Meng Xin shook his head and said: ”Sister, Ive already cultivated, but Im still a little lacking in pulse opening success, I still need to cultivate for a while. ”

”Well! Then keep working hard! As soon as you reach the seventh level of the pulse discovery realm and become a disciple of the inner sect, I will introduce you to a good master. ” Xiao Yuluo said.

”Thank you, Sister! ” Meng Xin said.

”Why don you practice the technique I taught you, and Ill see what you don understand. ” Xiao Yuluo said again.

Meng Xin was helpless in his heart, ”Sister Xiao, you are too attached to this. I don need you to teach me.

Meng Xin had to do this, but he also suppressed the pulse of the thunder and water spirit in his body, so as not to give them away and make it difficult for himself.

If he told her that he was at the 7th stage of the Pulse Discovery realm, it would certainly attract the attention of many people, so it was better to keep a low profile and develop unnoticed.

Otherwise, it would be easy to treat him like a bird in the head, and there was no good ending for a bird in the head.

Xiao Yuluo instructed Meng Xing for a while and explained in detail the techniques of kung fu, and with such seriousness that could be called exemplary.

Fortunately, Xiao Yuluo was a beautiful woman, and it was nice to look at her, otherwise he would have run away if she was an ugly old man.

”Big Sister, theres no need to be so serious, right? Your sense of responsibility is too strong, and you
e making me suffer here! ”. Meng Xin couldn help but spit in his heart.

Finally, when Xiao Yuluo finished speaking cautiously, Meng Xin felt his ears pop and hurried away.

It was a real pain in the ass for him.

After leaving Xiao Yuluos courtyard, Meng Xin finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that he still needed to learn the concealment technique so that no one could see his strength, otherwise he would worry about revealing his secret.

But with his current status, it would be very difficult for him to obtain a concealment technique. It seems that at the first opportunity, he will have to go to the library of external students to find out if there is such a technique there.

Of course, it would be better if he could get a set of cultivation concealment techniques as a random reward from the system.

When Meng Xin returned to the dining room, he saw Zhang Santa walking towards him with a smile on his face and said, ”Meng Xin, what were you doing at Defender Xiaos? ”.

Three options immediately appeared before Meng Xings eyes.

[1: tell Zhang Sant the truth].

[2: beat him up.]

[3: Tell him, ”Im playing the zither with Sister Xiao and talking to her about love. ”]

Meng Xin immediately chose the first option, the system just wanted him to get into trouble, although the reward was generous.

”Sister Xiao told me to play the zither for her…and also taught me cultivation techniques. ” If he also uses the third version of the system, wouldn it be a death wish?

It seemed that the system sometimes winds itself up.

[Task completed, random bonus: +1 to conceal cultivation]

Meng Xings eyes lit up, it looks like he didn need to learn it himself, the system itself gave him the ”Concealment ” attribute.

As the cultivation level grew, the cultivation concealment skill also had to grow, so it was quite normal to make it a basic attribute.

For example, if the cultivation level reached the eighth level of the Phase Condensation Sphere, and the concealment skill could only hide the power of the ninth level of the Pulse Opening sphere, then it was impossible to hide it at all.

Meng Xin only felt the mysterious qi gushing into his dantian, and immediately after that, the two pulses of the thunder spirit and the water spirit in his dantian seemed to shrink under the influence of this qi, and his own cultivation changed from the seventh rank of the pulse opening sphere to the sixth, fifth and fourth, until he reached the first level, and then she stopped.

When Meng Xin moved his mind, the two spiritual pulses of the seventh stage in his dantian were opened, and they could remain at a certain stage according to his mind.

Its not like strength and physique need to be increased little by little, but a skill given directly can hide the power of the seventh step of the Pulse Opening realm.

Meng Xin was very pleased, after discovering this hidden skill, it would be easier to summon in the future, just like the zither skill.

”Play the zither? Cultivate techniques? ” Zhang Santu was surprised and said: ”It seems that Protector Xiao has been very supportive of you, teaching you the zither and martial arts. Your luck has improved, and you have a chance to get rid of your fate as a disciple chopping wood. ”

”She not only taught me how to play the zither, she even made love to me! ”. Meng Xin spat inwardly.

It seemed that no one would believe that he could play the zither and even taught it to Xiao Yuluo. Therefore, Meng Xin did not argue.

Meng Xin repeated the words under his breath: ”Yes! Yes! I didn think the heavens would fall on me, but Sister Xiao taught me how to play the zither and practice, which almost knocked me out of my rut. Besides, Sister Xiao is very beautiful, Ive never seen a woman more beautiful than her. ”

Meng Xin also deliberately teased Zhang Santa, he was so jealous that he scolded him even for one word with Luo Yao.

A sour smile appeared on Zhang Santus fat face, which he couldn suppress even if he wanted to.

He thought that Meng Xin would be related to Luo Yao, but he did not expect that he would be related to Xiao Yuluo, and that his partners status would be even higher.

Zhang Sant felt even more embarrassed that when he wanted to meet Xiao Yuluo, the goddess of his heart, she didn even deign to look at him. Instead, she gave preference to an inferior disciple chopping wood.

Now that he has Xiao Yuluo to rely on, Zhang Sant will have to think twice before touching Meng Xing.

He is only slightly higher than the outer disciples. Compared to the highly respected Protector Xiao, his status is still much worse. Moreover, being the protector of outer disciples is only a temporary phenomenon that only gives inner disciples the opportunity to practice.

As the head of the canteen, he can only rely on himself in this life. As long as he can improve his strength, he will be relied upon or nurtured.

Therefore, Zhang Santu did not dare to offend such a talented student as Xiao Yuluo.

If he offended Xiao Yuluo by hitting Meng Xing, the consequences would be unpredictable.

”Meng Xin, congratulations! You have won the favor of Protector Xiao, so in the future, as long as your cultivation is successful, you don have to stay here. ” Although Zhang Santu didn want to do it in his heart, he still said in a flattering manner.

”I still like to stay here, in the backyard of the dining room. I chop wood here every day, and Ive become attached to this place. Moreover, chopping firewood is also a training for me. Playing the zither with Sister Xiao is a kind of suffering, very unpleasant. ” Meng Xin sighed and said.

Meng Xin believed that if he wanted to develop unnoticed, then it was better for him to stay here in the dining room and chop wood, and if he could become famous in front of Zhang Santu now, then he would have an excuse to stay here later.

As before, no one paid attention to the student chopping wood in the dining room.

It was too dangerous to stay with a beautiful woman like Xiao Yuluo and attract too much attention to herself.

”Bad clay on the wall will not hold. ” This phrase immediately popped up in Zhang Santus mind.

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