t his intentions are not pure, and his heart is judgmental! You have already done him a great favor by giving him some advice. ” Defender Ye also said.

Zhang also hurriedly said: ”Sister Xiao, how about this: Ill give him some instructions for you so you don have to worry. I will definitely help you, and you won have to waste time on his training, and you will have more time to practice playing the zither. ”

Meng Xin spat angrily: ”Xiao Yuluo promised me that she would give me cultivation instructions, but you three licking dogs are bothering me. ”

In fact, Meng Xin did not want Xiao Yuluo to guide him in cultivation, he already had his systematically acquired techniques and did not need guidance. He didn have any hidden skills now, so it would be bad if he revealed himself to her.

If only he could get a set of techniques to hide his aura from the system.

Xiao Yuluo frowned and said: ”I promised him, how can I ignore this? You don have to say much, Ive already made my decision. You three can come back, I still have questions about the zither technique, and I want to ask Meng Xin for advice. ”

She was tired of their flattery and knew what they were up to. She already wanted to get rid of them, but they were too persistent.

Naturally, she had no desire to play, so she played an arbitrary piece to deal with the situation, but to her surprise, Meng Xin heard her and said that she didn play the zither very well.

Although she wasn playing seriously, she knew her own problems, and the way Meng Xin performed the song inspired her to have a deeper understanding.

The three men immediately regretted that they did not know how to play the zither, if only they knew that they could communicate with Xiao Yuluo, knowing the technique of playing the zither…

If they left a bad impression on the other party, they would have no chance of winning the favor of this beautiful woman in the future.

The three male suitors stood up, politely said a few words, looked at Meng Xin again and left.

”The first thing we need to do is to understand well what we should do. The only thing she likes is playing the zither, and she wants to see if she can learn some skills from this guy. Im afraid she will soon understand the intentions of this guy, will be disappointed and will definitely kick him out. ” Zhang Guofu said.

”Well! You
e right! How can a disciple chopping wood be in her environment? Have you noticed that this wood chopping disciple doesn even seem to have entered the martial art and failed to open his spiritual veins? The students who stay in the Cafeteria will be like this for the rest of their lives, and the Kung Fu they have acquired belongs only to the lower yellow class. Defender Ye also said.

”In that case, Sister Xiao likes people like us, and she won like the little yakuza. ” Defender Huang said.

”Thats definitely the case. ” Defender Zhang and Defender Ye said in unison.

”Okay, lets go have a drink! ”. Defender Zhang added.

”Why don we wait here and see if she kicks that sucker out? ”. Defender Huang said hesitantly.

”What can you see here? Defender Huang, don you have that confidence anymore? Are you still afraid that the disciple chopping wood will put us down? ”

”If we reveal ourselves, Im afraid that other disciples will come after him. We can laugh at him all we want. But if we do, it will be bad if Sister Xiao finds out.

While they were talking, the three had already left the room.

In the quiet and elegant courtyard, as soon as the three men left, Xiao Yuluo said, ”Meng Xin, I have a request, I wonder if you will agree? ”.

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