Under the unkind gazes of the three young suitors, Meng Xin followed Xiao Yuluo into the courtyard and sat down in the pavilion.

There was a small flower garden in the courtyard, filled with various flowers and trees, and the fragrance of flowers emanated from it.

Meng Xin saw that Xiao Yuluo was an elegant person who liked such an elegant and clean place with a beautiful setting.

In addition, she must be well educated and well-mannered. Such a person has a high level of vision, deep culture, and is also very beautiful and seductive, which makes her an ideal woman in the eyes of men and easily makes them want to conquer her.

No wonder the three young men enjoyed listening to Xiao Yuluo play the zither here.

Xiao Yuluo looked at Meng Xin, who didn look timid and seemed to be confident, which aroused her curiosity.

On the table in the center of the pavilion was an ancient zither, slightly tarnished, with an ancient aura, this zither was clearly unusual.

Xiao Yuluo said, ”Whats your name? Who is your master? ”

”My name is Meng Xin, I chop wood in the dining room, I don have a master. ” Meng Xin said.

The three young men frowned at once and gave Meng Xin a contemptuous look.

”How dare you, a canteen disciple chopping wood, be rude to Xiao, you deserve to die! ” The man named Defender Huang said, and his voice was the harshest at this moment.

Meng Xin knew that these three people were also Dharma Keepers, but he didn know their specific names.

Xiao Yuluo said: ”Protector Huang, don reprimand this disciple yet. I have yet to ask him for zither lessons, so don scare him. ”

There was a bit of dissatisfaction in her tone, as she was talking to Meng Xing, and this guy was interrupting her on the grounds that he was a Dharma Protector.

Of course, she saw that these three people didn care about Meng Xing, the woodcutter apprentice, and to be honest, she was also a little disappointed with Meng Xing, the woodcutter apprentice.

If she had known he was from the dining room, she wouldn have invited him in. How could a woodcutter from the dining room know how to play the zither? Im afraid hes just a boastful man who wanted to get her attention.

Moreover, Meng Xin was only 18 or 19 years old, he was much younger than all of them.

A smile appeared on the face of Defender Juan, and he said flatteringly: ”Sister Xiao, your zither skills are the best in our Jianchi peak, no one can compare to you, so how can you ask for lessons from him? Moreover, I think Meng Xin is just trying to get your attention and wants to join you so that you can find a way out for him. ”

The best way out for an external disciple who did not have the opportunity to accept to go as a disciple to an elder of Jianchi Peak was to join a certain Protector and cultivate under his guidance until he had the opportunity to go as a disciple to an elder.

Otherwise, the only way out is to train on your own, and then win the favor of one of the elders and be accepted as a disciple. After becoming an elders disciple, it is very easy to become an inner disciple under the guidance of an elder.

Once you reach the seventh level of cultivation, you will automatically receive the title of inner disciple.

In fact, what Defender Huang said had already crossed Xiao Yuluos mind, but she still said indifferently, ”Meng Xin, tell me, what is wrong with my zither technique? If you can point this out, I will be able to guide you in cultivation techniques in the future, and even recommend you to study with one of the elders if you have the desire. ”

As soon as Xiao Yuluo said that, the air around them suddenly froze. The three suitors didn expect Xiao Yuluo to care so much about her zither playing skills and make such a generous offer.

If they could get Xiao Yuluos guidance, wouldn they be able to see Xiao Yuluo more often? If they could meet the beauty every day, they would be able to get her favor first!

At this moment, they were all a little red-eyed, wanting to be Meng Xing and answer Xiao Yuluos questions so that they could meet her every day.

However, it was obvious that this disciple couldn answer her question.

Meng Xins face didn change, but he laughed bitterly in his heart. He had no idea what was wrong with her zither playing skills, and he hadn even heard all of her tunes.

The system really screwed me up. How do I answer now?

Meng Xin was in a hurry with his thoughts.

Xiao Yuluo calmly watched Meng Xing while he was thinking, waiting for his answer, and did not rush him.

After thinking for a while, Meng Xin sat down at the table, brought the zither to his eyes and said, ”Defender Xiao, can I play a song for you? Why don you just try to compare? ”.

”Yes, please play the zither. ” Xiao Yuluo nodded her head, her face expressing joy.

She understood what Meng Xin meant. Playing the zither was more about sensations, and if you wanted to find out what was wrong with the technique, you needed to feel it too, but sometimes it was difficult to grasp the subtle differences.

The three men chuckled, they wanted to see how Meng Xin would make a fool of himself, did he really think it was so easy to play the zither?

The notes of the piece he had heard in his previous life came into Meng Xins head, and began to pulse in his mind.

After thinking deeply about the piece, he put both hands on the zither, and then began to play.

When the music started, the three male guardians immediately stared in disbelief.

The disciple chopping wood really knew how to play the ancient zither so gracefully?

Surprise appeared in Xiao Yuluos eyes, the melody that Meng Xin was playing was surprisingly different from what she had heard before.

Zhengs sound, which fades in and out, seems to be gently talking about something, or as if a picture of two lovers, a man and a woman, talking about the beauty of their love, unfolds before her eyes.

The sound is touching and heartfelt.

When Meng Xin first started playing, it seemed like he was a little rusty, but then he gradually got better and better.

Xiao Yuluo felt the sadness of separation in the music, as if a couple in love were separated and then killed by grief.

Despite the fact that Xiao Yuluo did not know too much about the feelings of men and women, she understood that this work tells a poignant love story.

Although the three men didn know how to play the zither, they still knew how to appreciate it, otherwise they wouldn be here listening to Xiao Yuluo play the zither.

Listening, they sighed in their hearts that if only they could fall in love with Xiao Yuluo like that, they would be ready to die.

At the end of the song, the aftertaste lingered.

All four present felt the poignancy, sadness and touching of this song.

At the same time, outside the courtyard, some students stopped to listen and sighed in their hearts: Xiaos skill became even more profound and touching.

Xiao Yuluos beautiful eyes were glowing as she looked at Meng Xin, and her burning gaze scared Meng Xin.

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