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The staff dormitory at the Headquarters was very much like a luxury hotel suite, where meals could even be delivered to the door.

On the menu, in addition to the normal eight regional cuisines,1 there was also the option to consume Pollutants, but the latter needed to be exchanged with contribution points at a slightly higher price.

There was also a note written on it: It is made after years of research by the Seventh Research Institute. It tastes delicious and juicy. The pollution value is negligible, which can improve the spiritual power threshold to a certain extent.

[This kind of meat is in shortage outside, and is now a favorite of the dignitaries, completely unaware that eating too much can easily result in becoming a Pollutant.]


The System unconsciously had taken a slightly sarcastic tone.

If theres a demand, then there will be a business transaction. In many foreign countries, on the fringes of low-level polluted areas, many ordinary people had armed themselves to fight low-level Pollutants and called themselves “calamity hunters.”

Lu Yan usually ate enough Pollutants, so he had no interest in these expensive things.

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Outside the door came a voice, “Hello. This is also my first time participating in this training! My name is Chen Anzhi and I am a combat system Enlightened, codenamed “Undercurrent.” I live just across from you. Can we be friends?”


Lu Yan saw Chen Anzhis appearance through the smart surveillances peephole in front of the door. He was smiling and looked quite approachable and warm, making people involuntarily trust him.

[Oh, Chen Anzhi. Spiritual power threshold is 1600. A spiritual Enlightened in the combat system. Among the new batch of members, hes considered pretty capable. Mutation degree is 37.]

[Abilities: 99th Dream Intrusion, 197th Hypnotism, 378th Affinity]

[Mutational Course: Neurosis, Schizophrenia]

The Research Institute had been in dispute about the Enlighteneds of spiritual type, unsure whether to classify it in the combat or special system.

However, ever since an A-Class spiritual type Enlightened magician killed a B-Level Pollutant through mind control, no one argued since then that the spiritual type could not be classified in the combat system.

Lu Yan didnt open the door but instead said, “He seems to have a little higher mutation degree.”

Lin Sinans spiritual threshold and mutation degree were similar to Chen Anzhis, but Lin Sinan had been working for over 20 years.

As a new employee, Chen Anzhi had only been working for less than a year.

[He was originally a Chinese person that was raised overseas, but his island country had become a forbidden land, called “Kingdom of God” due to an S-Level Pollutant. Chen Anzhi was one of the survivors back then. He was rescued and raised in China, and had just become an Enlightened last year.]

[I dont recommend you to interact with him. Its been proven that people who came out of the Kingdom of God are more or less sick in the head.]

Even without the Systems advice, Lu Yan wasnt planning to go out.


Generally speaking, Lu Yan didnt like to socialize.

Instead of spending time with others, he was more interested in reading, studying, or working.

However, growing up, there were always people compelled to get to know him because of his overly distinguished good looks.

This made Lu Yan once have the idea of doing plastic surgery.

He replied through the door, “Sorry, Im too tired today. Next time for sure.”

The smile on Chen Anzhis face did not change in the slightest, “OK. See you tomorrow.”

Chen Anzhi passed by Lu Yans door and knocked on the next door.

He was well aware that there was surveillance in the hallway and, therefore, with all the people who opened the door, he stood in the doorway and exchanged a few words.

Chen Anzhi was a famous social flower in the local PDC, so it was not a collapse of his persona.

This time, there were a total of 62 people who came to participate in the new employee training. This number was much higher than in previous years; in fact, it was almost three times higher. Moreover, there were even six people who had more than 1, 000 spiritual power threshold this year alone. The Headquarters all laughed and called this a “bumper harvest year.”

In one night, Chen Anzhi visited 20 people.

Out of them, six people opened the door for him.


At 11 oclock in the evening, he stopped socializing and picked a rose from among the flowers in the corridor.

In order to make the corridors less monotonous and keep the Enlighteneds in a good mood, the Headquarters had arranged fresh-cut flowers in each corridor.

Half an hour later, the staff delivered the aromatherapy diffuser he had asked for.

Chen Anzhi couldnt sleep at night without fragrance; this had also been noted in his file.

He returned to his dormitory and lit the rose-scented aromatherapy diffuser. He fell asleep with a rose in his hand and a smile on his face.


Chen Anzhis eyeballs began to turn rapidly and struggle under his eyelids. His lips slowly stretched into a creepy smile, becoming more frightening by the second. 

Nevertheless, he didnt wake up.

Chaotic darkness appeared before Chen Anzhis eyes and then was lit up with a little candle flame. He raised the candle and placed it on the round table in front of him.

Six translucent blue souls were drawn to the light and eventually took their seats around the table.

These six men were all the Enlighteneds who had opened the door for him today.

Their spiritual power threshold wasnt really high enough to even notice that they had been hypnotized.


[99th Ability — Dream Intrusion]

Chen Anzhi said softly, “Welcome to the world of dreams. Today, I would like to introduce you to the god of eternal sleep in the distant land.

“It is the creator who has fallen into an eternal long sleep, and the universe we are in is only its dream world.

“It cannot be seen. It is a void of chaos, existing before the heavens and the earth. No one knows its name, and we must not disturb its long sleep, lest it brings calamity.

“Now, it has descended from the void. It dwells in a place that was once my hometown. Now, I would like to call it thePure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

“You are fortunate that the great and holy god is gathering his first followers. Our souls can go in peace to that land where there is no pain.”

Chen Anzhi stretched out his arms. The candle flame in front of him divided into six and floated to the others. These pale yellow halos enveloped the souls.  As a result, they gradually become the same color.

Chen Anzhis eyes were filled with pious devotion, “Praise the god, bliss and eternal life.”

The six muddled souls followed suit and spoke, “Praise the god, bliss and eternal life.”

At 7 oclock in the morning, Lu Yan woke up on time.

The training center was not far from the dormitory, just about a ten-minute walk.

He changed into his training uniform and prepared to go to the second-floor cafeteria for an early breakfast. Afterwards, he would head to the training center.

Training hours were from 8 AM to 7 PM — a whole day. Theory in the morning, practice in the afternoon, with a one-hour break in between.

Lin Sinan had once participated in the training and had revealed some insider information to Lu Yan. He said that the difficulty of the training mainly depended on who that years chief instructor was.

When the chief instructor was ruthless, the trainees were miserable. When the chief instructor was kind, the trainees had it a bit better.

Moreover, there were cases of death every year.

When he pushed the door open to leave, across from him, Chen Anzhi had also happened to come out of his room.

The smile on his face was exactly the same as yesterday, not even the curvature had changed. Only his eyes were tranquil and indifferent, which was not quite consistent with his expression.

“Hello,” Chen Anzhi smiled. “I dont know your name yet?”

He had a pair of extraordinary deep eyes, as bright as the stars.

Lu Yan subconsciously replied, “Lu Yan.”

Almost as soon as he finished, he couldnt help but frown.

He had broken free faster than ordinary people.

Chen Anzhi, as if sensing something, lowered his head and quietly said, “Sorry. I forgot to wear my glasses.

“Because I cant always control my ability…” Chen Anzhis expression became somewhat sad, “It wasnt on purpose. I hope you wont stay away from me because of this.”

He spoke pathetically, easily softening the hearts of the less strong-willed.

[Ay, Im really annoyed with spiritual ability user people.] The System sighed, [Dont look at him in the eyes. Ill keep an eye out for you too.]

[The combination of Affinity and Hypnotism is really one of the best matches for a spiritual type Enlightened. Also, try to avoid being in a small place with him or sleeping in front of him.]

The Systems voice was quite playful, “By the way, have you ever played Werewolf?2 Among us, there are traitors mixed in.”

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