Zhao Zhi felt that the legitimate eldest daughter of the Ming family knew how to retreat and advance, she understood the limits, what line not to cross, and she wasn ’t rigid. That was indeed the fashion of a high born lady.

Chengwang shizi smiled and shook his head, ”This future side consort of yours is a bit interesting, what a wonderful person. ”

Zhao Zhi put down his teacup and knocked it on the table, ”Be careful with your words. ”

Chengwang shizi laughed again, ”Don ’t tell me you don ’t want to marry her? ” Then he went on to say, ”If you don ’t want to marry, no one will force you to marry. I really envy you, your marriage is your own decision, unlike me, no matter who I want to marry, it ’s not my decision to make. ”

Zhao Zhi did not seem to be listening seriously, and got up after only sitting for a little while, ”I ’ll go first, take your time. ”

Halfway back to the residence, as the carriage passed by the pastry store, Zhao Zhi called for a stop and ordered someone to go pack a few bags of fragrant, soft and sweet snacks.

He remembered that Ming Zhu seemed to like these overly-sweet kind of pastries.

After Zhao Zhi went back to the other residence, he didn ’t go to Ming Zhu ’s room first, but went to his study, where he studied and practiced his words.

The pastries were sent to Wangyue Pavilion by a guard.

Ming Zhu was surprised by the gesture but she would not be moved as easily as before. Putting aside the packed pastries, she continued to fiddle with the newly delivered flowers and plants.

After half an hour had passed, Ming Zhu stretched her back and glanced at the table unintentionally, and after a few seconds of silence, she said to Biying in the outer room, ”Throw away the pastries on the table. ”

Biying walked in with a white face, lowering her head and hiding her face, her little legs were shaking, and her voice also, was shaky, ”Miss …… ”

Ming Zhu explained, ”It ’s already cold, I don ’t want to eat it, throw it away, you don ’t have to be afraid, he won ’t know. ”

Biying raised her ghastly white face and opened her mouth, but it was as if someone had put a handful of dirt down her throat and her lips twitched, seemingly too nervous and afraid to say anything.

Ming Zhu was about to ask what was wrong with her.

When the cold, tall and slender man lifted his foot over the threshold and walked in with a natural expression. The room remained incomparably quiet for a long time, before Zhao Zhi opened his mouth, his voice calm: ”What are you still standing there for? Didn ’t you hear what she said? ”

Biying directly knelt down, her body shaking all over.

Ming Zhu frowned, no matter what, that wasn ’t such a big deal, but Zhao Zhi seemed to be very angry.


Ming Zhu stood in the same place and sighed, she gazed towards the kneeling Biying who had her head down. In all fairness, just now Zhao Zhi ’s tone of voice couldn ’t really be considered harsh, yet she didn ’t know why she became so afraid.

Although Ming Zhu was also somewhat afraid of him, but that was only when she did things that crossed the line. Zhao Zhi usually wasn ’t very talkative and also rarely got angry.

Except in the bedroom, where he was a little difficult to cope with, usually he kept the proper etiquette of an elegant gentleman and was both polite and distant.

Ming Zhu raised her head and said lightly, ”Biying, you go out first. ”

Biying slowly stood up while still shaking and holding her breath, not daring to breathe loudly, and slowly withdrew from the room after paying her respects.

Today, Ming Zhu was wearing a pomegranate-colored skirt and jacket. She looked gentle and soft. Recently, she lived idle days and so her face had some more soft flesh. The corners of her eyes and eyebrows looked less seductive and more vivid and cute.

She looked at Zhao Zhi with her clean, transparent and round eyes, her demeanor was both pure and innocent, as she asked directly and plainly, ”Your Highness, are you angry? ”

The man today was dressed in very plain manner, his waist was tied with an ink-colored belt, with half of a broken jade pendant hanging on his waist. His posture was as straight as a pine, and on his jade-white face, one could not see a trace of any extra emotion.

Zhao Zhi just looked at her without saying a word.

Ming Zhu looked at the pastries on the table again and recognized that they seemed to be snacks bought from her favorite pastry store, ”Your Highness, the hibiscus cake and sweet cake don ’t taste good anymore when they ’re cold. ”

Actually, it ’s not that she didn ’t want them because they turned cold, she just didn ’t want to eat what he bought.

Zhao Zhi had forced enough things on her, and so what if she was arrogant ? On this small, insignificant little matter, she didn ’t want to easily follow his wishes.

Zhao Zhi silently clenched his fingers and expressionlessly looked at her, his voice also emotionless as he asked: ”Why didn ’t you eat them when they were hot ? ”

Ming Zhu lowered her face, ”My stomach was already full at that moment. ”

Zhao Zhi still had a stony face, as if he was an unapproachable high mountain flower and the cold air around him could hurt people several feet away. He hummed and then called the maidservant inside in front of her, and ordered in a cold voice: ”Listen to her, throw it away. ”

The maidservant did not dare to refuse and hastily packed it up before leaving with her waist bent.

This matter seemed to be over like this and Ming Zhu naively thought that his temper had subsided by now.

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