This chapter is translated by Rin, edited by Cia, and proofread by Kris Xian.


Lu Yan thought that many things would have multiple available options, but in the end, there was no other choice at all. 

For example, a university graduate painstakingly searched for a job instead of returning home to inherit the company, was it because he or she liked to work?

It was because there wasnt even a company for him or her to inherit in the first place. 


Just like what was happening now. 

Lu Yan only thought about it for three seconds before he answered, “I dont care about the future. I just want to know which choice will make it easier for me to kill Lu Cheng.”

System: [The second one, if nothing goes wrong.]

Nw Zyd ydpolale, “Xjyu, vlzz xl bso vs es kv.”

[Mbl Vszzwvydv vbyv fskdle vbkp vkxl kp… zlvp zlyhl swv vblka dyxl, pkdnl usw yzalyeu jdso ycswv kv. Xdl sq bkp yckzkvklp kp nyzzle “Qsep Plpnldv,” vbkp yzzsop bkp clzklhlap vs clnsxl bkp ekprspyczl hlpplzp. Mblpl hlpplzp nyd scvykd yv xspv sdl-vldvb sq bkp rsola. Psdv vbkdj vbyv sdl-vldvb sq yd F-Nlhlz Odzktbvldlep rsola kp y 1,000 rszzwvksd hyzwl, kvp dsv nyznwzyvle zkjl vbyv.]

[Mblpl hlpplzp wple cu bkx okzz ekl okvbswv lmnlrvksd. Tsolhla, bl eslpdv nyal yv yzz, clnywpl bl bye hlpplzp zkjl vbkp yzz shla vbl osaze. Mbl xspv ekptwpvkdt vbkdt kp, yp zsdt yp bkp hlpplzp pvkzz lmkpv, bl osdv nsxrzlvlzu ekl.]

[Tkp plnsde yckzkvu kp nyzzle “Slqwtl kd Jweebkpx.” Gp vbl blye sq vbl Bzvkxyvl Jzkpp alzktksd, bl alzkle sd vbkp yckzkvu vs ralynb kd bkp lyazu eyup. Mbkp kp yzps vbl alypsd obu bl oydvp vs nsxl dso. Gp zsdt yp Mydt Dwdyd kp nsdhlavle vs clnsxl y qszzsola sq vbl Bzvkxyvl Jzkpp alzktksd, bl okzz vbld byhl vbl xspv rsolaqwz clzklhla.]

[Gqvla yzz, yp yd F-Nlhlz Vszzwvydv sq vbl prkakvwyz pupvlx, bl nyd sdzu rzyu vaknjp. Rq y cyvvzl alyzzu byrrldle, bl oswze fwpv cl y wplzlpp qktbvla. Tl dllep psxlsdl vs nbyatl ytykdpv vbl ldlxu zkdlp qsa bkx.]

Rd vbl kdqsaxyvksd sd vbl Odzktbvldle Wsawx, vblal oyp ds lmynv elqkdkvksd sq obyv y Qse oyp. Tsolhla, zkpvldkdt vs vbl Fupvlxp vsdl, Tszu Qse oyp yzps yd saekdyau bwxyd kd vbl cltkddkdt.

Jlkdt yczl vs rasxsvl vbl Bzvkxyvl Jzkpp alzktksd vs vbkp lmvldv, vbl Tszu Qsep pyzlp xwpv cl hlau tsse kq bl osajle yp y pyzlpxyd.

[Fs, obyv usw byhl vs es dso, kp vs lzkxkdyvl yp xydu sq bkp hlpplzp yp usw nyd, nsdpkelakdt vbyv nyd elpnlde yv vbl pyxl vkxl.]

In Lu Yans mind, a map lit up. 


It was the botanical gardens map sent by the PDC before. Currently, 12 light spots had appeared on the map, one of them was even a red-colored light spot. 

[The red-colored one, this is the source of mutation, Chen Anzhi. The remaining green light spots are all new believers that he developed.]

There were only more than 60 students in the entire training center, he didnt expect that Chen Anzhi had turned more than a third of them. 

[The ones he started with were people who didnt have strong guards nor a high spiritual power threshold. As vessels, they are already enough to be used, since they are just disposable items.] 

Lu Yan said, “I want to settle Chen Anzhi first.” 

[Sure, but hes not that easy to kill, and the righteous Iron Fist is with him as well.] 

Lu Yan did not answer, instead, he started moving towards the red spot. 

In the past two months of learning, his tracking and anti-tracking skills were the best among the students. 

Midnight came. 

At the periphery of the botanical garden, small sleeping bags were set up one after another.

The students had completed a day of work and were preparing to rest. 

This was also the reason they must have a group of three people when they created a team, it was inevitably too difficult to survive under these circumstances alone. 


Zhou Zheng took out an astringent from the first aid kit. He gritted his teeth as he pulled out the sting of the poisonous wasp from his arm. 

The end of the stinger hook of the Pollutant had evolved into barbs. Zhou Zheng didnt learn anything during the emergency first aid lesson, so when he pulled the stinger out, a large piece of flesh filled with blood was drawn out, and blood suddenly gushed out. 

Chen Anzhi, who was beside him, said with a guilty expression, “Im sorry, Zhou-ge.1 If it werent for saving me, you wouldnt have been injured.” 

Zhou Zheng said as if he didnt mind, “Its fine. Youre a spiritual system Enlightened, of course, it doesnt work as well as my combat systems pure physical attack. I even got stabbed so deeply even though I have a metal arm. If it was you, youll be stabbed through.” 

Needless to say, Zhou Zheng still retained the “Jiang Hu righteousness” he had when he was still living as a gangster.

“But fuck it,” Zhou Zheng cursed, “There were too many Pollutants on the way, I wonder if Lu Yan is still alive.” 

Chen Anzhis eyes flickered. Under the reflection of the deep red bonfire, he even looked flirtatious.

He then said, “Let me keep watch tonight. Im a spiritual system Enlightened, not being able to sleep for a night wouldnt affect me much. Also, youre injured, so its better if you rest first.”

Zhou Zheng didnt reject him. After he finished dealing with the injuries on his body, he plunged his head into the sleeping bag. 

It was not without reason that they encountered so many Pollutants. 

Lu Yan had pierced his own finger and smeared it on the routes that the two of them would take. The fishy smell of the grass and trees could greatly cover up the rusty blood scent. The branches color was also deep in shade. Other than innate predators, nobody else would notice. 

Now, he only needed to wait until night came. 


With the ability of Night Vision, Lu Yan didnt even need a light source. 

He hid on the treetop, silently waiting for the right time. 

A disadvantage of cold weapons was that it was easy to reflect light, so Lu Yan hadnt drawn out his arrow yet. 

He saw Chen Anzhi take out a scented candle from his backpack, lit it up, and then placed it in front of him. 

As a pious believer, Chen Anzhi would preach to the new believers he developed every night in their dreams. 

His table was already filled with souls in a daze, just waiting for Gods arrival. 

If nothing went wrong, today would be the last page of the old century. 

[The ability, Dream Intrusion, is really annoying.] The System who hadnt talked for a long while suddenly said, [After Chen Anzhi falls asleep, he can still sense spirit bodies nearby.]

Lu Yans eyebrows wrinkled and prepared to retreat. 

[The only lucky thing is that he also wants to kill you. Theres no particular reason. He has acted like a great and kind person in the daytime too much, his personality has long been twisted, and he thinks that youre annoying.]

[But I can understand this. Outstanding people will always rouse others jealousy.]

Chen Anzhi had only closed his eyes for half a minute before slowly opening them again. 


A gentle smile still hung on the corner of his lips, as if he was absolutely harmless to anyone. 

Chen Anzhi glanced at the sleeping bag and extinguished the bonfire. Looking at his actions, he seemed like he wanted to go piss. 

Lu Yan naturally followed him. 

Chen Anzhi knew Lu Yan was there and even wanted to kill him. Thus, he wanted to take advantage of this information gap to turn the predator into prey. 

He thought of his own attack that was at the fifth level.2

But he didnt know that Lu Yan was actually in the atmosphere3 because he had the All-Knowing, the cheat System. 

[Hm, he ignited the soothing scent. Its fragrance can temporarily allow people to enter deep sleep. But because its easy to be awakened by external factors, it seems like he wants to rather hypnotize you to commit suicide.]

For Lu Yan, holding his breath wasnt a difficult thing to do, since he had two sets of breathing systems. 

Lu Yan patted some water towards the part behind his ear. It wasnt much, but with this, he at least wouldnt need to worry about being out of breath. 

He walked towards the direction Chen Anzhi left in— carefully, without making a sound. 

However, once Lu Yan entered the range of the soothing scent, Lu Yan froze in place and didnt move as if he had become sluggish. 

Lu Yan closed both of his eyes, his eyelids trembled, and the eyeballs underneath moved quickly. 

After a long time, Chen Anzhis figure emerged from behind the branches.

Chen Anzhis eyes were now occupied by black pupils. Looking carefully, deep and light color pigments had accumulated on his iris, which happened to make his pupils look like overlaying big and small black circles.

“Your soul is black.” Chen Anzhi suddenly said, probably because what he usually showed were all disguises, he was unusually talkative now, “Ordinary peoples are in blue, and Tang Xunans in gold. The believers have a red color, but yours is black—  Pollutants that still have their sanity intact are also black in color.

“But youre clearly a human, and your mutation degree is also very low. Why is this so?”

He said all this as he walked in Lu Yans direction.

“Open your eyes, look at me. I know youre already tired of this world filled with slaughters and wars, your soul is already tired…” A smile appeared on Chen Anzhis face again, “Then let me bring you to the Ultimate Bliss of Pure Land. In this world, no one will be able to harm your soul ever again.”

Unlike in the daytime, this time, there was no longer a gentle and light smile on Chen Anzhis face. Along with his eyes, he looked to be in a morbid state. 

Lu Yan opened his eyes as he wished, but he didnt look into his eyes. 

With a backhand, he stabbed the sharp wasps stinger into Chen Anzhis chest. 

Lu Yans movement was too fast. So when Chen Anzhi came to his senses, he only felt a pain on his chest. 

Everyone knew that Lu Yan was skillful in using bows, but what they didnt know was that the first weapon he obtained was actually a dagger. 

Lu Yan strangled Chen Anzhis neck with one hand, stopping him from screaming for help. He then used another hand to pull out the tails hook that was not-so-long and replaced it with a dagger. 

He pressed Chen Anzhi to the ground. The other partys fair face reddened, he even used his Hypnotism ability to the extreme, but it had no effect on Lu Yan. 

The dagger was twisted in Chen Anzhis chest, producing a sticky sound of flesh being churned. 

Chen Anzhis hand grasped onto Lu Yans arm painfully, leaving some light traces of scratches on it, “Why… why are you…” 

—Not affected by Hypnotism?

“Yeah, why is this so?” Lu Yan asked back, with hints of cynical cold in his eyes. 

The antagonist always died from talking too much. Therefore, after confirming that Chen Anzhi was completely dead, Lu Yan then started rambling towards the corpse. 

“My father doesnt like me, he likes my younger brother.

“Im an only child, but I indeed have a younger brother. Doctors call him the secondary personality. Since finding out his existence, my father asked for him to come out every day— So, I was often hypnotized. I knew back then that I was being hypnotized. Lu Cheng wanted to kill me and leave this body to him.

“My younger brother also always tells me that if its too painful, I dont need to bear with it anymore. He will bear it all for me.

“But I wont let him come out. After so many years, he has only come out once.

“After he came out that one time, mutations suddenly appeared on my father. I saw a second brain grow out from Lu Chengs back. I felt its strength, but I also… became afraid. Because of that, I lived in fear. You guys wont understand it at all, no one understands.” 

Lu Yan wiped the blood on his face, nodded again, and said, “I wont let him come out.”

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