tes. Well send our staff to contact Zhao Cheng first.”

Lu Yan waited for about ten minutes before he received a call from the PDC.

Director Li said, “Your proposal has been carefully considered by the headquarters. It was decided that an experienced member of the SpecOps Division would be dispatched to follow. If it is determined that the Pollutant is too dangerous, extraction measures will be taken. Is this solution acceptable?”


“Okay, please remain where you are and dont move. Do not turn off the positioning system either,” Director Li said in a gentle voice, “We are already transferring small airliners and pilots to the location.”

Lu Yan looked around. Seeing the rugged mountain road, he felt that it wasnt a place where a plane could be parked.

Because he didnt know how long he would have to wait, Lu Yan took out his eye mask and earplugs to nap in the RV.

He hadnt slept all day yesterday and was up driving till the early morning, so he was really sleepy now.


The System said, [Go to sleep, go to sleep, Ill call you if something happens].

Lu Yan didnt know how long he slept, it was already dawn when he was woken up by the sound of a plane propeller.

He took off his eye mask and walked outside the vehicle. A helicopter was hovering overhead.

The sun rose and ruddy rays of dawn appeared in the sky.

The helicopters hatch opened and Lu Yan saw a man. He was carrying another person in his arms as he leaped straight down from the air.

If normal people were to fall down from this height, they could be directly sent to the nearby funeral parlor.

The person was against the light, so Lu Yan could not see the mans face clearly. He could only see the pair of dark black wings that spread out from his back in mid-air.

The morning sun shone on the scaly feathers of his wings. It was very beautiful.

Tang Xunan landed firmly on the ground as he put away the enormous wings that spanned almost 4 meters wide. 

Although there were some differences in the appearance of the other party in real life and in the dream, he was easy to recognize, especially the pair of gold-like radiant eyes he possessed.

To be honest, since Lu Yan looked at his own face in the mirror every day, he had become numb towards “good-looking” humans. 

However, Tang Xunans striking appearance still caught his eye.

Unlike in the dream, Tang Xunans face was covered with a bark stopper, and half of his face was shrouded in a shade of metalwork.

“Hello,” Tang Xunan took out his work ID, “SpecOps Division, Tang Xunan.”

He looked a lot more proper and serious now than in the dream.

“Lu Yan.”

It was the first time Zhao Cheng experienced skydiving. Although Tang Xunans movements were very stable, when he was carried down, his legs still shook uncontrollably.

A few moments later, after catching his breath, Zhao Cheng pulled out his crutches and tapped it at the ground, his heart racing. “Wheres my daughter?”

His gaze had already lost focus and he was just groping blankly.

Tang Xunan explained in a low voice, “His daughter has been missing, Zhao Cheng cried his eyes out that they went blind a few years ago. We found him in a community nursing home.”

Lu Yan pursed his lips. “Uncle Zhao, Ill take you to see her.”

Letting a human meet a Pollutant was actually a very risky act.

Therefore, Tang Xunan specially brought Yellow Dust with him this time. He wasnt very talkative. He talked to dogs more than people in recent years. Therefore, he was silent the whole way. 

Although his heart was actually not very calm.

A few hours later, the group successfully returned to Dragon Maiden Village.  

Zhao Cheng probably felt that they were taking too long so he couldnt resist asking “how long is needed to get there” many times. 

The surrounding air started to get more humid as the RV drove nearer to Dragon Maiden Lake.

By the lake, Zhou Qiming and the other two were sitting together playing “Fight the Landlord.” The game was in full swing.

Not only him, but the Dragon Maiden also kept her promise.

Almost as soon as the car stopped, Zhao Cheng fumbled impatiently to get out, calling out with his mouth, “YuanYuan! YuanYuan! Daddys here!”

In the lake, the Dragon Maiden emerged once again. She hadnt thought that Zhao Cheng would actually come so quickly, a slight panic appeared on her expressionless face.

She reached out her hand toward Zhao Cheng, but she glimpsed at the incomparably sharp nails and scales on her hand.

The next moment, the Dragon Maiden made a move that even made Tang Xunan feel shocked.

She bit off her nails and plucked off the scales piece by piece. Crimson blood flowed out of her arm and mixed with the lake water underneath.

All this happened in just a minute.

The Dragon Maiden struggled to crawl to the shore.

One could not see, and one could not speak.

However, as if they could sense each other, Zhao Cheng approached the Dragon Maiden accurately.

As soon as he touched the Dragon Maidens hand, he suddenly cried out, “YuanYuan, its Daddy!”

Zhao Chengs face turned red, and he couldnt stop sobbing. He was afraid that everything happening now was just a dream, but the touch he felt was so real.

After 17 years, if Zhao Yuan hadnt become a Pollutant, what awaited Zhao Cheng would have been nothing more than the separation of life and death.

The Dragon Maiden opened her mouth and tried to speak, but she could only let out a few hoarse chirps.

Lu Yan, who did not have much emotion, thought that this scene was quite beautiful.

—The picture of a blood-drenched monster, and an old man on the verge of death together. It was shockingly beautiful.

Lu Yan explained, “Uncle, shes mute and she cant speak.”

It was true that the Dragon Maiden could not speak. Her throat had been reconstructed differently from a humans throat. There was no vocal tract and its only function was to swallow.

However, in the next second, a faint and hoarse female voice rang in Lu Yans ears.

As if learning to speak for the first time, the Dragon Maiden said with difficulty, “Dad… Dad, Dad…”

Translators Note:

Although his heart was actually not very calm.

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