Great Qin, a true martial sect.

Jianchi Peak, the backyard of the Refectory Hall.

”Ka-chin! ”

Meng Xin raised his axe and with one blow split the standing tree in half, cleanly and sharply.

He was in this world for three days, and all these three days he was chopping wood. At the peak of Jianchi, he was a disciple of the lowest rank, and his daily job was chopping firewood, and apart from time for eating and sleeping, he almost never stopped for a minute.

His work was called ”refining ”.

His palms were covered with thick calluses.

His predecessor was engaged in this work for three years and almost did not become famous at the peak of Jianchi.

Meng Xin wanted to resist, but he was not as strong as the others, so if he even started to resist a little, he would be waiting for even more hard work and beating.

Meng Xin also tried to practice his kung fu seriously, but the kung fu he was given was of the lowest level.

He was scolded for wasting time. The Qi condensation technique, of the lowest yellow class, can be cultivated for ten years to open the veins.

When Meng Xin recalled the kung fu he had studied, he couldn help but groan.

The person who gave him this technique was a person whose heart was black.

He had already wasted three years of his life, and he couldn continue like this, otherwise his life would be ruined.

After he chopped two hundred pounds of firewood, a screen panel appeared in front of his eyes, which only he could see, on which three options were written in a string of characters.

[1: Keep chopping to get another 300 pounds of firewood].

[2: Go to the library and read for two hours].

[3: Go and say out loud ”I love you ” to Sister Liu].

The system rewards randomly, unless special circumstances arise in the future, hints will no longer be issued.

The system has finally arrived, and I don have to chop wood so hard anymore.

The second option, ”Go to the library ”, with such a low status, how can I go to the library to read books? Thats not enough.

And what is the third option? To say out loud to Sister Liu, ”I love you. ”

If I tell her that, Ill be killed by her or someone else.

It seemed like I should have chosen the easiest option, even though it was a bit tedious, at least it would have been rewarded. Meng Xin chose the first option and continued chopping wood.

He muttered: ”Therefore, if heaven is going to give a person a great task, he must first suffer with his heart and mind, work with muscles and bones, starve his body and skin. ”

An hour later, 300 pounds of firewood was finally chopped, and Meng Xin felt his arms and legs ache and go numb, and his whole body was drenched in sweat.

[Task completed, random reward: +1 to strength].

Meng Xin felt a surge of strength appear from the air, and it surged into his body, restoring the strength of his arms and legs that were numb.

”Not bad! Not bad! With this system, in this world where strength is paramount, I will finally be able to touch something more. ” Meng Xin was overjoyed.

The working day was over, it was already getting dark, so Meng Xin had lunch in the dining room and planned to wander around the neighborhood for a while to check the system options.

He wandered around the places where the outer disciples of Jianchi Peak could go, and as a disciple of the lowest rank, there weren many places he could go.

On the training ground, he saw a student with a sword, her graceful posture and slender figure made a group of students stop and look at her, their eyes glittering like hungry wolves.

Meng Xin shook his head, speechless, as these men were emitting tes

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