on the nourishment of food. Although he could go without eating for a day, he would rather not. Grey was a foodie, he loved food a lot. So him not eating is like a punishment to him.

”Senior, how come I am the only one who joined the Lunar Academy from Red City? ” Grey asked after taking a big bite of the meat in front of him.

He noticed there wasn ’t any other kid going with him to the Academy, and it was quite strange since other Academies representatives get at least two kids when they ’re heading back.

”Well, we have a low admission rate, ” Chris said without even raising his head, clearly he was also just like Grey, a foodie.

Grey could see how much Chris was enjoying his meal, so he decided to ask after their meal. They had been making stops in different cities during their journey. They would have to stop flying when it was almost dark to get to a city where they would have to sleep at an Inn.

Grey had already taken note of how much Chris loved eating. They hadn ’t spoken much during the journey. Whenever they are in the air, Grey always studied his environment and carefully observed their traveling routes.

It was a stunning sight while he was in the air, it felt amazing. Surprisingly, Brown can make air shields that would stop the air from hitting them while she is flying at full speed.

Brown would have to hide in a forest close to the city whenever they stopped and went into a city. Since unlike other aerial magical beasts, she was rare. Of course, she wouldn ’t be in any danger in a place like this since she was stronger than the residents in the cities. Well, that only applies to small cities.

”But we also have the highest retention rate. Meaning, we rarely chase out our students for not meeting the required stage during the yearly test. All our students are hardworking ” Chris continued.

”Oh ” Was the only reply Grey could give. He knew about the yearly tests the Academies give to their students. This was one of the reasons Derek was in the city.

”The competition is really tough at the Academy, you will know more when you get there ” Chris refrained from going deep in details of how the Academy operates.

Grey didn ’t ask any more questions since he could clearly see Chris wasn ’t going to tell him anything. After eating, they immediately went to the Inn to get some sleep. Since they still had about two days journey ahead of them, they needed to rest properly.

Two days later…

Grey looked at the biggest city gate he had ever seen. Grey could see people entering and exiting the city on a large scale. This truly was a large city, unlike Red City where he previously stayed.

Lunar Academy was situated 1 kilometer west of the city. Lunar Academy was named after the city. The city was boisterous, Grey curiously looked around.

”Senior, why did we come over to the city, is the Academy located in the city? ” Grey asked, he knew most Academies weren ’t located in the cities. And were mostly located outside the city.

”No, we are heading over to meet a friend of mine. After that, we ’ll head over to the Academy ” Chris said while heading in the direction of the city.

”Oh okay, ” Grey responded while closely following behind him.

When they got into the city, they headed straight towards the center of the city. Grey studied the city closely. It was a very busy place and people could be seen walking everywhere.

They stopped at the front of a huge manor. Although Grey wasn ’t a resident of this city, he could tell this was definitely the biggest manor in the city. There were guards at the gate of the manor, but they didn ’t stop them from going in.

”What a nice place ” The tranquility of the garden calmed Grey ’s tired mind. He had been restless throughout their journey, but being here was able to calm his heart. He closed his eyes to sink deeper into this peaceful state.

Chris walked out after some time with a young boy in tow. The boy was about the same age as Grey. He had refined features and looked quite handsome. When they got to the garden, he looked at the stranger who had his eyes closed like he was in a trance.

”Grey, it ’s time to leave, ” Chris said loudly.

Chris ’s voice disrupted Grey ’s reverie. Grey opened his eyes and stared at Chris. He noticed Chris didn ’t come alone and was with a young boy.

Grey stared at him for some time before redirecting his gaze back at Chris. ”Okay Senior ” He replied with a smile. Staying in the garden for this short time had really helped calmed the state of his mind.

”Oh Grey, this is Klaus ” Chris introduced the newcomer to Grey.

”It ’s nice meeting you, I ’m Grey, ” Grey said while stretching out his right hand.

”I ’m Klaus, it ’s nice meeting you too ” Klaus shook his hand with a smile.

Grey evaluated Klaus, and Klaus was also doing the same. Klaus had always been proud of his looks, but this was the first time he was totally defeated by someone else in terms of looks.

’He ’s not bad ’ Grey praised Klaus for his looks in his heart. ’But I ’m still better ’ Grey felt it was impossible to see someone as handsome as he was.

”Klaus is a student of the Academy, since we were going to the Academy, he decided to come along ” Chris said calmly.

Chris turned after saying this and walked in the direction of the exit.

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