Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 23 - Lunar Academy

ement with the best defense.

With lightning ’s terrifying attack, coupled with earth ’s resilient defense, he could say Grey was a perfect fighter, wielding both attack and defense, respectively.

”How about you, what element did you awaken during your test? ” Grey inquired.

”Well, I ’m a Water Elementalist ” Klaus declared with a calm voice. He had already been at the Academy for some time now.

”Okay ” Grey thought of his mother when he heard Klaus was a Water Elementalist. He knew she was terrifying. Luckily, she only freezes his legs and doesn ’t do more whenever he messes up.

Grey and Klaus continued talking as they walked closer to the Academy. Grey got to find out there were 5 halls in the Academy, with each hall representing an element. There was the Water Hall, the Fire Hall, the Earth Hall, the Wind Hall, and the Lightning Hall. There were also special classes which took place at the Academy.

Each hall was further divided into 3 classes for 3 cultivation planes, respectively. Collection Plane students are in the 1st class in their subsequent elemental hall. The Fusion Plane students are in the 2nd class. While the third class were for the Arcane students.

Klaus was already in the 3rd class, which was for the Arcane Plane students. Grey was astonished by how fast they cultivate. He also found out Klaus was a Purple graded talent just like him(for now).

He was slightly taken aback since Klaus made no mention of the Darkness or Light Halls. Compared to the Lightning element, they were far rarer, but he never thought they would be this rare. After asking Klaus the reason for the lack of Darkness and Light Halls, he found out it was because they had no Instructor who was a Light or Darkness Elementalist. After all , a Light or Darkness Elementalist rarely appears.

How long would it take him to get to the Arcane Plane?. Well, he couldn ’t wait. Apart from the time Chris looked at Klaus, he didn ’t interrupt their conversation, not even once during their entire journey. They reached the Academy before long, and Grey stood awed by it.

Well, if he says the gate of Lunar City was the largest he had seen, then the gate of Lunar Academy was the grandest. The gate erected at over 9 meters high, with a width reaching over 6 meters. The designs on the gates seemed life like, and when Grey looked closely, he could see the image of a Phoenix at the center of the gate.

They headed into the Academy grounds, the Academy was clearly bigger than Red City. The moment they entered the Academy, Chris immediately ditched Grey and only instructed Klaus on what to do before disappearing.

Grey glanced at the unreliable Chris without much reactions. Since he already had a good relationship with Klaus, he didn ’t have any problems with Klaus showing him around.

”So where are we headed first? ” Grey asked with some enthusiasm.

”We ’re going to get you registered first of all. Then after that, I ’ll introduce the Academy to you, ” Klaus told Grey his plan.

Grey agreed with it. Since he was here, he should register as a student of the Academy.

Klaus and Grey discussed as they headed in the direction of the registration building.

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