This chapter is translated by Hoenimochi, translation checked by Rin, edited by Cia, and proofread by Kris Xian.

From the time it was posted, Lu Yans video quickly became popular on the Internet overnight. However, on the next day, the said video had been taken off the shelves as if it had never happened.

Originally, the PDC had planned to promote some Enlightened vases1 to increase their public influence, but Lu Yan would definitely not be among the people who would be introduced because this was a very dangerous thing. Research showed that the advanced Pollutants also possessed a certain level of wisdom.

Being too famous would not be a good thing.

For example, the state would never make a big fanfare of introducing or publicizing the identity of a drug enforcement police who was currently on duty.2


In the West Coast Sea.

Because the area had always been located in the low latitude, the nearby sea had become significantly hotter. Shen Qingyang hadnt thought of wearing sunscreen, so a few of his tentacles were a little shriveled up.

They were on a boat. A small fishing boat.

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“Gb, nsxqsavyczl… Jwv obu eslp vbl oyvla byhl ds vypvl, yde vbl pyzkdkvu kp yzps vss zso.”

It was because of Shen Qingyangs presence, the marine fishes in a radius of several kilometers avoided this boat like it was a viper.

Occasionally, a cloud of shadows would appear in the depths of the sea opening its eyes, but after realizing that the other party was just passing by, it would close them again with disinterest.

The place they were going to was an uninhabited island on the West Coast Sea.


The fishing boat was extremely slow. At first, Prophet wanted Shen Qingyang to simply carry him there but was ruthlessly rejected.

According to Prophet, he had recently foreseen a future.

A future where “the only person who was a threat to the Pollutants would leave human society because their pollution level had finally exceeded 100.”

Prophet spoke eloquently, “In the future, I see a black dragon appearing over the Chang Yi Plain, and half of A City will be razed to the ground. It might still retain some memories and emotions that belong to the original person, so it chose to come to the island overseas.

“If we can convince them, our future path would be much easier… After all, it is because of those people that they became like this.”

The Prophet intended to wait for the arrival of the black dragon, just as he waited for Shen Qingyang back then.

“Its unethical to only say half the words, Teacher.”

The big eyes on Prophets face were tightly closed, and a wisp of bright red blood spilled out from the slit of his eyes.

“Enough already. Who can spy on the gods without paying the price? Maybe that serial number 6 ability can, but its unlikely anyone will get it.”

Shen Qingyang raised his mobile phone and lay on the deck, swiping through TikTok in a bored manner. The mobile phone was taken from the fishing boat owner before they went to sea, and now that there was no more signal, he could only watch the cached videos.

He scrolled and scrolled. Shen Qingyang suddenly sat up from the ground, looking surprised.

“Whats wrong?” Prophet asked.


Shen Qingyang smiled slightly, “Nothing. I saw a ghost picture, it scared me to death.”

However, the picture on his phone screen was clearly a pair of pure white wings.

Shen Qingyang put down the phone and thought about it for a long time. He was reluctant to delete the video. Afterwards, he touched the position of his heart and said, “Teach me English grammar today, Teacher.”

Mountain weight cross-country orienteering. It was fucking devilish to hear.

The staff was currently strapping Lu Yan with metal blocks. It had special qualities imbued, becoming dense and heavy.

Lu Yan had now reached the standard of a D-Class Enlightened, but his data card had not been updated. So, like other E-Class Enlighteneds, the strap attached to him only amounted to 270 catties. And because he was a support system Enlightened instead of a combat system, an extra 30 catties had also been cut.

A mere 240 catties, in terms of Lu Yans current physical fitness, was no different from a mere tickle.

He didnt think it was a big problem, but Director Hu, who was tied with 80 catties next to him, was already showing an expression of pain.

The chosen venue was located on the outskirts of A City, named Zhengrong Mountain. It had already been preliminarily cleared and was often used as a training ground for the Whistling Arrow Archery Unit. Now, it was taken over by the SpecOps Division.

Whistling Arrow was a very famous domestic special forces unit.

“If you really cant take it anymore, use the sensor watch youre wearing on your wrist to ask for help.” Lone Wolf, the teaching assistant, persuaded the trainees in front of him, “Only 0.5 points will be deducted for quitting midway, so its not a big problem.”

Lone Wolf was blind in one eye, like a pirate captain, and his expression relaxed.


He could already foretell the results. Although there were two students among them with spiritual power thresholds exceeding 1,000, one was a support system and the other was a spiritual type in the combat system. Neither was a person with good physical strength. Therefore, they shouldnt be yearning for rewards.

“Instructor,” Lu Yan raised his hand in the crowd, “Is there a reward for being the first to arrive?”

Lu Yan still planned to buy that silver bow after they finished the training.

Compared with working hard outside to earn 30, 000 contribution points, it still sounded easier to figure out how to save up 30 points inside.

As soon as this statement came out, many people around laughed.

“Bro, I dont mean to say shit about you. Youre just a support system, but your ambitions are quite lofty.” In the class next door, a big tall man with muscles like rocks spoke in a mocking tone.

Meanwhile, Lone Wolf replied, “Of course. The first place is awarded 3 points. The second place will get 2 points, and the third place will get 1 point. The remaining 4th to 10th places will be rewarded 0.5 points.”

Although the value didnt look that high, if the student points were converted into contribution points, and then converted into money, 0.5 points would already be worth five million.

With 1.5 points, Lu Yan could buy another apartment in the center of K City and live like a landlord.

Each participant started from the same point, but the destination would be different. It all depended on their navigation. The distances also varied from 12 km to 15 km. It was mainly dependent on the difficulty of the obstacles they would encounter on the road.

When it was time to leave, Chen Anzhi leaned closer to Lu Yan and asked in a low voice, “Lu Yan, would 240 catties be too much for you? How about sharing some with me?”

After all, he was also in the combat system, and he thought that his physical fitness would be stronger than that of Lu Yan.


Most importantly, Chen Anzhi had a hypnosis ability.

He had already planned on finding someone on the road to take advantage of, he would transfer the burden onto him unknowingly.

When Lu Yan heard what the other said, he was stunned, “How can there be such a good thing?”

Chen Anzhis expression was full of encouragement, “Its okay. I asked the instructor, and he said its allowed. We are teammates, so we should help each other, right?”

Lu Yan nonchalantly waved to Director Hu, “Director, come here. Someone here said that they can help you spread the load.”

Chen Anzhis smile suddenly froze, while Director Hu ran over and took his hand shaking it up and down, “You are a good person, bro. In the future, if you come to K City First Peoples Hospital for surgery, Ill give you a 20% discount and pay it with my own pocket!

At 2 PM, the orienteering started on time.

From the same starting point, 62 students headed in different directions according to the navigation on their watch.

[This afternoons training is actually just to test the waters. ] The System said lazily, [To find out where your limits lay, so they can find the more convenient way to teach the students according to their aptitude. But I think your main instructor this year is too bad, theyve put a lot of pitfalls in your way.]

[He may think that you really had awakened the Early Warning ability.]

[Oh, right. The SpecOps Division has always maintained a belief that the best training is obtained in the midst of danger. And the best way to train an ability is to use it more. So for this afternoon, Ill pretend to be the “Early Warning.”]

[300 meters ahead, theres only emptiness under the grass, a hole below. Avoid it.]

[If you dont pass the bridge within 10 seconds, it will collapse, so run faster.]

[Take the Y-axis directly in front of you, one meter is one scale. There are archers in the direction of (297, 311).]

“Oh my God.” The teaching assistants stood in the monitoring room and had their eyes uncontrollably attracted to the No. 17 screen, “Has the ability serial number 501 now become so strong?”

Next to them, a researcher from the Third Research Institute explained while recording, “It may be that he has a better compatibility with this ability.”

Natural compatibility was a result recently produced by the Institute.

People from the First Research Institute found that many Enlighteneds who had received the ability transplant surgery did not use their ability much compared to the Enlighteneds who had awakened theirs in a normal method. 

Thus, the concept of “natural compatibility” was proposed.

Facts had proved that even if the ability was forcibly transplanted, the effect was often unsatisfactory if the ability wasnt suitable for the person.

Nevertheless, there were still ordinary people lining up to receive the ability transplants. Most of these people were from the wealthy class.

This method was undoubtedly much safer than triggering a Pollutant awakening.

Tang Xunan had repeatedly expressed his opposition to this, so now this kind of surgery had been excluded from the routine program of the First Research Institute.

As the researcher thought of this, he couldnt hold back and looked at Tang Xunan at the front.

He was standing at the very front, and only a tall and straight back could be seen. Since he didnt say anything, it was bound that he would be a little out of place.

The researcher vaguely recalled a rumor.

Tang Xunan also received an ability transplant. It was the long-deceased Professor Qiao Yu who was in charge of the operation. That year, Tang Xunan was only 16 years old.

His transplanted ability came from a Pollutant.

Tang Xunans rejection was particularly severe when he was getting the transplant from a ‌Pollutant. Many people thought he would not survive that winter.

Nonetheless, in the end, Tang Xunan still stubbornly survived. But he was left blind in one eye and deaf in one ear.

The pair of golden pupils, he heard, were transplanted into Tang Xunan later. Because of his hearing impairment, Tang Xunan still wore a hearing aid specially made by the Research Institute.

Fortunately, after surviving the extreme rejection from the operation, Tang Xunan got the strongest fighting ability in the combat system today.

[9th Ability — Dragon Bone].

The author has something to say:

—The following information can be unlocked—

【Year 2036】

—”You, go away, I wont agree. Even if my talent is Gene Recombination, with the current technology, the lethality rate of fusion with a Pollutant is still very high. I wont consent to minors becoming experimental subjects.”

—”My father is the initiator of theSpark Project. The program is indeed controversial, so I volunteered.”

—”Are you really volunteering?”


—”No, you are not.”

—”I am.”

—”You shouldnt become a victim of your fathers political ideals.”

—”You misunderstood, Professor Qiao Yu. Im not here for my fathers ideals, Im here for my own ideals.”

—”What ideal?”

Tang Xunan stared into the others eyes and answered seriously, “To be the last line of defense for human civilization, on the day the worst comes.”


PPS: Qiao Yu is the protagonist of another book of mine, but the two have a completely different world outlook. Relevant characters/plots will not appear in this novel. Im only borrowing the experience and name, can be used as an alternate universe.

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