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Lu Yan had worked in the hospital for many years. He had a very professional working attitude and operational capacity. He reassured him, “It is normal to produce milk during pregnancy.”

Zhou Qiming didnt know if he wanted to live or die at the moment, so he could only reply weakly, “Thank you.”

Unexpectedly, in just half an hour after their meeting, he would have lost the right to choose a spouse.1

Lu Yan briefly talked about the procedure of the operation, “I need to take out the fetus first by cesarean section2, and then find the placenta to perform resection.”3


The System added, [Removing the placenta only temporarily suppresses the mutation for about 2 years. If the mothers body or the pollution source becomes stronger, the ghost baby will grow again… My suggestion is that you first solve the source of pollution on Zhou Qimings body, and then take a trip to the Dragon Maiden Lake.]

[Its something that the Kingfish wants very much. Perhaps it might be useful for you, but Im not sure if you will like it.]

“What is it?”

[Mbl nyar byp vs zlyr shla vbl eaytsd tyvl vs vaydpqsax kdvs vbl eaytsd. Lso, vblu nydv qkde vbl eaytsdp tyvl, yde ps vblu byhl vs qkde vbl Paytsd Yykeld.]

Nw Zyd bye ds nbsknl cwv vs pzso esod, yde nsdvkdwle, “Jwv vbkp okzz sdzu pvsr usw qasx clkdt raltdydv qsa y pbsav vkxl. Gqvla vos ulyap, kq vbl rszzwvksd pswanl kd Paytsd Yykeld Nyjl clnsxlp pvasdtla, kv okzz pvkzz alnwa. Fs R pwttlpv zssjkdt qsa y nbydnl vs nsxrzlvlzu alxshl vbl pswanl sq rszzwvksd kd Paytsd Yykeld Nyjl.”

Jlnywpl sq vbl plakswpdlpp sq vbl rasczlx, Hbsw Ckxkdt iwknjzu nyxl swv sq bkp taklq.

“Ekzz nwvvkdt swv vbl rzynldvy ralhldv xl qasx tlvvkdt raltdydv ytykd?” Mbkp oyp bkp xykd nsdnlad aktbv dso. “Ms vlzz usw vbl vawvb, R byhldv clld yczl vs blyz qasx vbl jdkql oswde sd xu pvsxynb vbkp xsdvb. El byhl ds oyu vs tlv ydlpvblpky ewakdt vbl srlayvksd, yde R alyzzu esdv oydv vs es kv qsa vbl qkqvb vkxl.”

Ubkzeckavb oyp y vldvb-eltall rykd. Hbsw Ckxkdt eke dsv byhl vs ts kdvs zycsa, cwv vbl nlpyalyd plnvksd nswzedv cl rlaqsaxle wpkdt ydlpvblpky obknb oyp ldswtb vs xyjl xydu qlasnkswp xld nau.

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Hbsw Ckxkdtp blyav pvwxczle, “Xjyu.”

Nw Zyd pyo vbl ydmklvu yde nsxqsavle bkx, “Psdv osaau, usw yal dsv tskdt vs ekl.”



He didnt know why, but Zhou Qiming felt that he became even more nervous inside.

Lu Yan checked the surgical equipment prepared by Zhou Qiming. It was the latest instrument and was operating normally. These instruments should be costly.

Zhou Qiming, “Doctor Lu, wait. Let me call Chen Shier in, have him tie me firmly on the operating table.”

The last time he had an operation, due to extreme pain, he couldnt hold back and kicked the doctor. He ended up paying for the work-related injury expenses.

Chen Shier heard him and took out silk-like satin earnestly tying up his boss.

Zhou Qiming was now like a pig on a rack of roast suckling pigs.

Chen Shier slapped his chest and promised, “Doctor, please dont worry. This is the silk created by a Level B Pollutant ice silkworm, and it is very strong. The market price is 2000 contribution points per foot! If my boss can break free without using his abilities, I will cut off my head and let you kick it like a ball.”

“By the way, doctor, can I watch from the side?” Chen Shier asked.

“Yes, you can.”

Some doctors didnt like to be watched when they perform surgery since they tend to get nervous, but Lu Yan wasnt like that.

Whats more, if Chen Shier was not allowed to watch from the side, it would be Zhou Qiming who would be nervous.

Lu Yan turned on the shadowless lamp.


Under the light, the ghost fetus on Zhou Qimings stomach looked even more terrifying and hideous.

Its scalp was very thin, and he could even faintly see the ghost fetus underdeveloped brain.

The ghost fetus seemed to be afraid of the light. Perhaps knowing that it would soon follow in the footsteps of its previous brothers, it was punching and kicking in the mothers body angrily.

Zhou Qimings eyebrows were deeply knitted in pain, and he couldnt help cursing in a dialect, “You shake, continue shaking. Shake more. Laozi4will scatter your son of a bitch ashes later!”

After saying that, he viciously bit the wooden stick.

This was done mainly to avoid crying out loud during the operation, and, second, to make the next-door neighbor not think there was a murder happening. If Lu Yans hands tremble in fright, it was himself who would suffer.

Lu Yans previous operations always started accompanied by a few doctors, and there were young nurses and anesthesiologists waiting next to him. During the operation, other doctors would also tell some jokes to lighten the atmosphere.

Now, as the only person left to operate alone, it was a bit lonely.

Lu Yan did not act right away, but slowly and methodically took out his phone from his pocket and opened the video software.

Chen Shier on the side was curious, “Doctor, what are you doing?”

“Watching the video tutorial of cesarean section surgery.” Lu Yan replied calmly, “I havent had a cesarean section operation nor did I go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for my internship.”

He didnt know if it was just his imagination, but with these words, the operating room seemed to become extraordinarily silent.


Chen Shier came over quietly and asked, “Boss, do you want to change the doctor now?”

Zhou Qiming looked at Lu Yans face and his tone was full of sadness as if he had already given up his life, “I dont! That wont do, I want this doctor!”

Lu Yan watched the video at 4.0 times speed and wrote down a few common emergencies that had the possibility to be dealt with. Thinking the plan was foolproof, he raised the knife in his hand.

In fact, the body of the Enlightened was very good. Even if Lu Yans operation failed, the possibility of death wasnt big. Nonetheless, as a doctor, Lu Yan still hoped that he could reduce his mistakes as much as possible.

“Cant the epidural anesthesia5 also be used in case of a cesarean section?” He asked the System.

[If the spinal nerves will be be punctured, theres a high probability that the whole body will be paralyzed.]

“So it doesnt take much trouble to assassinate an Enlightened, just feed them anesthetics.”

[The anesthetics on the market are basically useless for the Enlightened, so you dont have to worry about it. Only after the anesthesia works is it easy to get into trouble. The human brain is very amazing. If the brain loses consciousness and cannot control the source of pollution in the body, the mutation will begin to occur rapidly in a short time.]

Lu Yan no longer dwelled on this issue.

He finished sterilizing the abdomen and a sterile surgical sheet was laid out.

Lu Yan had always been thoroughly attentive when doing surgery.

A normal knife couldnt cut the skin at all. So Zhou Qiming prepared a scalpel himself, a Class B knife, which was very sharp.


The wound from Zhou Qimings last operation hasnt healed yet. Lu Yan thought for a moment and chose to open another crossing to avoid cross-infection.

Lu Yan cut through the fat, fascia,6 and muscle layers, opening up the battered abdominal cavity.

A sarcoma-like uterus was growing in Zhou Qimings belly. It was not quite the same as the normal uterus. The surface was like a fruit that could breathe, exuding visibly fine and dense veins.

For its mother, the fetus itself was a tumor-like existence, and the discomfort during pregnancy was a natural rejection of the body.

In the natural world, there was no creature that would not fall into a weakened state during pregnancy. Its no wonder Zhou Qimings spiritual power threshold had been dropping.

Lu Yan used gauze to stop the bleeding and prevent contamination of the surgical field of vision. He then gently punctured the fetal membranes, and finally got a good look at the fetus in its entirety.

‌Its whole body was gray and black, and the face was covered with a veiny texture, like a pug dog with a human face.

There was no umbilical cord on the belly button of the ghost fetus, it entirely relied on the tail at the lumbar vertebrae to obtain nutrition from the mothers body.

The babys expression was full of malice. It opened its mouth covered with jagged fangs and let out an ear-piercing cry.

Compared to normal babies, it was double the average size and was covered with unknown yellow liquid, emitting a sickening fishy smell.

The baby tore open the peritoneum,7 opened its mouth filled with sharp teeth, and bit towards Lu Yan.

Chen Shiers hand reacted swiftly after what he saw and hit the ghost fetus stomach with his fist. His spiritual power threshold was 3000, so he didnt need to use his ability to deal with this fetus.

It rolled its eyes, and its mouth kept wailing in pain, full of resentment and grievance.

The cry of the baby caused Zhou Qiming to struggle violently. The ghost fetus was using this way to arouse its mothers maternal instinct.

Chen Shier hands formed a seal, and shouted, “Ha!”

Shaolin martial arts, Lions Roar— stacked with his abilities that can make people who fall into a mad state sober up.

Zhou Qiming was affected by his ability, and his eyes gradually gained clarity.

Lu Yan inserted the scalpel into the heart of the ghost fetus and finished the last cut.

At that instant, his mind violently ached. It was as if he saw a deep ocean, something opened its eyes, and its eerie, cold gaze stared at him.

He heard the sound of waves, but this time, it was no longer the tide of the curved sea.

[Ah, originally you can still choose to go or not go. However, it seems that you have to go now, you have killed the Dragon Maidens child, she will come to you.]

Lu Yans face was abnormally pale, and when he came back to his senses, the monster in front of him had stopped breathing.

“Doctor Lu, are you okay?” Chen Shier asked softly, “You looked like you were about to faint just now.”

Lu Yans brain was still swollen with pain, “Im fine.”

The monsters tail quickly withered. Lu Yan cut it out and found out that it was actually hollow inside, with rows of teeth growing on the inner wall of the tail. It was more like straw than a tail.

Lu Yan began to look for the placenta that the System mentioned. The womb where the ghost fetus was conceived looked like a ball of meat, and the placenta was located deep in the fatty chassis of the flesh ball. It looked like a fresh brain.

When the placenta was taken out, Zhou Qiming, who was already numb to the pain, bit the wooden stick in his mouth, his eyeballs protruded, and the blue veins on the sides of his temples burst out, it looked hideous.

The thing felt greasy and disgusting.

Lu Yan took off his gloves, and his palm cracked open.

The teeth on the inner side of the palm had become very sharp. Almost without chewing, it swallowed the source of pollution into its stomach in two or three bites.

The texture was exceedingly fatty, like pan-fried foie gras that was rich in fat, but not that greasy.

Lu Yan narrowed his eyes slightly, an abnormal blush appeared on his face, like a person who had been starved for a long time suddenly feeling full. It was a look of satisfaction that he did not notice himself.

Chen Shier was stunned while watching, feeling that Lu Yan was more similar to a Pollutant than a Pollutant to itself.

The body of an Enlightened was indeed very good. On the second day after the operation, Zhou Qiming was able to get out of bed and was alive and kicking.

Not taking into account the physical pain, he personally came to thank Lu Yan and also brought a bouquet of carnations.

Lu Yan happened to be cooking when he came and out of politeness, he asked, “Would you like to come in for dinner?”

It resulted in the two people staring at each other at the dining table.

“I can feel that my body is gradually recovering.” Zhou Qiming took the lead in breaking the silence and held Lu Yans hand, shaking it nonstop, “That Dragon Maiden Lake is really too strange. Obviously, the pollution source level is not high, but its almost insoluble after being polluted. I was almost ready to be voluntarily dissected by the Research Institute.”

“Anyway, thank you, Doctor. The food you cooked is delicious, and it reminds me of my mothers cooking.”

Lu Yan has been thanked by patients a lot, so he was very calm, “Youre most welcome. You dont need to tell me the latter half of the sentence.”

“Its true. Because of the increased mutation degree, I no longer have any appetite for food. I only eat when I remember, but Doctor Lu, the food you cooked was really delicious.”

Lu Yan didnt lift his eyelids, “Thank you. No talking while eating.”

Zhou Qimings expression suddenly became serious, “Doctor Lu, you may be the only healing type Enlightened who appears outside the Research Institute.”

“Since I could find out your true identity, other people must also be able to as well. The healing type heals pollution diseases, often at the cost of their own mutation value growth. The healing ability is too rare, and under desperate situations, not all people will be reasonable.”

“Okay, Ill be careful.”

“Ill transfer the contribution points to you on the forum.” Zhou Qiming took out his mobile phone in good faith, “Doctor, whats your user ID?”

Lu Yan reported a string of numbers.

Soon, Enlightened Forum sent a notification, saying that “Looking for a Gong” sent a friend request. 

Zhou Qiming coughed embarrassingly, “At that time, I was young. I was ignorant and randomly chose this name.”

Lu Yan clicked on the other sides profile and found that the registration time was 25 years ago.

“Im actually 43 years old this year.” Zhou Qiming smiled, “It may be the result of evolution, we age very slowly. It cant be helped. Also, I dont know how long I can live, Doctor, you should make more Enlightened friends. Otherwise, its really too painful to watch your loved ones and friends pass away.”

Zhou Qiming transferred the contribution points to him, a total of 6, 200, and said casually, “You can contact me at any time. Although I did not join the SpecOps Division, I have been in the industry for so long, no one will dare touch my people.”

“Really?” Lu Yan suddenly thought of something.

Zhou Qiming nodded, “Of course.”

The main point was actually in the latter half, but Lu Yan seemed to have only noticed the first half of the sentence.

Lu Yan put down his chopsticks and said seriously, “I want to go to the Dragon Maiden Lake.”

Special Operations Headquarters.

An extremely special meeting was being held in the central conference hall.

There were only 13 participants, and these thirteen people were managers of the SpecOps Division. It was known that the mental state of the Enlightened was unstable and their death rate was high. Therefore, they were not suitable to be in management.

The minister sat at the top, his tone of anger was forbearing, “Who leaked the information about Curious Listener?”

The original plan of the SpecOps Division was to let Lu Yan grow rapidly through gradual tasks to achieve the purpose of assisting in the treatment of “Tyrant.”

As the only Enlightened that had more than five digits of spiritual power threshold all around the world, only Tang Xunan was able to counter some Level S Pollutants.

But Tang Xunans mutation degree was too high, like an overloaded instrument, which could collapse at any time.

Whether it was out of a desire to give back for so many years of dedication or the need to fight Pollutants, nothing could happen to the Tyrant.

“Its no longer helpful to pursue this matter now.” The person in charge of PDC sighed. She was a woman who had grown silver hair, “What we have to consider is how to control the situation. It is natural that we cant let go of finding the spy, but the top priority now is to ensure the safety of Curious Listener.”

The director of the First Research Institute sneered, “If I had known this, I might as well have sent him to the Research Institute in the first place.”

“Those who have had access to Curious Listeners information have all been questioned by theTrue Knowledge. They have not lied. Either their memory has been cleaned, or the materials have been inadvertently leaked without knowing.” The deputy minister rubbed his eyebrows. “I have a proposal. Now that Tyrant has returned to China… What if we let them get along first to see? There is no safer place than being around Tang Xunan.”

“Because of what happened before, Tyrant prefers to act alone despite having teammates. Its just because the mutation degree is too high, he cant act completely alone. Although Curious Listeners spiritual power threshold is extremely low, the mutation degree is not high. Maybe we can try? If its too dangerous, we can just terminate contact?”

At these words, a brief silence fell over the room.

“Will Tyrant agree?”

“Will Curious Listener be willing to accept this?”

“Lets vote.” Finally, the minister said, “If the motion is passed, well ask the question. Its not like something would happen, it wont hurt to try.”


The motion passed.

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