After ten years of chopping wood, I became invincible

Xiao Yuluo, you don\'t know how to play this!

In the dining room, Meng Xin walked over to the table of Luo Yao and the others.

”Meng Xin, what do you want? Get out and come back to chop wood! ”. When Zhang Santu saw Meng Xin, his face immediately became displeased and he shouted.

”Chief Steward Zhang, I want to say something to Sister Luo Yao, ” Meng Xin said without bothering with words. Meng Xin said without saluting, with a blank expression on his face.

”You shouldn be rude to Sister Luo Yao, get lost! ” He had seen many people like Meng Xin who were not just toads wanting to feast on the flesh of swans, but wanted to climb Luo Yaos ladder and reach heaven.

Even for himself, as an inner disciple, he felt that Luo Yao had a great future ahead of her, and if she liked him, then his future would be much better, instead of working as the head of the outer disciples cafeteria and doing such a messy job.

However, Meng Xin ignored him, just stretched out his hand to Luo Yao and said: ”Sister Luo Yao, I would like to go to the library, but I don have enough privileges, could you take me there somehow? ”.

[Mission completed, random reward: Thunder Element Heavenly Deity Skill (Lower Xuan Stage)].

Meng Xins heart was joyful, once he started acting, he was rewarded, regardless of whether Luo Yao agreed or not.

If it wasn for Luo Yaos presence, Zhang Santu would have already started beating Meng Xin to a pulp.

She didn know Meng Xin well, so she didn understand why he was asking her to take him to the library.

That was too clumsy a tactic, right?

Luo Yao was about to refuse when she saw Meng Xin raise his hand again and say, ”Sorry, apparently Sister Luo Yao doesn want this, thank you! ”

After Meng Xin said that, he turned around and walked away without hesitation.

She hadn even refused yet, but he already knew what she was thinking.

However, Luo Yao has seen many similar tricks. Shes seen it all before.

Luo Yao didn say anything and watched Meng Xin go to the backyard to chop wood, but he never came to ask her, which made her think for a while.

Meng Xin went out to the backyard and saw that the system had given a hint.

[Do you want to claim a reward?]

”Yes. ”

Then a mysterious aura flowed into his body, which moved through his body for a minute, and then flowed into his dantian, where it opened a spiritual vein like a river flowing into the dantian.

At the same time, the techniques of the Thunder Heavenly Deity technique flashed through his mind, which allowed him to familiarize himself with the subtleties of the technique.

”Not bad, not bad! It was worth taking a small risk, and the benefits are huge. With the Thunder Element Heavenly Deity Technique, the opening of the Spiritual Vein was also successful. ”

Meng Xin looked at the thunder spirit vein in his dantian, where the energy of the thunder attribute spirit flowed endlessly. Although the spirit vein was only in one leg, the improvement in his strength was huge. At that moment, he felt that his body was filled with strength.

”However, I can reveal my power, and if I did, I wouldn know how to explain it. Its better to stay in the shadows. ”

Meng Xin gathered his breath, raised the axe and continued chopping wood.

”Clack! Ka-cha-cha! ”

One by one, the tree was splitting, and what had been painful and tedious yesterday was now as easy as possible.

This was also facilitated by an increase in strength, thanks to which it became much easier to chop firewood and no physical effort was required at all.

Moreover, thanks to the movement of the Thunder Technique in his body, he was constantly absorbing spiritual energy from the outside world, little by little improving his strength.

Chopping wood has become even easier.

Meng Xin looked at the front courtyard of the dining room, Zhang Santu was still courting Luo Yao.

It was said that Zhang Santu was a ninth-level martial artist of the Pulse Discovery Realm, and his strength was terrifying.

It is just one step away from the sphere of Phase Condensation.

Once he reaches the tenth level of the Pulse Opening realm, he can be automatically promoted to an inner disciple.

Meng Xins inner spiritual vein was only one foot long, and he was only at the first level of the Pulse Opening Realm, which was naturally far from the ninth level.

Half an hour later, when Luo Yao and the others left the dining room, Zhang Santu, as Meng Xin expected, came to the backyard, and his eyes stared at Meng Xin like sharp arrows, as if he wanted to pierce him.

Meng Xins heart sank, and he continued chopping wood.

”I can see that you, a child who is chopping wood, are also a toad who wants to eat swan meat and wants to contact Sister Luo Yao. Unfortunately, Sister Luo Yao doesn care about you at all and doesn want to say a word to you. ” Zhang Santu said sarcastically.

”But Sister Luo Yao talked to me for twenty sentences, drank the famous tea I made for her, and left very satisfied. Today I am very glad that I am getting closer and closer to Sister Luo Yao. For the sake of my good mood, I will forgive you for today! ”.

”In the future, you shouldn appear in front of Sister Luo Yao, if you dare to do it again, I will make sure that next time you won look good.. How will Sister Luo Yao look at you? You don even look at yourself in the mirror, the bald toad looks much better than you. ”

”Remember, Luo Yaos sister is mine! ”

Zhang Santu spat and explained his words, not caring about Meng Xins reaction, he turned around and left with an expression of disdain on his face.

To be honest, he didn pay attention to a man like Meng Xin, who had not yet been able to open his veins and had no hope for his future.

Unless he leaves the True Martial Arts Sect and joins another sect, but how easy would that be?

Being accepted as an external disciple of a True Martial Arts Sect is already a great blessing, and in other sects there are even harsher conditions for admission to an external sect.

If Meng Xin left the True Martial Sect, he would be considered a traitor to the sect and would be persecuted and tried to kill.

Meng Xin spat furiously, but three options appeared in front of him.

First: if you don be patient a little bit, you will spoil the big plan.

Second: fight Zhang Santu and you will be beaten to a pulp.

Third: to encourage Luo Yaos sister to fight Zhang Santu with a sweet tongue.

Meng Xin chose the first one without hesitation: he wasn strong enough and couldn afford to mess with Zhang Santu, so he accepted it.

As for Luo Yaos sisters motivation to fight Zhang Santu, it was even more difficult to do, how could Luo Yao listen to him? Moreover, with her strength as an outer disciple, Luo Yao definitely couldn compare to Zhang Santu, an inner disciple, and she wasn stupid enough to fight for nothing.

Although the more difficult the task, the more generous random rewards can be, it was necessary to be patient a little and gain strength.

Therefore, Meng Xin did not even consider the last two options.

[The task is completed. Random Reward: +1 to Strength]

Seeing Zhang Santu leave and feeling his strength increase, Meng Xin sighed, he still wasn strong enough, otherwise how would he tolerate his opponent showing off in front of him?

Meng Xin continued chopping wood and completed his task ahead of schedule for the day, then left the dining room and went outside to continue his wanderings and call the reward system.

When he arrived at the training ground, he saw that Luo Yao was still practicing fencing, surrounded by many male students with hungry wolf eyes.

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