After the little boy and his mother walked away, the little boy ate a few apricots, and saw his mother carrying so many things and was helping himself peeling apricots, so he picked up one apricot and stood on tiptoe as if he wanted to feed it into his mothers mouth. ”Mom works hard, and mother eats too. ”

The little boys mother took a bite of the apricots, moved, and realized that the apricots were really delicious, sweet and juicy. You only need to chew a few times, and the rich juice will flow into every part of your mouth, bringing bursts of comfort.

No wonder her child liked to eat. She has grown apricots for so many years, and she has to admit that this apricot is the best she has ever eaten!

”Baby, wait for mom to go back and buy some more. ”

After the two returned, they found that Shen Tingshuang was no longer at the foot of the mountain, only her basket of apricots left.

She picked up a plastic bag, packed about two catties of apricots, and swept ten yuan.

After the task was completed, Shen Tingshuang ignored the basket of apricots; she had to think about tomorrows task.

Todays task has been increased to four people, and tomorrow there will be at least four people.

This basket of apricots was placed at the foot of the mountain, so that more people passing by can see the apricots. What if anyone wants to taste it?

After recovering the 3% spiritual veins, Shen Tingshuang felt that the energy in her body was filled again, and first went to apricots forest to pour the energy into the trees.

This time, Shen Tingshuang watered a big branch.

Until the evening, Shen Tingshuang went to fetch the apricots basket from the mountain. She knew that part of the apricots had been taken away because of the notifications from Alipay.

Shen Tingshuang had no idea about money, so even after Shens father froze her bank card yesterday, Shen Tingshuang didn feel much.

It showed that her Alipay has received a total of 28 yuan, but Shen Tingshuangs heart was still very flat.

She ran down the mountain, took the apricots back to the courtyard, washed them and cut them in half in the same way as yesterday, and dried them

In the middle of the night, the mechanical sound really sounded again: ”Please let 8 people eat the fruits you planted within 12 hours. ”

Shen Tingshuang sat up abruptly.

There were only 4 people yesterday, but 8 people today! If there were 4 repeat customers yesterday, then the other four must be found carefully.

Sure enough, it was harder than before.

It was dark, Shen Tingshuang got up, went to the courtyard and picked some wild gray ash vegetables, blanched it in a pot and ate it to fill her stomach.

Although she has spiritual veins, she was still an ordinary person, and her stomach will be hungry.

After eating and going down the mountain, yesterdays mother stood at the foot of the mountain and saw Shen Tingshuang. She changed from yesterdays indifference and introduced herself very enthusiastically: ”Hello, I am from this village and my name is Hongmei. ”

”Hello. ” Shen Tingshuang remembered her, the one who said that the child did not eat apricots at first.

”We came back yesterday and saw that you weren here. I took some apricots and scanned the code directly to you. ” Hongmei was a little embarrassed. In fact, she wanted to buy more, but the seller was not there, so she estimated the weight and bought two catties.

Shen Tingshuang nodded indifferently.

Hongmei took out something from her bag: ”I have two of these at home. This is for you, its convenient for weighing. ” Shen Tingshuang didn actually weigh it previously. She brought one to make it easy for other customers to buy the apricots.

To express her gratitude, Shen Tingshuang gave Hongmei a large bag of apricots, which made Hongmei feel a little embarrassed. Her scale was not worth a lot of money. In comparison, Shen Tingshuangs apricots were much more precious.

Afterwards, Shao Feng also came over, and when he saw the scale, he weighed five catties. He originally wanted to weigh more but was rejected.

The main reason is that there are not many apricots. Shen Tingshuang was afraid that they will weigh too much, and the task will not be completed later: ”Please wait in the afternoon. If there are more, you can buy them all. ”

Shao Feng felt that this is not a good thing when doing business, but the girl on the other side looked a little cute with a serious look: ”Okay. ”

Because of her spiritual veins, Shen Tingshuang is weeding faster today than yesterday.

Near noon, the system slammed a warning: ”There are still 10 minutes before the end of the mission. At present, the hosts mission completion progress is 75%. If the mission fails, the spirit pulse will be deducted by 4%. ”

Shen Tingshuang blinked. Hey, 6 people actually ate it today.

Obviously only two people bought it, but six people ate it. Shen Tingshuang found that she was lucky.

In the morning, Hongmei took apricots and just arrived home, she was seen by her mother-in-law, and the latters expression was immediately pulled down, ”Why did you buy so many apricots? ” She knew that her little treasure grandson yesterday has been clamoring to eat apricots, but she didn expect Hongmei to buy so many backs.

Hongmei explained, ”This apricot is really delicious! And it was not bought by me; it was given by the little girl. ”

Little treasure ran out of the house when he heard his mother came back and saw her mother carrying the bag. Then, happily trotted on his short legs and ran towards his mother, ”Mom, I want to eat. ”

Yesterday the two ate apricots on the way back, after finished eating, and because she was going home to cook, Hongmei promised little treasure that she would buy it again today. Thats why she was waiting to buy apricots at the foot of the mountain early in the morning.

Little treasure couldn wait any longer, so he took an apricot out of the bag and prepared to take a bite.

His grandma immediately snatched the apricots from the child, ”My dear grandson, you want to eat it, and grandma will peel it for you. ”

Little treasure opened his round eyes and watched his grandma peel it. Hongmei, after her mother-in-law peeled the skin, she took out the core and divided the flesh into several pieces.

Hongmeis husband, Liu San, smelled the scent as soon as he entered the house, and then saw his mother peeling apricots, its juice running down his mothers hands.

Liu San swallowed, the sound was quite loud, and he looked around with some embarrassment. Fortunately, everyone was looking at the apricots, and no one cared about his embarrassment.

The apricot flesh showed a nice golden yellow color, and after peeling, the fragrance became stronger. Little treasure couldn wait to bite off a piece of apricot flesh from his grandmothers hand.

Little treasure quickly swallowed the apricot in his mouth and went to reach his grandmas hand and ate the other half. After a while, the whole apricot was eaten clean. Little treasure seemed to be unsatisfied, ”Want, want more! ”

Hongmei saw her child like this, said, ” Little treasure, today there are a lot of apricots, eat slowly, do not worry. ”

So, the family around the child, began peeling, Liu San smell the smell really cannot stand it anymore, he also took one from bag and took a bite. He couldn help but bursting swear word, ”F*ck, its so damn delicious! ”

Liu Sans mother gave Liu San a look and said coldly, ”In front of a child, what are you saying? ”

Liu San said immediately, ”Baby, Dad didn say anything just now. ”

Little treasure didn seem to hear what Liu San said at all and was full of thoughts on this apricot.

”Mom, you can try one too. ” Hongmei has eaten apricots, so she knows the taste.

When Liu Sans mother saw these two eating apricots, they showed expression as if they had eaten something super delicious, so she took a bite dubiously. As a result, the surprised expression on her face couldn be hidden.

Liu San laughed when he saw this.

Liu Sans mother nodded again and again, ”Little treasure mother, this apricot is good, but how can someone give you so much? ”

Hongmei explained what happened, originally thinking that her mother-in-law would be angry.

As a result, Liu Sans mother said, ”Our family originally had extra scale, there is no problem giving it away. ” The little girl also knows gratitude by giving back such a big bag of apricots. The most important thing is for her grandson to eat fruit!

Shen Tingshuang looked around at the people passing by, and saw a young lady walking over with a bottle of soda.

The young ladys name is Li Ying. Her company department is going to hold a team building activity. One of the planned spots is this village. She was going to survey the spot first.

After coming, Li Ying felt that there were a lot of participants, and the cost of their team building was only 5,000. Choosing this village was probably because of cheap price.

Li Ying searched for a long time but didn see any interesting places. On the contrary, she felt that she was about to be suffering from heat stroke, and finally found a convenience store. She bought a bottle of iced apricot-flavored soda.

Opening the lid, the air inside kept blowing out, accompanied by the sweetness of apricots, Li Ying took a few big mouthfuls, and the heat on her body disappeared.

Li Ying sighed. In summer, she had to drink this soda to quench her thirst and dissipate some heat. Li Ying held the water in her hand and continued to move forward. Suddenly she smelled apricots, which smelled much more appetizing than the apricots in her hands.

Following the fragrance, Li Ying walked to the basket unconsciously.

Shen Tingshuang asked, ”Would you like to buy apricots? You can taste them first. No money is needed if they are not sweet. ”

Li Ying looked at the little girl who was talking. She looked young, with fair skin that looks very delicate. Li Ying didn know how the girl was not tanned when she stayed here for a while.

Li Ying felt that she was thinking too far, and quickly took the apricots in the girl hands, peeled the skin, fed it into her mouth, and took a bite. Li Ying closed her eyes unconsciously.

This apricot meat, the taste is amazing. If the apricot soda can quench thirst and dissipate heat, then this apricot is more effective than the soda just now. If you bite it down, you can wait for your mouth to be full of sweet juices, and the heat of the whole body will be suppressed and cooled.

After an apricot was eaten, Li Ying was greedy, and she wanted to eat more to relieve her gluttony: ”I want two catties! ” If it weren for the difficulty of carrying, Li Ying would have bought the rest of the apricots in the basket.

Li Ying took two catties of apricots and left. Looking at the soda in her left hand, Li Ying threw it directly into the trash can not far away.

Before, she felt that apricot soda is sweet and antipyretic. After eating these apricots, the sweetness of this soda is obviously piled up with all kinds of saccharin.

”There are still 5 minutes from the end of the mission. The host mission is currently completed at 87,5%. If the mission fails, the spiritual veins will be deducted by 4%. ”

Now there was only one person left for the mission. After experiencing the previous mission, Shen Tingshuang will listen to the announcement carefully. Indifferently, she looked into the distance, and saw a car was coming.

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