Then, three options appeared before Meng Xins eyes.

[1: Agree with Xiao Yuluo.]

[2: Refuse and leave this place immediately.]

[3: Say Xiao Yuluo: ”I like you ”]

Meng Xin chose the first option, the other two options will certainly be accompanied by trouble, its better not to create problems.

The system also likes to do shocking things on its own, so Meng Xin must have a strong heart to resist it.

Meng Xin said: ”Okay, I promise. You probably want me to teach you how to play the song I just played? ”.

[Mission accomplished, random bonus: +1 to strength].

Xiao Yuluo smiled like a delicate flower blooming in the courtyard and said: ”I didn expect you to be so smart that youd guess what I was thinking. ”

Meng Xin said: ”Whats so difficult about that? You like to play, so naturally you like this piece, as I do. ”

”Well! You
e right! Why don you teach me? Later, I will also teach you cultivation techniques. ” Xiao Yuluo said.

The soft and feminine look she unconsciously displayed made Meng Xins heart flutter, he thought: ”Your killing power really cannot be underestimated, no wonder those male protectors had to stay here to gain your favor.

Meng Xin pulled away from his thoughts and said: ”Good. ”

So Meng Xin played the zither and talked about music, explaining the basic techniques.

Xiao Yuluo listened in silence, then played herself once. After two or three times, she basically memorized the notes and played them pretty well.

Meng Xin was a little surprised, she had a good memory, she was a talented girl.

Half an hour later , Xiao Yuluo said: ”What kind of kung fu do you practice? Have you opened your spiritual veins? ”

Meng Xin laughed bitterly and said: ”Don you know? The students of the cafeteria are all cultivating the Yellow Degree Qi Condensation Technique, and it takes ten years to open the veins. ”

Xiao Yuluo frowned and said: ”To allow you to learn the Qi Condensation Technique, the Jianchi Peak rules completely bury your talents. First, Ill teach you how to cultivate the yellow class art to open your veins. ”

”Thank you, Protector Xiao. ”

At that moment, Xiao Yuluo taught Meng Xin a set of first-class Yellow-class pulse opening techniques, and seriously pointed out the cultivation technique.

Meng Xin listened attentively and sighed in his heart that she was really a good girl with a kind heart.

Xiao Yuluo also urged: ”Train seriously and come to me if you have any problems or questions. In addition, every ten days or half a month you can come here, and I will instruct you in detail on the key points. ”

”Good. ” Meng Xin said.

”well. From now on, you can call me Sister Xiao, and theres no need to call me Protector Xiao, it looks a little rude. ”

”Yes, Sister Xiao. ”

”If you are bullied by other people, you can contact me, I will try my best to take care of you. ” Xiao Yuluo said again.

Meng Xin immediately had the feeling that he was being protected by an older sister, as if he had returned to his childhood, so weak that he needed the protection of an ”older sister ”.

The sensation made him feel a little warmer.

He had come into this world with no one to rely on, and now, listening to Xiao Yuluos advice, he felt that he had someone to rely on.

An hour later, the sky began to darken, Meng Xin got up and left the house.

Returning to his small room, Meng Xin checked the reward in the system – a lower-class Xuan technique, Yuan Gong Waves of Still Water.

Meng Xin now knew that the system would not give it so easily, unlike rewards with random attributes.

Do you want to claim the award?

”Yes ”

At the same moment, a mysterious message burst into his brain, and at the same time, a stream of qi rushed into his body, which traveled through his body for a minute, and then returned to his dantian, where a water spirit vein opened, the same size as the thunder spirit vein.

Using the Still Water Wave Technique, he could mobilize the water elemental energy in the Water Spirit vein and gather it in his hands to form a powerful force to attack his enemies.

The impulse of thunder is fierce and domineering, as if opening the heavens and the earth, and the impulse of water is soft as water, showing the softness and calmness of water.

However, these two skills cannot be used at the same time, and when a person uses the Titanic Thunder skill, he cannot use the Water Wave Elemental skill, and vice versa.

After Meng Xin practiced the Still Water Wave Technique for another hour to strengthen the foundation, and then practiced the Thunder Elemental Wave Technique for another hour, he began to rest.

After practicing this technique for a long time, although his strength had increased, his spirit was very tired and he needed to rest to recover.

The night passed without a single word. The next day, Meng Xin returned to chopping wood.

”Should I study the Yellow Grade vein opening technique that Sister Xiao taught? Forget about it, Id rather not study it, and Ill only study techniques of the Xuan class and above, ” he thought to himself while chopping wood.

Since he managed to open his veins, and his strength and physique also improved, Meng Xin gained strength, and chopping wood finally did not seem tiresome to him, but on the contrary, he felt relaxed and light, as if he was releasing strength from his body and perfecting his muscles.

Meng Xin felt very comfortable. After some time of exercise, his body calmed down and he became more relaxed about using his strength.

Although at his current cultivation level, a single burst of Yuan Qi from the Thunder Spirit Vein or the Water Spirit vein could split firewood in two, his control over the force was not so loose.

Moreover, Meng Xin wasn going to show his strength in front of people, so he didn use his kung fu at all.

”Meng Xin, why are you chopping wood so fast? What tonic did you eat recently? Its an explosion of energy! ” An external disciple who went outside to chop wood every day said, putting two bundles of firewood that he carried on his back.

The division of labor in the dining room was very clear: the cook did only the cooks work. Meng Xin chopped wood here every day, and there were a few people who went to the hills every day to chop wood for firewood and bring it here.

Meng Xin looked at them and smiled: ”I recently learned how to chop firewood and know how to split a piece of wood in half with the least force. Moreover, although I didn manage to open my veins, I strengthened my strength by training my body daily in this way, so its normal for me to be faster. ”

”Yo! Tell me, what have you learned? ”. Yang Xiaohan, the outer disciple, said.

”There are veins in this piece of wood, so if you hit these veins, you can easily split the tree, and you will naturally save a lot of effort. ” Meng Xin said, and then with one swing of the axe split the tree in half with a click.

Yang Xiaohan was puzzled and said, ”What you said seems to make some sense. But why don I understand? ”

”Although chopping wood is a common and trivial task, you need to understand whats behind it, and you won be able to do it for three or two years. ” Meng Xin hesitated.

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