However, there were very few disciples like Meng Xin who cultivated both attributes and reached the seventh level of the Pulse Discovery realm.

True Martial Sect usually recommends that students cultivate only one attribute, but they can also cultivate two or three attributes, but the difficulty of advancement increases exponentially, so the benefits outweigh the losses.

Therefore, with the exception of some talented disciples, most of them practiced one attribute to the extreme.

Half a month passed quickly, and Meng Xin still did not go to Xiao Yuluo.

One day Meng Xin was chopping wood when he heard one of the canteen workers say, ”Meng Xin, someone is looking for you. ”

Meng Xin was a little curious and asked: ”Whos looking for me? ”.

”They say its Xiaos protector. ” The man said.

Meng Xin had to leave the backyard and came to the front yard, where he saw Zhang Santa talking to a woman. Meng Xin thought the woman looked familiar, but he didn remember her for a while.

”Ms. Xiao, what does Ms. Luo Yao do these days? Why didn she come to my dining room? ”. A smile appeared on Zhang Santus face.

When Meng Xin heard Luo Yaos name, he immediately remembered that this was the woman who came to the dining room with Luo Yao last time, no wonder she seemed so familiar to him.

”Sister Luo Yao is in seclusion these days, so she didn come to the dining room, ” the woman said.

”So thats how it is. Here, here, have some tea, its a good Mao Jian, its soft and sweet. ” Zhang Santu said ingratiatingly, looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, and a green light appeared in his eyes.

”Its you who are too hotly excited, you need to drink herbal tea to get rid of the fire. ” Meng Xin spat in his heart.

When the woman saw Meng Xing, she stood up and said, ”Thank you for your kindness, General Manager. Defender Xiao explained something to me, and I have to help her with this. ”

”Come here. ” Zhang Santu said with a smile to Meng Xin, who came up to him, ”Protector Xiao is looking for you, so you should follow this Sister Zhou. ”

The smile was too forced and insincere.

To be honest, Zhang Santu was also a little jealous of Meng Xin that he was lucky to be summoned by Xiao Yuluo. Xiao Yuluo was a more beautiful woman than Luo Yao, and among the inner disciples, her appearance and strength were second only to the Heavenly Pride disciple Liu Ruqing.

Its like the difference between a fat schoolboy and a schoolgirl in a modern school.

The fact is that, in fact, this is the most important thing. He wasn as good in appearance as he was, wasn as good as he was in terms of status and cultivation, but he was summoned by a beautiful woman just like that?

Zhang Santu wanted to ask Meng Xin what was going on, but since Zhou Ruqing was here, he couldn ask, otherwise he would seem ignorant.

Zhou Ruqing said, ”Meng Xin, you
e coming with me. ”

Meng Xin nodded and walked behind her, saying, ”Sister Zhou, what does Protector Xiao want from me? ”.

”I don know, just follow me. ” Zhou Ruqing said lightly.

”Good! ” Meng Xin knew that Xiao Yuluo was afraid that he was worried about his cultivation, and since she said that, she would definitely keep her promise and do what she said.

Today is exactly half a month since the last meeting.

Zhou Ruqing looked at Meng Xing, who was following her. In fact, she was curious as to why Protector Xiao was looking for this mediocre disciple.

The last time this Meng Xin asked Luo Yao to take him to the library, although Luo Yao didn say anything, she knew that the other party would definitely refuse. In fact, she thought that Meng Xin must be playing a trick to win Luo Yaos favor.

Although they were both external disciples, their status was so different that one was in the sky and the other was underground, so they didn care about Meng Xin.

They didn expect that the person they couldn even look at would be favored by Patroness Xiao, who would even ask to invite him herself.

What a great honor it was!

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