This chapter is translated by Hoenimochi, translation checked by Rin, and edited by Cia.

Zhou Qiming was also an official B-level Enlightened, which belonged to the upper levels of combat power. He was an existence that would be honorably called “General Zhou” when he walked outside.

He quickly came to his senses, “There are Pollutants? Where did they come from? Did you report to the PDC?”

The Thunderbirds smelled the breath of human beings on the plane and let out a high-pitched cry as dark thunder clouds approached. Purple lightning lingered in the clouds, multiplying the sense of oppression.

A Thunderbird with a sharp beak hit the plane. It was small, but a deep dent was clearly made on the surface of the passenger plane. The airframe shook violently. Separated by a few doors, Lu Yan could still hear the screams of the passengers in the other sections.


The Thunderbird that hit the plane was dizzied. It shook its head and flew back into the flock. Another Thunderbird followed the former and hit the body of the plane.

“Please calm down, passengers, the aircraft is being attacked by a flock of birds. The nearest airport is being contacted for an emergency landing.” The captains voice came through the radio.

There was a city below the clouds. If the plane crashed here, it would be considered no different from a terrorist attack.

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He stepped out of the cabin. They were at an altitude of 30,000 feet, and the surrounding temperature was minus 62 degrees Celsius.


A layer of frost soon formed on Lu Yans eyebrows. His body temperature rose rapidly, then a layer of fine scales grew on the surface of his body. It was hidden under his clothes, keeping him warm.

The Kingfish even thoughtfully stopped the growth of the scales on his wrist, so as not to be noticed by other people.

The difference in air pressure inside and outside the aircraft was huge, and an inexplicable sense of expansion appeared in his internal organs.

He just freshly grew a wing, so he was unskilled to use them at first. After a while, Zhou Qiming also came out flapping his wings.

“To be honest, when I first awakened my ability, my favorite setting was to give myself the ability to fly.” Zhou Qiming pulled out his knife, “Although my ability does not belong to the combat system either, how can I let you go up and fight alone like this.”

The Thunderbirds themselves were only E-level Pollutants, with a pollution level of around 800. Nonetheless, when they gathered together, the pressure they burdened other people with was not just little.

[Try not to be electrocuted, after all, the wings will also be paralyzed. There is little chance of surviving a fall from this height. Also, chop the head.]

Lu Yans weapon was still the same dagger given by the PDC. It wasnt long, but it was enough for him to use.

After gradually learning how to flap his wings, he shuttled among the birds like a swimming fish. Each time the knife was raised and dropped, a bird was killed with a single blow.

The blood of this bird was actually blue.

The mouth in his hand emerged, occasionally taking advantage of Lu Yans inattention, sneaking a few bites of meat off the corpse of the Thunderbirds.

After a while, there was an electrified burp.


But even so, the Kingfish was still greedy. He chose to eat the most tender thigh meat of the Thunderbird, but because Lu Yan didnt cooperate, a thin white line even grew out of the crack again.

Lu Yans stomach felt so uncomfortable that he wanted to vomit. He pulled out a birds head and blocked the mouth on his palm.

Fortunately, the distance was far away and they were moving fast, so not many people paid attention to this brief anomaly.

Lu Yan felt that he would have to buy a pair of gloves to wear some other day. The child was getting rebellious as it got older.

In the cabin, many people exclaimed. They couldnt help taking out their mobile phones to start recording.

Some foreign passengers watched this scene and muttered to themselves, “…Angels?”

The pilot captain was stunned for a long time, but he quickly drove the plane to escape from this airspace.

When Zhou Qiming disposed of the tenth bird, he wanted to turn his head and have Lu Yan look at his credit. In the blink of an eye, the other party cut two throats.

Lu Yan shuttled through the flock of birds with a blank expression. The white wings behind him looked extremely holy under the sunlight, but it made Zhou Qiming shiver involuntarily.

At that moment, Zhou Qiming was looking at his indifferent expression, which even appeared like a vaguely pleasured expression, and seemed to be in an illusion.

If the things around were not birds but people, it wouldve been the same for Lu Yan.

P City, in the middle of nowhere.


They were at least two hundred miles away from A City, Zhou Qiming and Lu Yan were standing beside the expressway.

Neither of the two people were wearing special combat uniforms, and their clothes were inevitably scratched by Thunderbirds a few times. This made their current attire inelegant and distasteful.

Especially Zhou Qiming who was electrocuted near the end, he had his head explode into a ball of popcorn.

The two people stood on the side of the road, and looked very miserable and desolated. They didnt look like heroes who had just rescued a plane full of people. They looked like beggars who were unskilled and begging on the street during their first day. Half a day passed and they couldnt get any vehicles willing to stop.

Their luggage and cell phone were on the plane.

Lu Yan did bring a sensor watch, but this watch did not have the function of making a phone call.

Fortunately, after half an hour, the staff of the P City PDC finally drove over.

“Mr. Zhou, Mr. Lu! I am the person in charge of the PDC in P City.” The person in charge was a middle-aged woman, “We detected the unusual movement of the Thunderbirds a few hours ago, but we didnt expect they would suddenly appear on your flight route. On behalf of all the citizens of Luochuan, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude.”

After speaking, she bowed deeply.

Lu Yan had a deep impression of this city. According to the Enlightened Forums data, many animal mutations occurred here, and there was also a famous A-level pollution area, the “Luochuan Botanical Garden”.

The botanical garden was established in the suburbs, and he heard that citizens in a radius of 100 miles have been evacuated.

The PDC in Luochuan had thought about removing the pollution. However, the two permanent A-level Enlighteneds were not too sure about this. Since the polluted plants inside had no tendency to spread further, they gave up.


Enlighteneds were human beings, strategic but could be considered consumable resources with a high loss rate. Most high pollution areas were still too dangerous for the current Enlighteneds.

The two people were taken to the PDC and settled down, then their luggage that was left on the plane was returned to their hands.

Zhou Qiming turned on his phone, opened his Tiktok, and suddenly yelled, “Damn, Dr. Lu, were on the hot search!”

When the Headquarters was spreading the word about the pollution diseases, they tried to make it sound as serious as possible to avoid making it into a matter of entertainment, but they still couldnt stop the publics curiosity.

There was even a small group of people on the Internet who regarded the officially disclosed high-level Pollutants as new objects of belief. One wouldnt know whether to find it funny or be angry.

Lu Yan moved his gaze, the title of the video was “Today, I encountered extreme thunderstorms on the plane, and I actually saw an angel in the lightning!” 

It stands to reason that it was both him and Zhou Qiming that fought that day, but they didnt know why all the shots were focused on Lu Yan.

As he opened the comments, all were saying “so handsome, so handsome.”

Lu Yan was not very interested and withdrew his gaze. Compared to this, he was more interested in the bonus that would be given by the PDC.

The PDC specially issued them 1, 000 contribution points as a reward for solving the flock of Thunderbirds.

At this rate, as long as he worked hard for three months, he would be able to buy the silver longbow.

The System was heartbroken, [Child, grandma is too poor to support you. If you really want to make money, there are many posts in the bounty area of ​​the Enlightened Forum.]

For example, Luochuan Botanical Garden was the closest one from here. The officials said, as long as someone could solve it, not only could they choose an A-grade psychic weapon at their disposal, one could also be given 100, 000 contribution points.

Lu Yan, “Well talk about it later.”

There were some twists and turns in the process, but early morning the next day, Lu Yan finally arrived at A City.

Zhou Qiming was actually there to sign a cooperation contract. He was almost late, thus, he could only say goodbye to Lu Yan tearfully saying that he would be in touch when he had time.

Lu Yan carried his suitcase alone and arrived at the Headquarters of the SpecOps Division in A City.

It was located on the outskirts of A City, described to be a related department, but it was more like an industrial park. There were many buildings inside, and the responsibilities of each area were different.

Gates separated the buildings from each other. The management was loose on the outside but strict on the inside, and there was also a large training field.

The place Lu Yan was going to stay in was the freshman dormitory in the northwest corner of the headquarters.

This was the area closest to the training ground.

Although it was called a dormitory, it only housed one person per room. The room was spacious and bright, and SOS devices could be found everywhere.

After all, many Enlighteneds were mentally unstable, and this wasnt a joke.

After being polluted, some of the characteristics in ones personality would be infinitely amplified. Lu Yan had evolved to the stage that he always had to stock disinfectant when going out.

When checking in, the eyes of the lady at the front desk couldnt help but light up, an excited smile appeared on her face, “You are, you are the one that was on the hot search yesterday! The Enlightened with wings, right?”

Lu Yans face was so iconic that it was hard to forget.

After speaking, the front desk looked down at the registration form, and gave a somewhat surprised “huh.”

“Support system Enlightened… ah, but your spiritual power threshold is quite high.”

He was considered one of the best in this new recruits training.

In the Enlightened Support System, there were also some people who had strong abilities. Nevertheless, the abilities Lu Yan registered were only “Early Warning” and “Cross-Species Communication.” 

The receptionist was inevitably a little disappointed, but this expression was well concealed,  “Mr. Lu, your room has been arranged. Please keep your room card. A special cleaning aunt will come every day. The morning of April 1st, at 8 oclock, please arrive at the training hall on time.”

[Tsk, it seems that you are regarded as a weak chicken.]

Lu Yan didnt really care about this. If he didnt have to come for training, he would still be in the hospital doing surgery.

“I dont need a cleaner,” Lu Yan said. “During the three months of training, I dont want anyone to come into my room without my knowledge.”

“Okay, I will notify the logistics department. I will also temporarily destroy the spare room card.”

Lu Yan nodded and dragged his suitcase into the elevator.

The German Shepherd raised by Tang Xunan was called Xiao Tian.

In fact, Tang Xunan named it Wangcai.1 He felt that the name was too terrible and wasnt able to show his might. Therefore, he changed the name himself.

Xiao Tian stepped on the automatic feeder and poured himself dog food.

He picked up the poop shovel with his mouth, put the poop buried yesterday into the garbage bag, and threw it away.

It was a dog with a strong sense of self-management.

By the time all of this was done, it was only seven oclock in the morning.

Xiao Tian bit the dog leash and came to the second floor, ready to let Tang Xunan take him to the yard for a walk.

It pushed open the door with one foot and found that its master, who had always been self-disciplined, was lying on the bed and using his mobile phone.

Tang Xunan was a very light sleeper and often had dreams. Although he went to bed on time at 10 oclock every night, he often woke up and kept his eyes closed. He wouldnt be able to sleep until dawn.

Xiao Tian jumped onto the bed. On the phone, a video of an Enlightened fighting Pollutants was playing.

The Pollutants were low-level Thunderbirds that could kill an ordinary person in one bite.

However, because these mutated Thunderbirds looked good, and the person in the video was also good-looking, it looked quite pleasing to the eye.

There were a lot of “so handsome, so handsome,” “Battle Angel,” “Gege,2Im in love” on the stream of comments.

The video didnt last long and was over soon. Xiao Tian found out that Tang Xunan actually chose to put it in a brainwashing loop.

One person and one dog stared at each other on the bed.

Tang Xunan explained, “I was just thinking that his swordsmanship was slightly bad.”

“But he used a dagger.”

Tang Xunan, “…”

Xiao Tian wagged his tail, “By the way, Xiao Wang told me that there seemed to be a shortage of staff for the chief instructor of the New Enlightened Recruit Training. Are you going?” The Xiao Wang he spoke of was exactly Tang Xunans former liaison, who was also one of the heads of the current Headquarters of the PDC.

Tang Xunan had lived too long, Xiao Wang was his fourth liaison. For convenience, each of his liaisons was called Xiao Wang.

Each Enlightened, especially an Enlightened with a higher mutation degree, would have a long break period after completing a task. It was for bringing their mutation degree back to the standard level.

After a few weeks of rest and the unremitting efforts of the Research Institute, Tang Xunans mutation degree had dropped to 94.1. When it returned to the standard of around 90, he would be ready to go on another mission.

“Not going.”

The title of the chief instructor was more symbolic rather than practical. It was a bit like the “chief examiner” of the imperial examination in ancient times, it was usually reserved for senior Enlighteneds who liked to perform.

Tang Xunan had no such worldly desires.

“The name of the person on this video,” Xiao Wang said, “Seems Xiao Lu? He seems to be going there, you still dont wanna go?”

“Ill go.” 

Xiao Tian, “Hah, men.”

After a moment of silence, he explained, “Im just going to check the potential of my future teammate.”

The German Shepherd nodded its dog head hastily, “No need to explain. I understand, I understand.”

Tang Xunan, “…”

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