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Downstream of the Qu River.

A layer of bubbles appeared on the calm water.

After confirming that there was no surveillance, Shen Qingyangs wet head came out of the water, several tentacles climbed up and his huge body slowly moved to the riverbank.

He wasnt quite used to being underwater.


However, as soon as he got ashore from the river, Shen Qingyang noticed that there was someone nearby.

He vigilantly looked around but saw no sign of any creature.

This even gave him the impulse to hide under the water again.

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“Ebs yal usw?”

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Fbld Ckdtuydt pxkzle, “R ycbsa uswa pnldv.”

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It was the strong stench of corpses, but he was used to it.


“I know your heart still tells you that you are a member of human society. At any rate, those inferior Homo sapiens are nothing more than a nearly archaic species. The future world will be ours,” the Prophets voice was compelling, “We are the gods of the new world. I know many things. I can make you more powerful…”

Shen Qingyang was not interested in listening to his lengthy ramblings. Therefore, he turned around and walked towards the mountain.

“Wait,” the Prophet was silent for a long time before calling out to Shen Qingyang once more, “I know what you want.”

The Prophet opened his eyes, his pupils narrowing as he stared into Shen Qingyangs eyes.

[Ability: Bewitchment]

[Ability: Precognition]

Under the influence of dual abilities, Shen Qingyang suddenly had a delusional trust towards the person in front of him.

“Youve always been grateful to him for saving you before deaths door. You were born out of wedlock, abandoned by your birth parents, and abused by your adoptive parents. After graduating from junior high school, you escaped from that mountain village… Yes, thats precisely the mountain village you want to go to right away. You want those people to pay the price.”

“Youre not a good person, but he is. You havent met each other before. Hes a stranger, yet he paid for your medical expenses and gave you a job. You only dare to look at him secretly when he goes to and from work. You know you dont deserve him. He seems to have a good background, is well-educated, good-looking, has many suitors, and may not even like the same sex. Youre afraid to think much about it, much less talk about it.”

The Prophet could not see much. He didnt even know who that person was, but that was enough.

The calmness on Shen Qingyangs face was broken, and he even had an expression of anger.

No one liked to be seen through at a glance.


The human face behind the Prophet profoundly raised the corners of its mouth, “Now, can we have a good talk?”

“Sure, but you need to understand one thing first. I no longer possess a myriad of human feelings.” Shen Qingyangs demeanor returned to calm as he slowly stated,  “He was indeed special to me when I was still human, but that no longer applies now. I believe you wont be foolish enough to use this as a bargaining chip for blackmail.”

The Prophet smiled and nodded, “I understand. When I was still a human, I had a very obedient son who now lives in K City. I thought I had kept my paternal love for him… Forget it, enough about that. Let me see what stage of development the Kingfish in your body has developed.”

Shen Qingyang frowned in some confusion, “What Kingfish?”

The Prophet froze in a rare surprise, “Isnt it parasitizing on you?”

Because he was so tired, Lu Yan fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.

Again, because the place where he slept was so unfamiliar, he woke up several times throughout the night, always suspecting that he would be assassinated the next second.

Lu Yans left palm felt a little hot, slightly painful, and would occasionally twitch uncontrollably.

The System said its because he ingested an excessive amount of pollution sources.

[Its a bit earlier than I expected, but it did start the second stage of evolution. My copycat is probably pissed off by now.]

Getting up early, Lu Yan touched his forehead to determine if he had begun to have a fever again. His throat hurt badly as if it was scorching in flames. 

He put on his coat and opened the door.


The staff guarding outside the door strode to keep up and asked, “Dr. Lu, you woke up so early… You dont seem to be feeling well.”

Lu Yan replied calmly, “I have difficulty sleeping in a bed other than mine and somehow didnt sleep well.”

“What bed do you usually sleep in? Lets go shopping. Are you getting up early to go to the dining hall? Ill show you the way.” The staffs attitude was very warm and hospitable.

“Doing rounds, wheres my patient?” Lu Yan asked.

His voice was a little hoarse, and his mouth tasted of dry rust as he spoke.

An awkward smile appeared on the staffs face.

The Pollutant escaped right under his nose, Bai Qiushi was furious about it and spent three hours traversing through the rivers in K City, but he couldnt find where Shen Qingyang was.

The information about Shen Qingyang had been sent back to the Headquarters overnight, and it might appear in the bounty column of the PDC after a while.

“If youre talking about the patient who was brought in from the shelter, his condition deteriorated in the middle of the night and fled the PDC. Relevant personnel has gone to deal with it.”

Lu Yan calmly unscrewed a bottle of mineral water to alleviate the dryness in his throat, “Ah, is that so? When can I go home?”

If it was just his previous state, Lu Yan felt that it didnt matter much to stay in the PDC. In particular, he would occasionally see several young brothers in military uniforms, which made the people feel at ease.

But not so much in his current condition.


When he had integrated with the Kingfish before, Lu Yan had briefly lost consciousness. He was worried that he would suddenly pass out here.

The staff member looked embarrassed, “Ill ask Squadron Leader Lin for instructions.”

Lin Sinan was not the highest person in charge in the current Pollution Disease Prevention and Control Center, but he had met Lu Yan before and was barely considered an acquaintance. The Headquarters was worried that a sudden change of liaison representative would make Lu Yan feel uneasy.

Two men sat opposite each other in the semi-opened dining hall.

The food in the PDC was satisfactory. Lin Sinan ate but his taste was somewhat dull. His spiritual power threshold was only 1600. However, because he often went out to fight, his mutation rate was not low, and he no longer had that kind of secular desire for ordinary food.

Lu Yan asked the System, “Cant I see whats wrong with him?”

Lin Sinans eyes were clear and resolute. With the obvious temperament from selected military soldiers, he had a straight back when he sat down.

[Lin Sinan, SpecOps Division Team 6s Squadron 3 Leader. Spiritual power threshold is 1600.]

[Enlisted in the military at the age of 22 and assisted in handling pollution incidents at the age of 23. In the same year, he actively signed up for exposure to pollution sources and awakened as an Enlightened.]

[Abilities: Homing Shot, Firepower Suppression.]

[His appearance looks fine on the outside, but his body is badly corroded inside. Ugh, I dont want to see it, its kind of gross. Parasitic fish eggs are much cuter than those parasitic worm eggs…]

[Ill secretly tell you this. If he becomes a Pollutant, theres a high probability that hell turn into an integrated body of worms. Oh, as white as cooked rice.]

Lu Yan, “…”

Thanks, I dont feel like eating rice anymore.

[I should have told you that to become an Enlightened, you must first be exposed to the source of pollution. However, exposure to pollution sources has a high probability of outright death or distortion. Only a very small percentage of people can become Enlightened.]

[After years of research, the Research Institute has developed a potent drug that has a certain probability of reverting a newly contaminated distorted person to normal.]

[Nonetheless, most of those who signed up were prepared to die. If there was no awakening and the special effects of the drugs were useless, then there was only one way left to go.]

[It stands to reason that with this kind of high mortality rate, not many people would be willing to do it. However, the soldiers in the First District rarely back down… That is why the pollution control in the First District is much better than in other areas. The First District, at present, has the strongest Enlightened in the world and even the largest number of Enlightened organizations.]

Lu Yan did not speak for a long time. Lin Sinan coughed, “Dr. Lu, have you read the news broadcast before? Do you know what an Enlightened is?”

Lu Yan nodded, “I know.”

Lin Sinan, “Then, this will be much easier to say. Enlighteneds are divided into three categorical systems: combat, support, and special. Our initial judgment is that your ability is “Devour,” which belongs to the healing type ability under the special system. The healing type ability is extremely rare, and the Headquarters has sent a researcher over, hoping to observe and record it. Of course,  your consent will be sought beforehand.”

“Now, youve also witnessed the spread of pollution disease in K City. There are such more cases around the world, and they all vary…” said Lin Sinan, pulling out his tablet and logging into his internal account, “I wonder if you are interested in taking a look.”

Lu Yan took the tablet. Displayed was a forum that contained the largest section entitled: “Pollution Disease Research History.”

According to the strength of the pollution source, these cases were classified from S to F.

The pollution disease in K City, which was already grave in Lu Yans perspective, was only a level “C”.

“This is because although the degree of infection has increased, the fatality rate was not exceedingly high. Moreover, the level of Pollutant mutation is very low,” Lin Sinan explained.

Each record was divided into levels. Lu Yan glanced at it twice. So far, there were two Level S pollution cases, codenamed “Heavenly Calamity” and “Kingdom of God.”

Remarks: It has been initially controlled. The surrounding humans have been evacuated. The A-Class Enlighteneds, “Cun Zheng” and “Beichen Yidao,” fell while assisting in the evacuation.

As for other Level A cases, the number continued to increase, “Slaughterhouse”, “Nightmare City,” “Wall of Resentment”, “Luochuan Botanical Garden”… with scattered cases covering both local and abroad.

Lu Yan casually opened a case called “Wall of Resentment.”

[Wall of Resentment]

Introduction: This is an extremely narrow alley. Randomly appearing at the heart of the city of a particular area. Countless perished remains are embedded on the wall. When a creature passes by, the Wall of Resentment will drag it into the obsession within and start a cycle of reincarnation. Success allows one to come out of this wall, failure results in becoming part of the wall. No successful records have been found so far. A total of 7 Enlighteneds performed this task with a 100% mortality rate.

[The following is the public mandate information.]

[Appendix: (audio file) “Calling the Headquarters, this is Giant Bear. This will be my last mission report. My mutation degree has reached 97. I have made a total of six reincarnations within the Wall of Resentment. The information and precautions I obtained are as follows… I regret not being able to see the world return to normal with my own eyes. No need to send someone to save me. Please tell my wife that I love her.”]

Remarks: Examination shows that the Wall of Resentment is constantly expanding in length and the number of people swallowed has exceeded five figures. Researchers in Country X stated that if it is left to evolve, the final length can exceed the Great Wall of Qin Ming.

This was the other side of the world that Lu Yan was completely unaware of.

He thought he was prepared, but when faced with this cruel, bloody, and even tragic information, he still couldnt hold back the trembling of his soul.

Trembling at ones weakness, and great respect for those unyielding souls.

“This world is already in imminent danger,” Lin Sinan tried to make his tone and expression sincere, “We need every bit of strength we can get. Youre a healing ability user. You dont need to be on the battlefield frequently. Well do everything we can to keep you safe.”

He took out a document and placed it in front of Lu Yan, “I hope you can join the Special Operations Division.”

Lu Yan did not say anything but showed a pensive look. This inevitably made Lin Sinan feel a little nervous.

After a long time, Lu Yan looked up and asked, “Is there a permanent position, five social insurances, and one housing fund?1 In the case of 996,2 does it count as overtime and will there be pay?”

The focus of part-time employees was always so simple and uncomplicated.

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Remarks: The entire content is all fictitious! It has nothing to do with the real world.

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