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When asked about this, Wang Jianjuns face showed a baffled expression.

Wang Jianjun replied, “Im the only villager left in Dragon Maiden Village. What would the women come back for?”

“They all left the village?”

“Surely, ah. If they come back, what about the children?” Wang Jianjun rubbed his stomach, smacked his lips together, and the child in his belly followed suit.


He got married after he left the village.

Wang Jianjun did not give any more useful information.

When they came out of Wangs home, Lu Yan couldnt help but take another look at the Dragon Prison Well.

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[However, these were only infants, their intellect wasnt fully developed yet, thus, it wouldnt be able to form such a powerful curse and resentment. Just 20 years ago, these baby girls still had amother.]


[It was a schoolgirl who had been abducted.]

[She was chained in the basement for three years and gave birth to two children. The male abductor thought that once a woman gave birth and became a mother, she would calm down. But she was different. She was educated and had seen the outside world. She knew good from bad, right from wrong. Moreover, she understood the dignity of being born as a human being, and also knew that sometimes, death was better than life. Nonetheless, she came from a single-parent family. Her mother died when she was very young, leaving only her father. She had been her fathers pride and joy since she was a child, and so she wanted to live in order to see him again.]

[The girl was almost saved. Her father searched for her for a long time. He quit his job in a state-owned enterprise and searched all the villages in Fuling Province, until he found the Dragon Maiden Village.  She saw her father through a small window from the basement dungeon. Everyone in the village knew there was a person locked in the basement, but no one told the truth.]

[The woman finally went crazy. However, she was saved. After going mad, the abductors supervision was less strict. She killed the man at night and ran away. Nevertheless, she was chased down by her father-in-law with a dog and was caught back. Her father-in-law planned to give his son a ghost wedding—]2

[Afterwards, that feng shui master came.]

The female student was sunk to the bottom of the pond. Not only could she be offered as a sacrifice, but could also take part in a ghost wedding. Killing two birds with one stone.

Lu Yans mood became extremely heavy. He didnt want to deal with the people of Dragon Maiden Village, so he turned around and left.

He did not approve of a punishment without limits. Being hurt would never be a justifiable reason to hurt others.

However, the Dragon Maiden was obviously a person with a sense of propriety. She settled disputes without involving innocents.3 At least, many poor women in the village were fine.

In his eyes, in addition to the dead male abductor, the other villagers were also accomplices. From the Dragon Maidens point of view, it may be a heavy punishment, but its not unacceptable.

The purpose of Lu Yan coming here was not to solve the pollution disease of these people in the village, but because he was also targeted by the Dragon Maiden.

He faced the well and said softly, “I dont know if you can hear me, but I sympathize with you and Im sorry I came so late. One of my professions is a doctor, and I killed your child because it was hurting my friend, who I dont think did anything to you.”


There was no response from the well.

Zhou Qiming asked, “Doctor Lu, what are you doing?”

Lu Yan withdrew his gaze, “Nothing. Lets go back first.”

“Okay, you go back first. Ill find a boat and go to Dragon Maiden Lake to measure the pollution value.”

“Shall I come with you?”

Zhou Qiming thought for a while, “No need. If the boat capsizes, I can run alone, but Im not sure about you. You should go back quickly.  If something happens to you, my game company will go bankrupt.”

Creating games was a road to ruin. On the surface, Zhou Qiming was the boss of a listed game company. Secretly, he was worried about the source of funds every day and couldnt sleep.

He didnt join the Special Operations Division, but a certain director of the PDC, who wished to remain anonymous, was a major shareholder in his company, the golden father.

Lu Yan originally wanted to say that he was in good health and that his body was probably better in water than on land.

However, remembering his delicate and precious setting of “healing ability user Enlightened”, he had to give up.

When he returned to the RV, Chen Shier and Detective were playing poker.

The moment he saw Lu Yan, Detective couldnt hold back and pushed up the frame of his glasses, “Wheres Boss?”


“He went to the center of Dragon Maiden Lake to measure the pollution value.”

“Doctor Lu,” the Detective said, “Can I ask you a question? How old are you this year?”

Lu Yan had something on his mind and didnt take this question to heart. He opened the fridge to prepare dinner, and casually replied, “26.”

“Do you have an older brother or a younger one?”


Chen Shier and Detective looked at each other. Finally, Chen Shier took out a student ID from his arms, “Thats too strange. We also went out for a walk in the afternoon and saw an unoccupied house. Detective said his ability alerted him to a clue inside. We sneaked in afterwards and found this.”

Lu Yan took it, turned it over, and in an instant, his pupils shrank.

Its a student ID card from Yanjing University.

The person in the ID photo was seventy percent similar to him, but he had a gloomier expression. The name printed on it was Lu Cheng.

It was his father.

[Congratulations, you found one of the most important clues on this trip. Your father came here when he was young.]

Lu Yans father graduated in 2091, which means it was at least 30 years ago.


“This is my father, whos already dead.”  Lu Yan said after a moments pause.

In Lu Yans impression of Lu Cheng, he always had an eerie countenance, his mood was extremely unstable, and his face often wore a morbid sneer.

The children of unfortunate families always remember things well very early.

Lu Yan still remembered that poor woman, whose figure was awfully delicate and small, who was said to be a junior high school classmate of Lu Chengs and had always been secretly in love with him. She wasnt beautiful, only had an average education, was unemployed, and seemed to be nothing but a hard working housewife.

Nonetheless, Lu Yan recalled that she made delicious cakes, and in kindergarten after school, holding her hand also felt very warm.

This poor woman would still hug him and whimper softly when she was beaten black and blue, saying that Dad wasnt like this before, but he was just in a bad mood because the project failed recently.

She could always find a lot of excuses for Lu Cheng.

Later, the woman jumped off the building. What was more unbearable for her than the physical pain was Lu Chengs indifference day after day.

Lu Yan wanted to kill Lu Cheng. The other party didnt seem to mind, and even enjoyed the process. However, Lu Yan, who was still young, always failed.

Every time he failed, Lu Yan would receive punishment from his father.

Sometimes, it was cutting open his belly and sewing it back on. Occasionally, it was sticking needles in his back. In some cases, it was watching live bugs go through his nose―he was strapped to an operating bed and couldnt move.

Lu Yan didnt think it was domestic violence, it was just his punishment for failure. After all, he wanted Lu Chengs life. At least, Lu Cheng wouldnt let him die.

The only thing that Lu Yan felt regretful about was when he had thought of a flawless plan to kill Lu Cheng immediately, he hadnt been able to act on it. In the end, the other party had mutated.

Later, news of Lu Chengs death came, and he, therefore, was given an apartment as a guarantee of livelihood from the  people above.

He died so simply that Lu Yan felt extremely regretful.

Detective asked, “Why did your father come here? Yanjing isnt close to Fuling Province.”

Lu Yan, “I dont know. Maybe he liked to travel when he was young.”

The System corrected him, [You know why.]

Lu Yan paused for a moment, “Is it that feng shui master?”

[Yes, I already told you, this is a place to raise gu. Now, the gu has been raised, perhaps? Also, correction, Lu Cheng is not dead, at least he still retains his body, intelligence, and memory.]

Lu Yans hand still rested on the photo, and his expression became extraordinarily gloomy and cold.

His killing intent was so clear and sudden that Chen Shier stood up and looked at Lu Yan with some surprise and uncertainty.

In the end, the next second, Lu Yan smiled, “Im sorry. I just remembered something and got lost in thought.”

Detective touched his own arm, “What, whats the matter?”

Lu Yan smiled and said, “The pig raised in my hometown hasnt been slaughtered yet.”

The two of them had been with Lu Yan for two days. It was the first time that they saw Lu Yan smile. It was like a spring breeze blowing on their faces which made peoples hearts flutter.

After Lu Yan said this, he started cooking in the small kitchen. The RVs space was small. The two of them played cards in the living room. The sound of Lu Yan chopping vegetables could be clearly heard. It sounded similar to a murder scene where bodies would be dismembered.

When Lu Yans dishes were almost ready, Zhou Qiming finally came back dripping wet.

He had lost a shoe and had a lot of long hair hanging on his body, cutting a sorry figure.

“Boss? What happened to you?” Chen Shier was stunned.

“Hurry up and leave now.” Zhou Qimings expression was even uglier than when his milk had leaked onto Lu Yans hands a few days ago, “I saw the Pollutants at the bottom of the lake… The pollution value is 6300. It is not something that we can solve at all. I added a setting ofI am its father just to come back alive, and now the setting should be about to expire. Before it goes ashore, lets quickly leave!”

Happy Chinese New Year!

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