Due to the apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic setting of this novel, it is filled with violence and gore. Proceed with caution.

For doctors, it was common to have surgeries every day.


Therefore, when he received a call from the director in the middle of the night to ask him to go back to work overtime, Lu Yan had no complaints.

After all, his excellent surgical skills were recognized by the whole hospital since he was young and could perform many surgical procedures. Whenever there was an intractable disease, the director always liked to ask him for help.

However, todays surgery seemed to be a little different.

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That was the happiest day of his life.


“…Sorry.” The little nurse lowered her head.

Lu Yan comforted her, “Its okay. I actually dont care.”

Doctor Li, who was also in the same operating room, looked around and nervously took out his mobile phone.

“My friend is a reporter and was sent to H City. He sent it to me in the middle of the night.”  

Lu Yan couldnt help but look closer.

The video was very shaky. Looking at the angle, it looked like a sneak shot.

The lens was facing the ground. It was night, the street lights were on, and the military explosion-proof shield glowed with cold light. There were faint cries and gunshots in the background.

The lens slowly moved up.

When they clearly saw what was pointed at by the gun, everyone present couldnt help but take a cold breath.

“Thats… What is that?”  

In Lu Yans cognition, the distortions caused by pollution disease usually manifested as physical deformities, such as growing tumors, bending bones, abnormal brain development… but at least, they still retained a human shape.

However, it was difficult to tell if the thing in the video was still a person.


Under the dim light, there was a vague figure standing at the entrance of the office building. This thing had no head and tentacles sprouted from its neck. Its whole figure looked like a strangely growing tree.

These tentacles spread all around and a dead person hung at the end of each tentacle. Blood dripped on the marble slab, making a terrible noise.

“—Prepare! Set fire!”  

An officer shouted, with an unconcealable fear of the unknown in his voice.

Fierce gunfire sounded and the hail of bullets was dense as if it was raining. These ammunitions pierced the monsters body and blossoms of blood exploded one after another. Its body was almost blown into mud.

The monster fell to the ground. There was no movement or sound for a long time.

Someone in the video asked, “Is it over…?”  

However, the next second, the group of tentacles broke free from the mud and slowly moved forward.

The video was cut off and it was completely dark.

In the surgical preparation room, everyone present fell into a long silence.

“Theyre just simply filming, arent they? How could there be such a thing.” As if to embolden himself, a resident doctor looked disdainful, “Its a naked-eye 3D, right? Its done pretty good.”  

“But, what if its true? Distorted people have appeared for several years… Although they have a small impact each time, but…”


Doctor Lis face was pale. He just held his arm and shook his head.

Lu Yan didnt speak. He had a “Yan”3 in his name, but he was unexpectedly taciturn.4

He was putting on acrylic gloves on himself when the door of the preparation room was pushed open again.

The director came in accompanied by three unfamiliar people.

With just a glance, Lu Yan realized one thing: these people must be soldiers.

They had a heavy aura of slaughter on their bodies, had straight backs, and their every move was carved out of the same mold.

The director was always cheerful, like a Maitreya Buddha, but now, his expression was heavy and frightening.

He looked around and sternly said, “These surgical gowns are not enough. Put on Level 3 protective clothing!”  

A young resident doctor was taken aback, “Is it so serious? Could it be Ebola?”5  

Next to the director, a young man took the lead and said, “Excuse me. Im Lin Sinan. The patient this time is my team member. He unfortunately suffered from a pollution disease in the process of solving the Pollutants in H City. We hope that his diseased part can be surgically removed. Before that, you need to sign a confidentiality agreement. It is in accordance with the Principle of Complete Autonomy.”  

The little nurse timidly asked, “…Is it nuclear pollution?”  

Lin Sinan turned his head and gave her a profound look, “No. If possible, I also hope its nuclear pollution.”  


Many people present seemed to hesitate.

It was a doctors bounden duty to treat patients, but if their lives got involved, they had to weigh everything.

Lu Yan asked, “Where should I sign?”  

The director wiped the sweat from his forehead and took out the confidentiality documents he had prepared long ago.

Lu Yan took a quick glance. It was nothing more than asking doctors not to disclose the contents of the operation to others, not to take photos, and not to mention it to the public.

He simply signed his name.

In the end, only three doctors —the director, Lu Yan and Doctor Li— and two nurses were left for the operation. There was no anesthesiologist.

In addition to them, there was also a special assistant, Lin Sinan.

It was impossible for outsiders to enter the operating room. It was just that the situation was special, so no one asked much.

The little nurse bitterly complained, “If the patient is not saved, wont this person pull out a gun and directly shoot us…?”  

Lin Sinan was not wearing a military uniform yet his pocket was bulging high, clearly showing the outline of a gun.

The lights in the operating room turned on, but there was no one on the operating table.

A minute later, the two officers pushed a circular metal cabin using a stretcher.

Lu Yan couldnt help looking at the director.

The director saved countless people in his life. His name had long been in the textbook. However, at this moment, his hand was slightly trembling.

The hatch opened and a cold chill came out.

The patient was carried to the operating table.

The second he saw him, Doctor Li could not hold back, turning his head, and throwing up.

The little nurses expression drastically changed and her voice trembled, “This is… What is this?”  

The patients belly was full of translucent eggs. Under the illumination of the shadowless lamp, the throbbing creatures inside similar to fish were revealed.

The small black fish were swimming happily in the follicles,6 full of exuberant vitality.

These follicles seemed to have grown from the patients body. On the surface of the fish eggs, the supporting skin tissue and the shrivelled fat underneath were visible, densely packed together.

It was similar to a spoonful of caviar.7Lu Yan thought in his heart.

The officers numbly tied the patient to the hospital bed, their movements quite proficient.

Lin Sinan stood in the distance, “He was parasitized by Level C Pollutant and has reached the second stage of distortion. The doctor said that perhaps there may be hope for recovery from the removal of the lesion on his body and adjuvant treatment.8 The situation is urgent and its too late to rush back to the central laboratory. I can only ask you. Please rest assured that these fish eggs are just ordinary parasites and will not cause secondary pollution to ordinary people.”  

Lu Yan had an excellent trait, that was, calmness. This calmness allowed him to complete a task brilliantly the first time he got a scalpel.

It was similar to this time. After a moment of shock, Lu Yan was the first doctor to start the operation.

This made Lin Sinan couldnt help but look at him more.

The patients breathing was weak. He was obviously in pain.

Whenever a fish egg was cut off, the patient would spasmodically struggle. His face was red and the bloodshot eyes on his eye sockets were clearly discernible.

The picked fish eggs quickly dwindled like sea cucumbers that had been steamed to dryness, shrinking into a small mass.

These fish eggs were thrown into a special treatment box, which was filled with boiling water. High temperature could not kill fish eggs, but it could effectively reduce their activity.

“Why dont we anaesthetize?” Lu Yan couldnt help but raise his head and asked, “Although he has been tied, muscle tremor will also hinder surgical field of view.”  

Lin Sinan was silent for a moment before saying, “After anaesthesia, he might never have a chance to wake up again.”  

The First Peoples Hospital was the best hospital in K City and naturally had the best doctors.

After the initial panic, the operation became apparently orderly.

The patients bleeding was controlled within an optimistic range.

It was probably because he was concentrating for too long and lost his focus, during the third hour of the operation, Doctor Li accidentally cut his gloves. The dirty water in the fish eggs drenched his hands.

“Help—help!” Doctor Lis composure collapsed in an instant, “Im no longer doing this surgery! I resign! Let me go!”  

He dropped the scalpel and rushed out the door.

Lin Sinan frowned but did not stop him.

In this state, Doctor Li couldnt get out of the hospital anyway. He would be pulled to do psychological counselling and pollution testing.

The operation lasted four and a half hours. The last fish egg located in the chest cavity was finally successfully removed.

The director was getting older, with cold sweat on his head, and the moment he put down the scalpel, he couldnt stop himself from feeling dizzy.

“The operation was very successful…”

The director looked at the patients only “family member.”

Lin Sinans muscles that had been tense for a few hours were finally relieved and a slight smile appeared on his face.

Lu Yan blinked and looked at the back of the patients hand.

Under the skin, there seemed to be something flowing in the blood vessels.

The patient should also be a soldier with extraordinary willpower. He only muttered a few muffled groans during the operation without anaesthesia. In the later part, he no longer moaned in pain. Maybe he was numbed due to pain.

Currently, his fingers were slightly trembling, as if he wanted to attract the doctors attention. Unfortunately, the straps tied him firmly and his movements were very light.

Lu Yan looked into his eyes. It was a pair of tearful eyes, full of perseverance and determination.

Was he…  asking for help?

Almost subconsciously, Lu Yans scalpel cut through the skin tissue on the back of the patients hand.

One after another, tiny golden fish eggs gushed out.

Lin Sinans complexion changed drastically in an instant.


The unexpected gunfire sounded deafening.

The nurse huddled, screaming.

Lu Yan had performed many operations, especially in the rescue of some critically ill patients. Of course, he couldnt guarantee that everyone could get off the operating table alive.

He just never thought that the injured would die like this on the operating table.

Blood splashed on their protective clothing. There was not only blood but also some internal organs. They were too close to avoid them.

The directors legs softened and he sat on the ground.

Lin Sinan put down his gun, his tone was full of apologies, “Sorry. There was an error in my judgment. He has entered the third stage. This pollution is unavoidable. We can only eliminate the Pollutant in advance. Tomorrow, someone will contact you to provide compensation.”  

Lu Yan still stared at the corpse on the operating table, seemingly unresponsive.

Meanwhile, Lin Sinans teammates stepped forward in silence and began to carry the patients body. It would not be sent to the morgue. It had to be put in a protective cabin and then cremated at high temperature.

“Im very sorry for letting everyone see such a scene.”  

Lin Sinan bowed one last time and exited the operating room.

The people who were left looked at each other.

The director dared not take off his protective clothing, even if he had been smothered in a layer of sweat. He said with difficulty, “I will give everyone a three-day off. You should all go home… Have a good rest.”  

The little nurses hand still couldnt help trembling. She wiped the fog on his eye shield, “Director, is the pollution disease really a disease?”  

The director smiled bitterly, “I dont know. Its just that Ive heard that those in the Research Institute call this… evolution. Evolution is bound to go hand in hand with extinction. Without extinction, new species will not get a niche gap.”9  

“You should be prepared.” He refused to say more.

Lu Yan went to the locker room and turned on the faucet in front of the mirror.

He should wash his hands after the operation. The water was running but his hands were clenched into fists.

Lu Yan looked at himself in the mirror.

It was a calm, indifferent face. Without joy, there would be no panic and fear.

No one knew what he was thinking and naturally, no one noticed what he did at the end of the operation.

He turned off the faucet, put his hands in his pockets, and relinquished his grip.

At that moment, a mechanical sound clearly sounded in Lu Yans mind—

[Congratulations to Host for awakening the ability— All-Knowing.]  

[Congratulations to Host for obtaining the item: Kingfish Small Egg (Unhatched, Level E)]

The author has something to say:

The setting is made up and purely fictitious, please do not substitute it into reality.10

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