Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 30 - It Expires?!

Chapter 29:Head Instructors

After Grey closed the door, he was about to leave when he heard a roar coming from the office.

”Grey where the hell are you going, get back here now ” Blake ’s voice thundered from the office. Grey froze with fright when he heard the shout.

At the office…..

”Haha, what an interesting fellow ” Delia covered her mouth while giggling. After the initial surprise at how quick Grey left the office, she felt amused by it.

Blake glared at her with a spiteful look. He was incensed when Grey just taken off without even waiting for a response from him.

Grey turned around and opened the door lightly. He thought Blake was having a meeting with the other Head Instructors, especially after he recognized Lynn. He never expected Blake would still have time to attend to him. He planned on waiting outside, probably seeing Reynolds and the rest before returning.

After entering, he closed the door gently behind him and looked up feeling slightly anxious. Blake stared at him with anger still visible in his face.

”Why did you leave the office? ” Blake asked with slight annoyance. Lynn glanced at Blake then back at Grey, ”Sigh, forget it ” Lynn suggested. She knew Blake was only grumpy because of Delia and nothing else.

Delia stared at Blake with a mocking smile, Blake didn ’t even bother with her anymore as he knew she would just aggravate him.

”Grey, we aren ’t having a meeting. Actually, they ’re all here for you ” Blake calmed down and spoke after seeing Grey was just looking at him saying nothing.

”Me? ” Grey asked with a confused look. ’I have always been focused on training, how did they even know me? ’ Grey thought.

”Yes, you. They wanted to know if you would be able to break through within these ten days ” Blake explained with a smile to disperse the slight unease Grey might be feeling with so many people present here.

”Oh that, I thought it was something else ” Grey said in a relieved tone. He thought he had done something he wasn ’t supposed to, that was why they were here for him.

”You don ’t need to be tense, they are all Head instructors here like me. Except for a certain someone though ” Blake stressed the last part of the sentence while looking at Delia. He had the ’She ’s the one I ’m talking about ’ look when he was staring at her.

Delia snorted coldly when she heard what Blake said and the look he was giving her. ’Humph, if not for the fact you are still stronger than me, I ’d have beaten you up for a long time now ’ She thought inside

Grey followed his eyes and saw the stunningly beautiful Delia. Grey greeted them with a smile, trying to look the best he could.

Delia looked at him, seemingly surprised by how handsome he was. The initial time Grey entered the office, she didn ’t get a chance to see him clearly. She was not the only one sizing him up, the other instructors who were just seeing him for the first time also did the same.

Grey also sized them up, he was most curious about Delia though. Since she was too young to be an instructor from his point of view. He saw the always serious looking Lynn, a well refined man with brown hair, the beautiful Delia who was flowing with the spirit of youth, a middle aged lady with blue hair and a man who had a masculine body with rough looking black hair. ’The rough looking one is definitely the Head instructor of the Earth Hall ’ Grey thought when he saw the man.

When Blake saw how they were all sizing each other up, he introduced each of the instructors to Grey. When Blake introduced the Head instructor of the Earth Hall, Grey was surprised by the one Blake was pointing at. ’Maybe he made a mistake ’ This was what rang in Grey ’s mind.

”You ’re also an Earth Elementalist, very good. You should try visiting the Earth Hall. Although your talent for the Earth element isn ’t as high as it is for the Lightning element, the Earth element is very formidable ” The Head instructor of the Earth Hall, Michael said.

”I will surely do. Since I was focused entirely on cultivation, I haven ’t had time ” Grey replied gently. He was surprised the one who spoke to him wasn ’t the rough looking man, rather it was the refined looking man.

The Head instructor of the Earth Hall had brown hair which was starting to gray, with a well chiseled face and amber eyes which glittered with youthful mischief.

Grey was surprised by Michael ’s appearance, he thought all Earth Elementalist were crude looking. He didn ’t expect the refined looking man to actually be the Head instructor of the Earth Hall, he even looked better than Blake, although older.

Michael saw Grey ’s weird look and laughed, ”What, you expected me to look crude? ”

Grey smiled awkwardly, ”Sorry, it ’s just the few Earth Elementalist I ’ve seen were all crude looking. ”

The instructors all laughed when they heard this, Michael has already gotten used to getting this reaction from people the first time to know he was an Earth Elementalist. Due to the rough nature of the Earth element, most Earth Elementalist looked crude.

The elements usually reflects on the Elementalist, so it is not surprising most Earth Elementalists looks crude. Most Wind Elementalists looked nimble while Fire Elementalists almost always has a fiery personality.

”Okay, now back to the reason we are all gathered today ” Blake said solemnly after the bout of laughter. The office once again went calm, with everyone focusing their gazes intently at Grey.

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