t the “Holy God” really looked like.

Some people said that it was a mass of chaos hidden in the depths of a dream.

In the end, the Union Alliance could only abandon that island country.

Of the millions of people on the island, less than 10,000 survived.

Lu Yans face felt a little damp. He touched it and actually found some blood on his hand.

He was bleeding from the seven apertures.3 Although the injury was not serious, the faint smell of blood still spread in the botanical garden.

Numerous slumbering animals and plants slowly opened their eyes.

In the silent depths of the forest, the sound of insects flapping their wings could be heard.

[Ah… Who can spy on the gods without paying a price, neither No. 66 nor No. 6 can.] The Systems voice was very angry, [Damn it. As long as your spiritual power threshold was around seven or eight thousand, I wouldnt be hurt by this kind of damned dog.]

His abnormality caught Chen Anzhis attention.

Chen Anzhi, who was spraying pesticide, turned his head and looked worried. “Lu Yan, why are you bleeding?”

“Ability warning.” Lu Yan said solemnly, “Told me that there will be a danger.”


Iron Fist sprayed the medicine for a long time but didnt see a single Pollutant. He immediately said with disdain, “Stop fooling around. What danger could be there?”

Lu Yan was too lazy to pay attention to him. He was already used to the setting that he would trigger the [Hell Difficulty Buff] whenever he went out.

He felt that it was because of that time when he became the sister of the “Unlucky Star”4 in the dream, which had now caused him to have bad luck.

He put down the pesticide sprayer and raised his bow.

Although it wasnt some legendary weapon worth 30,000 contribution points, it was still one of the D-level psionic weapons with higher attributes.

It was lent to Lu Yan from the Headquarters, and he had to return it when he went back.

The arrow feather ignited a ray of flame and plunged deep into the bushes. A mantis the size of half a human was killed by the arrow and fell from the tree.

This mantis was almost completely integrated with the surrounding environment, and the edge of its sickle was dark and extremely sharp.

At that moment, Lu Yans scoreboard jumped, and he was awarded 0.2 points. This was an E-Level Pollutant.

Lu Yans gaze took on a cold and indifferent look, “Did you really think that a simple spray of medicine can last until the end of the drill? Did the evolution cause your brain to regress into a piece of iron waste?”

It was possible that Lu Yan didnt realize that he had fallen into an abnormal state after overusing his ability.

Lu Yan put down his bow, his fingers trembling slightly.

After overusing their abilities, Zhou Qiming would become weaker, Tang Xunan would go berserk, and Lin Sinan would excessively blame himself.

System, [I suggest the Host to control your emotions. I know that in the face of negative emotions, such as fear and pain, you always like to look forhim, like a child who subconsciously looks for his mother after a fall. However, youre no longer the you from back then, are you?]

Lu Yan took a deep breath and asked the System, “I havent seen the chief instructor since I got off the plane. Where is he?”

[Tyrant…] The System said, [Hes sharpening his knife and preparing to enter the botanical garden to deal with the big banyan tree.]

Tang Xunan wiped Yellow Dust very quietly. When he lowered his head, a few strands of hair fell down to his forehead. Because his expression was somewhat gentle, he looked much younger.

The students had already entered the polluted area. In mid-air, hundreds of pollution detectors were moving and videotaping. These detectors were covered with a special coating that caused them to be regarded as one of their kind by the Pollutants.

Tang Xunan was waiting for the teammates arranged by the Headquarters.

Ever since the accident 13 years ago, Tang Xunan had become accustomed to being alone when he went out on a mission. However, the headquarters said that the volume of Pollutants was too large this time, and thus specially transferred the experimental subject 07 from the First Research Institute.

07: Spiritual Power Threshold: 7,900. 42 Ability — Karmic Fire. Mutation Degree: 73.

This flame-type ability was always greatly useful when facing plant-type Pollutants.

At exactly 12 noon, a military car drove up.

It was like a prison car.

Several staff members got out of the car with an abnormally pale teenager.

He was wearing a snow-white prison uniform. Half of his face was terrifyingly scorched, the edge of the wound was like a layer of red lava.

The boy was wearing a special handcuff, the chain in the middle was exceedingly long, yet it did not hinder his movements. In addition, he had an obvious black tattoo number, 07, on his arm.

“Leader Tang, hello. Im Ren Xuan, a researcher from the First Research Institute. Im a senior engineer.” A middle-aged man in a white coat walked over with 07. “07 is a particularly precious experimental subject in our research institute. I am the person in charge of him. Please bring him back in full health.”

As he spoke, 07s face was expressionless, and his eyes were empty. Like some sort of product being sold.

Tang Xunan felt a little uncomfortable and frowned. 

He felt that he knew where this uncomfortable feeling came from.

The researcher looked at him in the same way that he did at 07.

It was as if he wasnt looking at a person, it was more like he was looking at a perfect tool that he had created.

“Arent you going to unlock his handcuffs?” Tang Xunan asked.

The researcher answered in a straight-forward manner, “Just like how your muzzle never leaves your face, 07s handcuffs have a similar function. His mutation degree is already very high, so it will be dangerous to unlock it.

“By the way, the director said, if you can resolve the banyan tree, we hope for you to bring back the special materials peeled off from it. Its a critical material for our next experiment.”

Tang Xunan listened to half of it and replied half-heartedly with an “en.”*It went in one ear and out the other, and he completely did not take it to heart.

If the difficulty of disposing Pollutants was 9, then the difficulty of stripping special materials from Pollutants was 10. It had to be stripped from the body while it was still contaminated and alive, which was much harder than just slaughtering it.

Its not every day that one could be lucky enough to meet a perfect evolutionary species like the Dragon Maiden either. 

The researcher nagged a lot before finally leaving the scene reluctantly. He would go and wait at the Pollution Disease Prevention and Control Center.

Tang Xunan looked at 07s face. “Whats your name?” 


“I didnt ask for your number.”

07 tilted his head and thought for a long time before saying slowly, “Im sorry, I forgot.”

He pointed to his head. “Daddy had sliced off a bit.”

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