Tonight it happened to be Biying ’s turn to be on night duty. She and Lianqiao could hear from time to time the movements coming from inside the room and their cheeks burned from embarrassment.

Lianqiao was younger than her and easily got embarrassed (lit. had a thin skin), ”Sister Biying, I ’m going to the toilet. ”

Biying said, ”You go ahead, I ’ll take care of things here. ”

”It ’s hard on sister, I ’ll go quickly and come back quickly. ”

Lianqiao paid attention to the time before coming back, she looked at the clock as she came back but the matter inside the room still didn ’t seem to be over, the sound of low sobs getting lower and lower.

She blushed like a ripe apple and mumbled in a small voice, ”Why isn ’t it over yet? ”

Miss Ming Zhu ’s small body was able to bear this much activity ?

His Highness, the crown prince, really didn ’t know how to show compassion for and cherish the fairer sex.

Biying glared at her, ”Watch your mouth. ”

Lianqiao immediately covered her mouth with both hands, even if you someone lent her ten guts, she still wouldn ’t dare to say anything to criticize the crown prince.

Although His Highness was usually indifferent, but he was by no means someone that would talk with a warm voice and with whom you could have a nice chat with, he was particularly stern and cold.

That night, Wangyue pavilion called for water five or six times, and movements stopped only when the day was about to break.

Biying and the others bent down their waist, their head lowered as they went inside to clean up the room. The smell inside was strong, and the curtains on the bed were slightly dropped, blocking the scene inside.

From start to finish, Biying did not dare to lift her head up. The crown prince was particularly hostile to people who stared at miss Ming Zhu, not to mention men, even her personal maids were not allowed to look at her.

Because of this very reason the maid who served miss Ming Zhu since childhood was disposed of as punishment. She was dismissed far away.

Outside of the red curtains, a snow-white arm was hanging down. On the lotus-like arm, indistinct red marks alike stars and dots appeared.

Biying moved quickly to pick up the clothes on the ground that could no longer be worn, and before she went out with her waist bent, the crown prince said in a cold voice: ”Move quietly, don ’t wake her up. ”

Biying replied: ”Yes. ”

The next day, right after dawn, Biying saw the crown prince, fully dressed, coming out of the room, without any extra expression on his face. All traces of happiness, anger or sadness were hidden, in such a way that no one could see through him, nor get a catch on him.

The crown prince was having breakfast in the outer room and the people waiting on him didn ’t dare to breathe.

Zhao Zhi drank a bowl of clear porridge and before he left, asked, ”These few days, did anything unusual happen ? ”

Biying didn ’t dare to hide anything and shook her head, ”No. ”

Zhao Zhi pursed his lips and asked again, ”How is her mood? ”

Biying replied in a low voice: ”The miss seems to be in a bad mood lately. ”

Zhao Zhi couldn ’t help but frown as his fingers knocked on the table, ”Why? ”

”This slave doesn ’t know. ” Biying said carefully, ”The miss seems to want a companion. ”

She didn ’t dare to make her words too clear.

At first, Biying also didn ’t understand, miss Ming Zhu didn ’t go outside, she didn ’t see any outsiders, and there was also no one to tell her about the messy things happening in the capital, so why did she look like she wasn ’t too happy ?

There was only one answer she could think of, and that was that miss Ming Zhu wanted to have a child, whether it was for having company or to consolidate her status, it was good either way.

But it was a pity, for this wish that Ming Zhu had, would come to nothing in the end.

She, as a maid, knew that no matter how favored she was, the crown prince would not let an outside mistress give birth to his bloodline.

This matter, when Zhao Zhi came over last night, someone had already mentioned it to him.

He took a sip of cold tea, hummed, and then went to attend morning court.

Ming Zhu woke up again at noon, drank a mouthful of water and went back to sleep. She was tossed and turned again and again last night, and so it was only in the afternoon that she finally got up from bed and drank the usual contraceptive soup that Biying brought over.

Ming Zhu put down the bowl and uttered a sound before she realized her voice was hoarse, ”He ’s gone? ”

Biying replied, ”His Highness left early in the morning. ”

Ming Zhu was really afraid of him, ”Did he leave any word? ”

Biying shook her head: ”No, he only ordered us not to wake you up. ”

And also to make sure to watch her drink the medicine.

Ming Zhu lazily replied with an ”oh ” word.

Biying brought another bowl of black and thick medicine from which you could smell from a distance the heavy bitterness. Ming Zhu ’s eyebrows formed a knot, ”Didn ’t I already drink it? ”

She now didn ’t mind it at all even if she drank a few more bowls of contraceptive soup. She was even eager to be as infertile as she was in her previous life, but this medicine was really bitter to drink.

Biying explained, ”This is medicine to fortify the body. The doctor said before that your body is weak and that you need more supplements. ”

Ming Zhu was born prematurely and had deficiencies from birth. She didn ’t really want to drink it and waved her hand, ”You put it aside for now. ”

Biying had an expression that looked like she was about to cry, ”You should drink it now. ”

Ming Zhu looked at her a few times and sighed helplessly. These people listened too much to Zhao Zhi ’s words, they didn ’t dare to disobey even one of his words.

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