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As dawn arrived, the first glimmer of light shone, casting a white glow. 

Lu Yan didnt sleep at all during the night, but he seemed to be in good spirits.

After all, he was now an evolved race and only required four hours of sleep a day to maintain his vitality all day long.

It was a little regretful. If he became Enlightened in high school, he wouldnt have scored a mere 727 in the college entrance examination.


[Goodness, it seems that both of the A-Level Pollutants in the botanical garden have woken up. How noisy.]

The white poisonous mushrooms on the ground began to turn red, releasing streams of spores. The fine powder exploded in mid-air, marking the completion of a single spread.

The wind would carry these pollution sources far away. These spore powders had a very low pollution value and were basically useless against Enlighteneds, but were deadly to ordinary people.

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Mbl Fupvlx raykple bkx, [Tspv vawzu eslp dsv zspl pktbv sq bkp saktkdyz kdvldvksdp, qasx vbl cltkddkdt vs vbl lde.]

Xd vbl oyu vs jkzzkdt clzklhlap, bl eke dsv qsatlv bkp sod fsc yde osajle ekzktldvzu yp y tyaeldla obs prayule rlpvknkelp.

There was a student from the support system in this stage whose talent was called “Ultrasound.” The function was somewhat similar to broadcasting. It could transmit audio that was inaudible to normal people far away and then be received by other Enlighteneds.


That student tried seeking off-site help at the edge of the polluted area but had not yet received a response for the time being.

The situation outside was unknown.

In short, Lu Yan didnt even need to interfere since, after the news spread, the eight light spots on the map went out one after another.

Just as the last believer was shot, the sedative in Lu Yans pocket was empty. He felt that if he burped now, his breath would smell like mint.

This class of students led by Tang Xunan was afraid that, rather than the class with the lowest casualty rate, it would soon become the class with the highest death rate.

He glanced at his watch, it was 9:30 in the morning.

[Good job. When that existence wakes up, he will soon find that he missed his last chance to descend due to sleeping in late.]

[Even for S-Level Pollutants, it is impossible to be forever omnipotent. I love watching these things crumble apart and become incapacitated, really makes one want to laugh to death. Did they really think they are a god? As long as they take a cephalosporin as they drink, they wouldnt have been wasted to this extent. ]*

“I thought you hoped for humanity to go extinct sooner rather than later.”

System, [Our personalities complement each other very well, Host.]

Lu Yan waited for the last bit of sweetness in his mouth to dissipate and asked, “What are we going to do now?”

[Go to the botanical garden to save people. Your senior officer really is miserable, getting attacked from both sides.] The tone of the System was like an old man strolling around.


[Dont worry, if he could come out of the Kingdom of God, he would have done so already. At most, it will make your mutation degree increase a little and the other problems are no big deal.]

“Save people…? How?” Even Lu Yan was shocked. “There are several Pollutants with pollution values of several thousand, and even the S-Class Enlightened is helpless. How can I save them?”

[The two people entered together. According to the plan, Tang Xunan would open up the way. After arriving in the central area of ​​the botanical garden, 07 will release the Karmic Fire, destroying the little hallucinogenic mushrooms on the ground and injuring the roots of the banyan tree. Then Tang Xunan will take care of the banyan tree…]

[But before 07 was sent, the researcher had already stripped the talent of karmic fire from him. However, because part of his brain was removed, 07 doesnt remember this and he thought he still had it.]

[So, 07 is now just a piece of junk with its own magnetic field interference… Hes not even a beauty. ]

[If nothing else, your military instructor is still in the illusion, fighting with invisible pollutants. Therefore, you only need to wake him up.]

“Although you said it was easy, I always felt that it would not be so.”

Lu Yan was used to his reverse koi buff.

It couldnt be said that he was lucky since every time he went out, he would meet some sort of trouble.

Nonetheless, it was also too much to call it bad luck since if it was someone else, they would have died long ago, yet he was still alive and kicking. His spiritual power threshold was even approaching 2,000.

[As long as you stick the human skin from that pocket watch to your body, the Pollutants in the botanical garden wont attack you. They will think that you are a reinforcement sent by the Kingdom of God… Dont worry, as long as you dont believe in this religion, this piece of human skin will have no effect on you. You will simply be noticed by the Holy God.]

Lu Yan took the human skin out of the pocket watch.


It was only two inches in size, and the jet-black tattoo on it seemed to have changed a bit, which was very strange.

His movements paused. 

The System said, [You are doubting me again. Its good to have doubts, but, Host, you can always trust me. Eyes will deceive you, memory will deceive you, but I will not.]

[I am neither a creature nor a god. I am simply your ability. You can use me, as a reference book, like Baidu Encyclopedia. You neednt worry about mistakes for I am the omniscient truth itself. ]

“Okay.” Lu Yan stuck the human skin onto the back of his left hand.

The Kingfish parasitizing in his body seemed to have been scalded, and punched and kicked at the human skin angrily. A pile of bumps of different sizes swelled up on the back of Lu Yans hand.

The human skin on the back of his hand seemed to have come alive. It was obviously much more intelligent than the irascible Kingfish. It didnt fight head-on but quietly covered the skin of Lu Yans hand.

It even wanted to cover the mouth in Lu Yans palm with its skin, but it was quickly torn apart.

Soon, the fusion was complete.

Lu Yan raised his head subconsciously and looked towards the sky that was mostly covered by the tree canopy.

In the void, there seemed to be a god who opened his eyes and glanced at him.

At that moment, Lu Yans whole body went into a state of uncontrollable alertness, and the fish scales on his body also appeared.


Fortunately, the attentive gaze didnt persist for long.

Lu Yan glanced at the back of his hand. The human skin and his hand fit together perfectly, completely integrated without distinction. The tattoos on it appeared as if it grew directly from the flesh.

[Congratulations to Host, you have obtained a special psionic prop — Bliss religion guide.]

[This is a passport that will allow you entry to Paradise, which of course does not refer to thePure Land of Bliss of the spiritual world.]

[During the “Kingdom of God Operation” that year, two A-Level Enlighteneds from East Island committed suicide there according to the instructions of the First Research Institute and became a special unconscious Pollutant sea fog. This sea fog trapped the Kingdom of God and prevented its expansion. It also represents the complete abandonment of the millions of people still on the island.]

[Sacrificing a few people to save the majority has always been the method of the First Research Institute.]

[Now that you have the Bliss religion guide, you can use the 99th ability, Dream Intrusion. However, the success rate decreases with the number of uses. Its not as if you really have this ability after all.]

Lu Yan stared at the tattoo for a long time, “…Looks like I have to buy a pair of gloves.”

In the past, the Kingfish would occasionally be disobedient and emerge from the palm of his hand to open his mouth. At that time, Lu Yan thought about buying a pair of gloves to wear.

But later, Kingfish admitted his mistake and said that he would not mess around, so Lu Yan gave up on this idea.

Nonetheless, the tattoo on the back of his hand obviously couldnt go away. He didnt want to be considered a cultist so early.

[Its not that big of a big problem. If you really dont want it, you can just cut it off after things are over. You can even do a skin excision on your left hand directly with your right hand. I trust in your techniques, Dr. Lu!] The tone of the System was suddenly full of encouragement.

Lu Yan, “…”

He really felt that he sacrificed a lot to save the world.

The System said that as long as this human skin was attached, the Pollutants in the botanical garden would not attack him.

But, after all, he only had one life. Thus, before entering the notoriously high-risk pollution area, Lu Yan still found a Pollutant to test it out on.

He found an Aceracea who was taking root on the side of the road and cut a shallow wound on his hand with a knife. A bright red drop of blood welled out.

A human face appeared on the trunk, and it even drooled greedily with vegetative sap, but the branches didnt move forward.

Great, it seemed that the implant was indeed working.

Lu Yan smeared the beads of blood on the tree trunk, and the Pollutant fell into a brief moment of rigidity for about a minute or so.

According to the System, the higher the pollution level of the Pollutant, the less affected they were by his blood.

In order to facilitate easier movement, Lu Yan took off the protective suit weighing dozens of pounds and the pesticide tank on his back.

In front was the danger zone warning line marked by the staff with an orange print.

The gate of Luochuan Botanical Garden had collapsed; withered vines wrapped around the iron gate, squeezing the gate to the point of deformation.

Lu Yan glanced at it and felt that these plants should have died just recently.

When Lu Yan entered, he felt as if he had entered the kingdom of giants. Here, even the weeds on the side of the road were as tall as a person. Mushrooms were big enough to keep out the rain. In the sky, some fluttering insects shuttled through it, and their distorted faces were ferocious and terrifying.

The detection watch showed the pollution value: 3,900.

The outer periphery was at least a few miles away from the big banyan tree, yet the pollution value was already terrifyingly high.

If ordinary people accidentally entered, even if they did not encounter any Pollutants, they may not even last for three hours before distortion would occur.

Lu Yan didnt think this was a big problem for him, but there was still a smell in the air that made him feel uncomfortable.

In the darkness, a pair of prying eyes stared at him, sniffed, and after seeing the tattoo on his hand, left uninterested.

If it wasnt for the mark of the Holy God, he would have been torn apart by crazy animals and plants as soon as he arrived.

Tang Xunan and 07 should have been here earlier, judging by the traces of battle left on the ground.

Lu Yan followed these traces all the way forward. On the detector, the pollution degree was already high enough to trigger the automatic alarm mechanism.

The deeper he went into the botanical garden, the more singular the plant species became, until in the end, there was only one tree left: Ficus Benghalensis.

This big banyan tree, which was originally used to seek shelter, became a nightmare for everyone in P City when the pollution disease broke out.

Its aerial roots were everywhere on the ground, like blood vessels that carry nutrients.

The wind was pouring in from outside and sounded like the heavy breathing of the tree.

The roots of the banyan tree were woven into a net on the ground, and despite his careful treading, Lu Yan still stepped on it.

The ground trembled, and these roots seemed to come alive, wriggling to make way for Lu Yan.

[Light the candles that were looted from Chen Anzhi earlier. Dont be afraid, move forward and stay calm. You have to act like what the hypnotized person behaves like. Understand?]

Lu Yan tried his best to relax his eyes and walked forward.

The ground beneath his feet became increasingly wetter; its color gradually turned black, carrying an indescribable corpse odor.

When Lu Yan performed operations and the patient was brought over, even if the scene was bloody, they were at least still alive.

He didnt experience much of the smell of dead people.

Passing through a dense forest that made one breathless, Lu Yan saw a clear lake.

By the lake, the banyan tree dug its thick rhizomes into the bottom of the water, and around it, a bunch of round and lovely white mushrooms grew.

[A-Level Pollutant, Banyan Tree. Pollution value was 9,400. Due to the short time of birth, it currently only possesses the intelligence akin to that of a 16-year-old human being.]

[Ability: Life Extraction, Longevity]

[Mutation Course: Gigantization Tentacles Transformation]

[A-Level Pollutant, White Mushrooms. Pollution value was 8,200. No intelligence, co-exists with other Pollutants.]

[Ability: Spore Outbreak, Fungal Infection, Hallucination]

[Mutation Course: Toxicization‌, Proliferation]

[Their common trait is the fear of fire.]

The mutation course of the big banyan tree was similar to Shen Qingyang, whom Lu Yan had encountered at the beginning.

Both were gigantic and tentacled. However, Shen Qingyangs abilities were “Life Absorption” and “Mimicry.”

[Just one word difference yet they were over 100 ranks apart.]

Extraction required processing, life absorption did not. If it werent for the fact that processing Tang Xunan was too troublesome, the big banyan tree might not have asked the Holy God to help.

The dragon scales were too hard to chew.

[Actually, the talent sequence of Pollutants is not the same as that of human beings, but they generally have the same evolutionary direction.] The System added a sentence.

Holding a burning candle in his hand, Lu Yan repeated mechanically, “Praise the Holy God, bliss and eternal life.”

The branches and leaves of the banyan tree parted, revealing a huge human face hidden within the deepest part. “Why did you arrive so late?”

Lu Yan, “Was sleeping. Sleepy.”

The banyan tree was speechless. However, out of respect for its seniors, it could only pretend like nothing had happened.

Its enormous trunk wriggled for a while, and the human faces that decorated it seemed to have come alive, slowly spreading out to the sides to reveal the content inside.

“Although the mushrooms did make him fall into the illusion, the process was not smooth. The mushrooms were badly injured and turned white again.”

“His mutation degree is already extremely high, but he has not yet broken through that limit… I feel uneasy. Come on, this person will be handed over to you, remember our deal.”

“Oh, how strange. Why havent you descended upon this vessel yet?” Banyan asked.

Lu Yan raised his eyes and looked at the person in front of him.

The military instructor who had always been solemn, was frowning and had his head lowered. He was still wearing a muzzle on his face and occasionally let out a few groans as if he was in a nightmare.

Tang Xunans limbs were wrapped with the dark brown vines of the banyan tree, like the suffering Jesus.

Lu Yan had once heard before that it was a crucifixion, and the nails used for punishment were nailed to the wrist of the prisoner.

Presently, two vines also pierced through Tang Xunans wrist, leaving behind two horrible bloody holes.

Dark dragon scales grew on his body, and the scales reached up to both sides of his cheeks.

The dragon wings on his back seemed to be broken and drooped weakly.

The banyan tree took Tang Xunan out of its stomach, so Tang Xunan was sticky with its gastric juices all over.

This gastric juice also seemed to be a little corrosive, and his usual neat uniform was reduced to tatters by the gastric acid.

Lu Yan asked the System, “How to wake him up?”

[Dream Intrusion.]

“Somethings not right.” Lu Yan said, “I always feel that everything is too coincidental. It can somehow be explained if I account it to my luck, but I always feel that someone is controlling everything behind the scenes.”

[Doubt is also a side effect of ability overuse, Host. ]

“I still dont feel right.” Lu Yan said.

System, [?]

Lu Yan said in an indifferent tone, expressionlessly as if he was stating a fact, “Im hard.”1

The military officer was beaten so badly, but he actually became excited when he saw his state.

This was not right.

System, […Indeed, its not quite right.]

The author has something to say:

*Note 1: Do not take antibiotics (such as cephalosporins) after drinking alcohol. There will be disulfiram reactions (specifically, there will be symptoms of blushing, limb weakness, dizziness, headache and palpitations, sweating, nausea and vomiting, chest pain, low blood pressure, dyspnea, weakened to no pulse, coma, etc.).

*Note 2: It seems to have been mentioned before. YanYan-zis aesthetics are more traditional, and he likes those with big chests and thin waists (.)

*Note 3: But not all brawn and no brain! Tang Xunan is not!

PS. Yesterday, many people felt sorry for Director Hu. In fact, he just went to another world to work to pay off the mortgage!

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