This chapter is translated by Rin, edited by Cia, and proofread by Kris Xian.

During Lu Yans free time, other than reading books, archery, and watching horror films, he would occasionally watch romance dramas of the last century.

The main purpose was to learn about how humans expressed their feelings.

He was 20 years old that year. The main character on TV cried as he said “Both of you, stop fighting for me.” He scoffed at the time and thought: Since the fight had already started, what was the use of saying such a line.

Now, Lu Yan also wanted to shout loudly, “Both of you, stop fighting for me.”


However, the conditions didnt allow him to do so. 

“Give me back my sister!”

Lu Jiahes tone sounded extraordinarily furious, the flames on his sides kept on igniting, like a hideous evil ghost crawling out of the Red Lotus Hell.

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Nw Zyd blyae yde pwcnsdpnkswpzu zlqv vbl cyvvzl pnldl, bl ypjle obkzl awddkdt, “Fupvlx? Ebu yal usw cynj?”

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[The energy fluctuations here are too strong, it seems like the Dream Eater can no longer control the dream, so he had to run away, or else he would be killed by Tang Xunan in the process. Plus, the Wall of Rresentment will soon appear… In short, Im safe.]


[Oh, I know you must be wondering who the Dream Eater is, its Lin Sinan, the one in your text messages. Hes very good at playing small tricks, but if he meets a combat system and his true body is found, hes just a didi.]1

The System sighed, [Normal people would surely end up dead if they encountered this kind of instance. Because in the brothers dream, the sister is bound to die no matter what. He wasnt able to save Lu Yàn back then, so now, its naturally impossible to save you.]

[After his sisters death, Lu Jiahe also developed some mental problems. He believed that his sister just ran away from home. He was infected at a very young age and was jinxed. He didnt completely mutate into a Pollutant until after his sisters death. He travelled countless streets to find his sister and unfortunately came across this wall eight years ago. This is his 3, 600th reincarnation.]

[Oh, yeah, did I forget to give you the brothers information?]

[Lu Jiahe, code-named… uh, when Lu Jiahe entered the Wall of Resentment, he was still just a Level E Pollutant with a pollution value of less than 200, so he had not yet been assigned a code name. Now, his pollution value has reached 12, 939.]

[Mutational Abilities: Karma Fire, Bone Blade]

[Mutational Course: Carbonization, Flame Form, Misfortune]

[If hes lucky, he might get his third ability here…]

[Fortunately, you are a koi.2 No, youre not a koi, youre a Disney princess on the run, with a Class S Enlightened and a Level S Pollutant protecting and escorting you. Are you happy, meimei?]

Lu Yan was so angry at the Systems derisive tone that his fist stiffened.

He looked down at his watch. On the watch, his mutation degree had risen to 90.

As a doctor with the spirit of research, every now and then, Lu Yan would look at the watch and record the changes that occur in his body as the mutation degree increased.


When the mutation degree reached 50, obvious distortion characteristics had appeared on his body. The main changes were the growth of fish scales, fins growing on the side of his face, a thirst for water, and also thirst for blood and tinnitus.

By the time it reached 90, these distortion characteristics were weakened. Instead, his mood  became abnormal, it made Lu Yan want to find a river and kill himself at any moment … or suddenly get a new life.

The good thing was that he was born with a calm personality and his mood swings were not immense, so he could suppress this abnormal feeling.

Lu Yan looked at the sword in the distance. Lu Jiahe had no weapons, but he had sharp claws made of white bones that could grow out of thin air. The two collided, producing a trembling sound of cold weapons in their short encounter. 

This was the gift that Lu Jiahe had received in one of his countless reincarnations. Once, he almost saved his sister, but at that time he was only a low-level Pollutant, his hand was cut off by the nannys axe, and he watched as the axe split his sister in half.

After that reincarnation, the Bone Blade grew out of Lu Jiahes hand.

Lu Yan was thirsty and wanted to drink water.

The flames burned everything, and although they didnt burn Lu Yan, under this situation, the flames had obviously evaporated all the moisture.

Lu Yan licked his incredibly dry lips. He knew this would only accelerate the loss of water in his body, but the unbearable thirst made him unable to control his actions, “What about Tang Xunans information?”

[Tang Xunan, Class S Enlightened, code-named “Tyrant,” spiritual power threshold fluctuates around 11,000.]

[Abilities: Dragon Bone, Bloodlust Gene, and Incomplete Time… Time is ranked third on the abilities sequence list. Unfortunately, he can only use part of it. It cant be helped, not everyone is as lucky as you, to have a system as generous as me.]

[Mutation degree: 94.1.]


Lu Yan was shocked, “He is the Tyrant?”

Lu Yan had never seen Tyrant, he thought it was probably an old grandfather who was almost a hundred years old, but still hale and hearty, with eyes full of perseverance. Or perhaps he had a rotten temper as he was often worried about the fate of mankind and couldnt sleep. Also, because of years of fighting with Pollutants, he shouldve been diagnosed with various diseases.

But he really didnt expect that the human who had the strongest combat power, looking at the appearance, was simply like a good-looking male college student, wearing a military uniform as cosplay.

Of course, this wasnt impossible if you replace the setting with a Japanese manga.

The System smoked a cyberpunk e-cigarette, [Yes. He was too young when he created his code name. Now, he cant change it even if he wants to. How shameful.]

Just when Lu Yan and the System were watching with great interest, the walls around them that were burned black by the flames suddenly got covered with a layer of blood.

The blood seemed to come alive, flowing and converging.

The thick smell of blood once again overshadowed the tar smell of burning debris. Lu Yan turned his head and found that at some point, a blood man had coalesced on one side of the wall.

Numerous blood hands reached towards the blood man as if trying to grab it, yet also as if trying to push it away.

In other words, these bloody hands had different attitudes.

Lu Yan was so shocked by this bizarre scene that even the mutation degree uncontrollably rose by 0.1.

The blood man struggled and moved towards Lu Yan step by step. As it moved, the surrounding temperature continued to drop, becoming unusually cold. Lu Yan, who had just been in a sea of fire, almost had the wrong impression of getting frostbitten.


The hair on Lu Yans back stood up, “What is this?”

[A resentment from the Wall of Resentment, you should be very familiar with her.] The System sighed, [This is an entity condensed from Lu Jiahes resentment. The Wall of Resentment contains the animosity of countless people who died in vain. If ordinary people reincarnated a dozen times, they have the possibility to become part of the Wall of Resentment, but Lu Jiahe reincarnated thousands of times. He may have lost all his memories, but he always remembered that he wanted to save his sister. Thus, on this wall covered with bloody resentment, the sister became the strongest monster inside.]

[Here is both the void and the reality. People are made of memories, even if the body dies, the memory remains. And who else would it be?]

The girl, who was made of blood, finally broke free from the grip behind her. She stepped out of the wall and came to reality.

Those hands that were left on the wall turned into countless blood people of varying heights, with a pair of eyes left on each of them. Some eyes were full of blessings, while others were malevolent.

They were the people who died in the Wall of Resentment. Some expected this little girl to break the curse and give their souls true peace, so they didnt have to continue the endless reincarnation in despair and pain; others were jealous of her as she could be freed at last ……

[By right, I should tell you to go, but the sister seems to have something to say.]

The crimson blood person walked step by step towards Lu Yan, it had no five senses, and couldnt make a sound. It was just a mass of blood.

The detection watch showed its pollution value: 700.

As a derivative of the wall, it wasnt very strong after leaving it.

The sister extended her hand toward him, it was an inviting gesture.

Lu Yan swallowed his saliva.

He was thirsty. Really, really thirsty.

As if compelled, he likewise extended his hand and took the sisters hand.

The mouth on Lu Yans palm opened and swallowed, it was unusually greedy. The mass of blood continued to concentrate, becoming smaller and finally completely merged into his body.

A lot of memories that didnt belong to Lu Yan appeared in his mind, he finally understood why the sister extended her hand.

Ill give you my blood. In exchange, let me borrow your body for a moment.

His soul broke away from his shell, like a god looking down on earth, watching everything. All was exposed at this moment. Lu Yan even saw a few black ants crawling out of the cracks of the burnt dry earth.

In his ear, was the Systems voice, [Ah, congratulations, this is the perspective I usually see the world from].

The battle in the distance still continued. 

Half of Tang Xunans body had completely dragonized,3 his slender hands turned into dragon claws, and dark dragon wings grew out of his back.

The transformed hand could no longer hold yellow dust, so Tang Xunan could only tear and bite with his strength.

His body was also covered with a layer of crimson flame, the temperature was so high that the air around him distorted. Golden blood spilled out from the cracks in his scales but was quickly baked dry.

Lu Jiahe broke his arm. n the deepest part of his body wrapped in layers of black charcoal, where the bones should have been, a little bit of pink flesh buds kept growing and churning. The speed at which his body broke down was greater than the speed at which he could heal himself.

The fight ended up being very unsightly. It was like two monsters tearing each other up, the ground was full of broken limbs, dragon scales, and golden blood.

Nevertheless, in the end, it was Tang Xunan who had the upper hand, his dragon claws strangled Lu Jiahes neck.

It was not the first time he had choked off Lu Jiahes head. This black charcoal-like person seemed to have the ability to be reborn infinitely. Even if the whole body was smashed into pieces, as long as there was a little flesh bud left, it could reconstruct with determination. Since there was charcoal everywhere, it wasnt worth much.

Nonetheless, Tang Xunan understood that this would be the last time.

Just like Lu Jiahes broken limbs, his residual strength was no longer enough to support his regeneration.

The flames around the area had gradually subsided at some point. Only a little fire remained, flickering on its last breath of life like candlelights.

A warning sound came from Tang Xuanans headset, “The mutation degree has reached 99.7. Please stop using your abilities immediately. Follow the medical advice and take your medicine on time! The mutation degree ……”

As it was too annoying, Tang Xunan turned off the headset.

His hand gradually changed back to human form and gripped Yellow Dust. The long sword emitted a ghastly cold chill as he drew it out of the sheath.  

A hand grabbed the sword at that moment.

It was Lu Yans hand, but it wasnt completely Lu Yan.

Even after strengthening, a wound that was deep enough to see his bones appeared on his palm instantly. The Kingfish felt pain as it was cut by the knife, it was frightened and penetrated towards Lu Yans heart. 

Tang Xunans golden eyes were filled with hostility. He then roared, “Get out of the way!”

The sister didnt listen. Instead, she stubbornly blocked in front of Tang Xunan.

Lu Jiahe struggled to stand up and hugged his sister.

Tang Xunans sword was already raised, it was almost going to fall. 

The world began to collapse piece by piece like a chaotic 3D model game. The first to be swallowed by the black hole was Tang Xunan together with the land underneath his feet. 

In an extremely quick voice, the sister said to the burnt-out Lu Jiahe, “Ive never blamed you.

“I have a bad personality, I hate many people, and I hate you. But it was clear to me that youve never wronged me.

“My parents were often disappointed in me because I wasnt a boy. Its not your fault, I blamed you just because youre the only one who wont fight back against me, so I ended up taking it all out on you.” She stated her malice with a justified expression

People were never noble creatures. Most people were merely somewhere in the middle, not good nor bad.

“Youve done enough for me, Im tired of seeing it.

“You should have realized long ago that Im dead. Wake up, then go live your own life.


On Lu Jiahes human face, which no longer had features, two lines of tears flowed out from the two black holes of his eyes

His voice was raspy, “I wanted to… Save you… Im sorry…”

Lu Jiahe had been pointed and scolded as a jinx by many people. As time passed, he also accepted the setting of “people who go near him will become unfortunate,” but he really wanted a family.

If it wasnt for him, maybe his adoptive parents and sister would still be alive. In a world without him, it would be smooth and peaceful.

The sister in his arms didnt answer, instead, it started to evaporate like dew.

Lu Jiahes expression had a hint of panic, he tried to grab her, but was only met with a handful of quicksand.

The dream world collapsed.

His expression was confused, his skin and hair grew back, but his eyes were incomparably hollow.

It was now nighttime, and behind Lu Jiahe was a wall.

This wall collapsed with a bang.

There would never be a Wall of Resentment in the world again.

Lu Jiahe was confused. He felt there was something he should remember, but he couldnt remember anything. His mind was blank. Reincarnation after reincarnation had made all his memories of the past blurred.

He didnt know who he was.

He didnt know where to go.

He stood in place alone. It was not clear how many people were watching the satellite surveillance at this moment that was frightened by him.

After a long time, he opened his mouth and slowly spat out two words, “…Meimei.”

But who was meimei?

His figure disappeared.

Late at night, the highest level alarm of the M Citys PDC rang out.

“An instantaneous pollution value of over 10,000 has been detected in the city-center of M City. The source of the pollution is of unknown origin, satellite images have been intercepted for analysis.”

“A new Level S Pollutant with unknown capability has been detected. Code name…. is not available yet. Number 11.”

“Information has been encrypted and processed.”


Tang Xunan suddenly opened his eyes. Killing intent that had not yet completely dissipated could be seen in his golden eyes. 

The teammates waiting next to him were suddenly nervous.

“Leader Tang! Take a deep breath!!! You are the best!”

“This is medicine, this is medicine!!! Leader Tang! Calm down!!! Drink the medicine and youll be fine!”

Tang Xunans eyes darted around the familiar faces as he took the straw and the miracle drug. The mutation degree on the meter gradually dropped and the dragon wings behind him retracted. The people around him then breathed a sigh of relief.

Tang Xunan looked a little older than when he was in the dream, at least he didnt look like a college student anymore, and his eyes were much sharper.

It was no wonder that his teammates were so nervous. In the SpecOps Division Team 1 First Squadron, the leader was Tang Xunan, but there was no vice leader.

13 years ago. Tang Xunan, who was in a state of rage, failed to control himself after killing the Pollutant and bit his only surviving teammate to death.

It was said that when the rescuers arrived, they almost thought Tang Xunans mutation degree had exceeded 100. The ground was covered with blood, and he held the Tang sword, silently guarding the corpse of his vice leader. 

Tang Xunan requested euthanasia, but the companys headquarters did not agree to it, they instead sent him a special mask, like an iron muzzle used to restrain an aggressive dog.

He sipped the drug through a straw and said, “Mission failed. I didnt succeed in solving the source of the pollution.”

“…But the Wall of Resentment is clearly gone?” The teammate was very puzzled.

Tang Xunan lowered his eyes and replied, “It just changed from a wall to a person. Lets go back to our country.”

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