es were a little scary.

[The perfect evolution of Dragon Maiden. With a pollution level of 7, 200, she is already a part of Dragon Maiden Lake.]

[Mutational Abilities: Mirage, Maternal-Fetal Proliferation.]

[Mutational Course: Sea Serpentization.]

The mirage was the ghostly wall they encountered, and the maternal-fetal proliferation was the few children that Zhou Qiming killed.

[She hasnt spoken for too long, so she cant speak anymore. But she still understands, you can try.]

Therefore, Lu Yan stood up and walked to the lake.

At this time, the atmosphere on the scene was already tense, and it was on the verge of breaking out into something worse.

The Dragon Maiden snarled at Lu Yan, revealing her fangs that were not worse than those of the baby girls.

Zhou Qiming was anxious, “What are you doing here?”

As soon as he spoke, the indescribable smell of his body seemed to rush towards Lu Yan.

Lu Yan resisted the desire to retch and said to Dragon Maiden, “You didnt evolve to obtain the ability to mimicry, and with this appearance, it is impossible for you to enter the human habitat and find your father. Human society has stronger protection from the Enlighteneds.”

“I can help you and bring your father here. I am also an employee of a state-owned enterprise. This is my work permit.” Lu Yan took out the ID card issued by the SpecOps Division. “Your father—”

[Zhao Cheng.]

“Zhao Cheng, I have seen him. He has been looking for you.”

In that instant, the Dragon Ladys angry expression turned into astonishment.

“You should have heard what I said to the Dragon Prison Well.” Lu Yan tried his best to make his tone appear sincere, “You are a good person, it is not your fault.”

The Dragon Maiden turned her head, her eyes forming a deadly stare directed at Lu Yan. She didnt say anything and seemed to be thinking about something.

The pressure of being watched by such a Pollutant was no less than that of waking up early on the day of the college entrance examination and finding that he had missed the Chinese exam.

After thinking about it, Zhou Qiming felt that his scalp was tingling. It was also difficult for Lu Yan to keep a straight face.

The Dragon Maiden opened her mouth and let out a hiss.

The dense and humid fog around slowly dissipated, revealing the way out.

However, not everyone could leave.

The Dragon Maidens snake tail slapped the surface of the lake, making a loud cry like a sea monster. It wasnt terrible, but because it was too harsh, everyone present couldnt help but cover their ears.

Blood spilled from Detectives fingers. The others were better, only slightly dizzy.

Hundreds of little Dragon Maidens climbed onto the shore from the lake, rushing frantically towards the remaining three. They didnt have legs, so when they landed, they looked like long worms, twisting and slithering. Although their posture was distorted, they were frighteningly fast.

Chen Shier was so frightened that he was about to use Iron Sand Palms. He punched the small Pollutants with low pollution value.

But his movement was stopped by Lu Yan, “Dont resist! Trust me.”

Chen Shier had to suppress his fighting instinct and watched the little Dragon Maidens sitting around him in a circle.

Fortunately, these horrible and ugly Pollutants did not attack them either.

The Dragon Maiden opened her mouth, stuck out her long tongue, and made a “hissing” sound.

[The Dragon Maiden said, shell give you three days. For every three days, if you dont bring her father over, she will kill a hostage.]

Lu Yan repeated the Systems words to others and said with relief, “Dont worry, I will definitely be back within three days.”

It couldnt be helped. Zhou Qimings spiritual power threshold had only returned to the level of more than 6,000 now. Obviously, he couldnt beat the Dragon Maiden.

Whats more, the Dragon Maiden was able to make him unconsciously parasitized by a ghostly fetus before, the two were obviously not of the same magnitude.

The macho man, Chen Shier, shed tears and said, “Doctor, you must come back!”

Zhou Qiming was shocked, “Dr. Lu, how do you know what shes talking about?”

Lu Yan answered without hesitation, “914th ability, cross-species communication.”

After getting 6, 200 contribution points from Zhou Qiming, he bought the “Periodic Table of Abilities Sequence.” Dr. Qiao, who compiled this sequence list, said that this sorting was the result of a comprehensive sorting of factors such as the strength of capabilities and the degree of assistance to humans.

The serial number 914 ability only had a single purpose, that it could only be used to talk to intelligent creatures. Many Enlighteneds who had awakened this ability have become excellent veterinarians in the industry.

Qiao Yu also said that every seeming junk ability was just a misplaced treasure.

At least for now, it was still very useful for Lu Yan to fool people.

Yanjing. Special Operations Division Headquarters.

In the office, the minister pulled his bow tie a little unnaturally. He had always been called “Iron Blood Yama”4 at the Headquarters, but at this time, he actually practiced smiling to the air. It looked very kind, like the Uncle Wang next door who goes out for a walk every night.

Tang Xunan didnt like contact with strangers, so he was the only one in the office.

A few minutes later, the liaisons voice came from his headset, “Tang Xunan is here.”

The office door was pushed open, and a chilling cold air came in.

Tang Xunan pulled out his chair and sat down opposite the minister.

“Where to go this time?” He put the Yellow Dust on the table casually.

Minister Wang laughed loudly, “You have just returned from abroad a few days ago, so what are you thinking about going out for? Dont tire yourself too much.”

Tang Xunan didnt pick up the conversation, just stared at him with those calm, beautiful golden eyes like he was a dummy.

Minister Wang could only bite the bullet and say, “Actually, its like this. We want to arrange a new teammate for you. He is a healer type Enlightened. He may be of some help to you.”

Tang Xunan inquired seriously, “Is he being sent over to die?”

“You dont have to blame yourself too much for what happened back then. We all agree that it is not your fault.” The minister hesitated, “If you disagree, then forget it. It was because the news of the Healer Enlightened was leaked. However, he himself did not want to come to the Headquarters. For the sake of protecting the safety of the other party, we only hope that he will follow you…”

Tang Xunan wanted to smoke a little and also wanted to pet his dog at home.

“Give me the information,” he said.

The minister handed over the document. Tang Xunan looked at the things the other party handed earnestly, and his expression was unreadable and calm.

The ministers heart became tormented and nervous with each passing second until he finally heard Tang Xunans confusing answer.

“Lu Yan, is it. I see.” 

The author has something to say:

*Hypermnesia is an extremely rare medical illness, which belongs to the branch of non-selective memory. Its clinical manifestation is that the brain has an automatic memory system.

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