This chapter is translated by Kris Xian, translation checked by Kensi, and edited by Bluburry.

With the Systems words, it practically wrote the word “werewolf”1 on Chen Anzhis forehead.

“How are there still traitors?” Lu Yan murmured in his mind, “It shouldnt affect me getting my graduation certificate.”

System, [Given that the Hosts current spiritual threshold is too low, there may be a risk of brain death if all information is obtained. Do you wish to accept the relevant information: Yes/No.]

Lu Yan, “Yes.”


System, […Youre just saying that in anger, I dont believe it.]

Lu Yan smiled and dropped the topic.

He didnt know what he was going to have for breakfast, but the canteen prepared a lot of fish and meat, which was high in sugar, protein, and fat.

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It was Director Hu who had fled K City by plane overnight and had also participated in the parasitic fish surgery.


The other party apparently saw him too, and waved excitedly, “Xiao Lu!!! Youre here too!”

Director Hu ran to Lu Yan with his plate, “Hey, K City was under lockdown before, and my phone couldnt get through. Im glad youre fine. I didnt expect you to become an Enlightened too. Such a big thing like this, why didnt you tell me on the Moments?3 By the way, Im from the support system, and my ability is Cell Division. How about you?”

“Im also in the support, Early Warning.”

“Its good that its Early Warning, ah! If theres danger, run early.”

Director Hu met his old friend in another country and thus excitedly talked a lot. 

[Cell Division, 432nd ability. It can accelerate the differentiation of cells in the human body and has a miraculous effect on certain traumatic injuries.]

[The top ability in this sequence is calledGene Recombination, serial number 13. Unfortunately, the only human who ever mastered it has passed away. The dragon wings behind Tang Xunan are the result of genetic recombination. Since that person passed away, theres no moreperfect synthetic human like Tang Xunan in the world…]

“Youre talking about Qiao Yu, who compiled the Periodic Table of Abilities Sequence?” Lu Yan asked, “Dont all Enlightenleds live very long?”

Lu Yan studied medicine and had seen Qiao Yu in his textbooks. At the age of 70, he passed away in 2067, half a century ago.

The System went silent for a moment, [Some human beings had a too high and irreversible mutation degree. They would actively choose euthanasia to avoid becoming a Pollutant. Some of the pseudo-concepts created by you humans, such as “faith,” “dedication,” and “sacrifice,” are really interesting and much better than self-hypnosis.]

Standing by the door of the multimedia classroom, the assistant instructor responsible for taking attendance had an excited smile on his face.

“Have you heard? This time, the chief instructor is Leader Tang!”


Throughout the SpecOps Division, there were quite a few people with the last name Tang, but the name “Leader Tang” often only represented one person.

“I knew it already.” Another assistant instructor replied, he was a C-Class Enlightened, from Team 1, with a kind smile on his face, “My chief instructor back then was also Leader Tang. That was 40 years ago.”

“Our class was the one with the lowest death rate in the final battle, but the largest number of dropouts.”

Out of 30 people, 10 withdrew due to being overwhelmed. In the end, zero deaths were recorded, and unprecedented cooperation in the hunt for a C-Level Pollutant occurred.

Later, the 20 people who graduated all became the backbone of the SpecOps Division today, including the current leader of the second team, Bai Qiushi.

The young assistant next to him shuddered, “That sounds scary, bro.”

The newly recruited Enlighteneds did not know what hell mode they were about to face.

Lu Yan had good grades when he was in school but habitually sat in the middle of the last row of the classroom.

It was human nature to live in groups. After just one night, many people had already chosen to gather in twos and threes to warm up in a group, especially those whose dormitories were closer together.

This place seemed like some kind of expensive private high school classroom.

Hu Youbang, who was over 50 years old, naturally sat down next to Lu Yan. When they were in the hospital, they had a superior and subordinate relationship. Having worked together for several years, their relationship was far stronger than others.

Lu Yan did not refuse either.


At 8 oclock in the morning, the class bell rang right on time. The sound of the bell was piercing loud that the classroom was instantly silent.

Lu Yans hearing was great. He could clearly hear the footsteps from far away; the rhythm between each step was just right.

But what puzzled him was that he felt that the footsteps didnt sound like they belonged to a human…  more like some four-legged animal.

Lu Yan didnt know if it was just an illusion, but the surrounding temperature seemed to have gotten colder, and the Kingfish inside him lurked quietly as if it had sensed danger.

The metal door sensed the arrival of someone and opened automatically. Subsequently, a tall man walked in with a dog on a leash.

He wore a dark uniform with a tightly fitted collar, and his eyes were pure gold.

Despite that, the most eye-catching thing was probably the somewhat strange looking…mask on his face?

It was a muzzle for dogs.

Even the dog he was leading didnt have one.

Among the newly recruited Enlighteneds, not everyone was ignorant. Someone subconsciously exclaimed, “Is he Tyrant?”

The German Shepherd jumped on the stool and coughed, “Hello, everyone. Im the chief instructors… dog of this years training. You can call me Xiao Tian. Ahem, the chief instructor doesnt like to talk much, so I will be speaking on his behalf today.


“The training for new recruits lasts for three months. The first two months will be spent at the base, and the last month is actual combat training.

“Currently, the curriculum has arranged for learning theory in the morning and training in the afternoon. Additional classes may be added in the evening depending on the situation. Starting from the second month, all courses will be changed to practical education. 

Xiao Tian let out a hum and continued, “First of all, let me introduce theStudent Points System. Each student has 10 initial points. Once these points are exhausted to zero, you will be dismissed by the Headquarters. We will not allow any Enlightened with insufficient expertise to take work on the front line. However, despite being dismissed from the SpecOps Divisions, you can still join the Pollution Disease Prevention and Control Center.

“After graduation, student points can be exchanged for contribution points. The ratio is 1:1000.

“The chief instructor of this employee training is my owner, Tang Xunan. Youre a lucky bunch. You dont have to worry about the final mortality rate at all, because hes the only S-Class Enlightened on record. His deeds are too many to list. If youre interested, you can search it up on your own in the Enlightened Forum.

“In addition, the Headquarters has also provided you with six assistant instructors. Theassistant instructor responsibility system is being adopted. Here, each assistant instructor is responsible for 10 to 11 new recruits. During the training period, the assistant instructors will also live on the same floor as everyone else.”

Concurrent job accommodation. Before each new employee came to the Headquarters, the dormitory floor had been arranged and assigned. There were about 7 combat system Enlighteneds on each floor, coupled with 3 support or special systems.

“Of course, we are not devils. At the end of each month, the top 3 outstanding students will be awarded points! Other students can also receive special allowances.

“When facing Pollutants, any negligence, no matter how small, can be fatal. The sweat and tears youre about to shed are for the sake of not shedding blood on the front line in the future. Since everyone has joined the SpecOps Division, you must have the determination to pay for it.”

With that said, a staff member handed over a piece of paper.

Lu Yan looked down and found that it was actually a class schedule. The first class starts at 8:30 in the morning, with each class taking one and a half hours. There was also a 20-minute break in between. There was a 40-minute break at noon and in the afternoon. It was even more rigorous than a high school students schedule.

Morning: Pollutant Identification, Pollutant Distribution Mapping.

Afternoon: Strength Training, Endurance Training, Combat Training.

Evening: Extreme Temperature Endurance Exercise (1 hour).

The courses arranged varied from day to day, with “Weapon Selection,” “Extended Ability Training,” “Live Pollutant Training,” “Hot Weapon Use and Maintenance” …and even “Special Vehicle (Aircraft, Ship, Sailboat) Driving.”

According to the course schedule, there were only two days off per month, uniformly scheduled at the end of the month.

Lu Yans assistant instructor was also written on his class schedule.

Lu Yan lived in Room No. 3 on the 5th floor. The assistant instructor of his floor was the C-Class Enlightened, Lone Wolf.

The first months course was a general course, and in the second month, different employees would be trained in different classes based on their previous months performance.

Director Hu looked at the timetable and couldnt help wailing, “But Im only a support system! Why should I study too! Im already 53 years old this year!”

Xiao Tians dog ears caught this sentence. He said, “When facing a Pollutant, the enemy wont care if youre a combat or support system. It will only see if youre easy to kill or not!”

“To tell you the truth, as an animal Enlightened, I also attended the new employee training and graduated with a certificate of excellence. I have lived for 42 years, and as a human year is equivalent to 18 years for a dog, this means that I am 756 years old! You cant even be as good as a dog, cant you, cant you?”

Lu Yan couldnt hold back and asked the System in a low voice, [Are you and it half-brothers?]

Their manner of speaking was exactly the same— asking for a beating.

System, […Thank you for your sudden concern. ]

In the morning theoretical class, the lecturer was a researcher sent from the Second Research Institute, a capable and serious middle-aged woman.

Many scientific researchers had not been able to awaken in order to become Enlighteneds, but their understanding of Pollutants was no worse than that of front-line personnel. They had even compiled Pollutants into different categories.

“Studies have shown that the mutations of Pollutants will eventually converge. Pollutants of different classes4 will show the same shape and commonality at the end of evolution.

“For the Pollutants in the same class, even if we havent seen it before, we can infer similar weaknesses from them.”

This intelligence was worth hundreds of contribution points in the Enlightened Forum.

Therefore, Lu Yan studied very seriously.

Some of the Enlighteneds in the combat system were not interested and even secretly played with their phones under the desk.

As a result, as soon as the class was over, the students who played with their mobile phones were informed by the assistant instructor that 0.5 points had been deducted.

Because their break time was so short, lunch was delivered to the teaching area by the canteen staff.

The expressions of the staff members were extraordinarily kind, as if they were saying eating well will help you keep going.

In the office, the assistant instructor Lone Wolf reported his work in a serious manner and finally said, “Leader Tang. Are strength training and physical fitness training really going to be combined in the afternoon? Wont it be too difficult?”

The two classes in the afternoon added up to a total of three hours.

According to Tang Xunans instructions, he wanted the trainees to do weighted mountain cross-country orienteering. 

Awakening into an “Enlightened,” whether it was physical strength or resilience, was far beyond ordinary people. Coupled with the ubiquitous real-time monitoring, there was no need to worry about accidents.

Tang Xunan turned his head slightly and asked, “Too difficult?”

“No.” Lone Wolf felt a chill on his back and immediately betrayed his delicate students, “Its perfect!”

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