s actually seek guidance from the inner brothers who have been specially chosen to protect the Dharma.

If you are over 25 years old and you have not yet reached the seventh level of the Pulse Discovery sphere, you have no potential for advancement and you have the usual qualifications.

Only if a disciple like Meng Xin, who works as a woodcutter in the canteen, has not reached the seventh level of the Pulse Discovery realm, he can stay in the sect for another ten years, and when he turns thirty-five, he will have to leave the mountain and earn a living on his own.

The sect cannot support these disciples for the rest of their lives, so they have to rely only on themselves.

However, Meng Xin was only eighteen years old, and he was still more than ten years away from turning thirty-five.

Yan Xiaohan nodded and said, ”In a few years, I will definitely reach the seventh level of the Pulse Discovery realm, and as long as I enter the inner sect, Im not afraid that I won have the resources to train. ”

Meng Xin patted him on the shoulder as a sign of support.

”Meng Xin, I have a set of top-rank yellow class techniques that Brother Protector gave me, so you can cultivate them faster. ” Yang Xiaohan took out a booklet and handed it to Meng Xing, who was currently practicing the same technique.

”I already asked my older brother, he said he could teach you this. ” He said it again.

Meng Xin shook his head and said: ”Thank you! However, I don need it now, I already have a guardian sister who helps me with training, and she taught me some cultivation techniques. Besides, you need this book even more than I do. ”

Yang Xiaohan treated Meng Xing very well, he could be trusted, and he did what he said.

Meng Xin was also very grateful that he was really treated like a brother.

”Have you also found a Dharma Protector to teach you? When did this happen? ” Yang Xiaohan said in surprise.

”That was a few days ago. ” When I saw you for the first time, I was so glad to see you, ” Meng Xin said.

”Did you manage to open the pulse? ”.

”No, she appreciates me, and although I haven succeeded in opening a pulse, she will help me. ” Meng Xin said.

Yang Xiaohan raised his thumb and asked curiously: ”Who is this sister? She must be really good! ”

”Sister Xiao. ”

Yang Xiaohan immediately opened his eyes wide and said, ”Protector Xiao Yuluo? ”.

”Yes! ” Meng Xin said.

”Brother, I really admire you! ” Yang Xiaohan said enviously: ”Sister Xiao is a disciple that even Brother Li should look up to, and her cultivation is even stronger than Brother Lis. Every time Brother Li talks about her, he looks at her, but does not dare to approach her at all. ”

This Brother Li, who taught Yang Xiaohan, must be suffering from unrequited love, and compared to Defender Huang, Defender Ye, and Defender Zhang, he is still somewhat sober about himself.

However, Xiao Yuluos charm is so great that she has captured the souls of all the protectors. Even Zhang Santu wanted to join her, and would even be willing to use himself as a mouthpiece and eat out of a bowl.

Meng Xin thought, but his face smiled slightly and he didn say anything else.

They chatted for a while, and then Yang Xiaohan left.

When Meng Xin finished chopping wood, he continued to walk outside, and when he encountered a special situation, the system would trigger it and give him a reward.

After finishing chopping wood, Meng Xin was satisfied and walked up to the isolated courtyard when two options appeared in front of him.

[1: Walk past the courtyard]

[2. Go inside the courtyard and check it out.]

Meng Xings scalp suddenly tingled, so he chose the first option and hurriedly left this place.

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