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—Hide her in the future.

The people of the present did not have the ability to preserve this grace from Heaven.

Send her to the day where there will be hope for her.

Tang Xunan said, “Understood.”


He had just gotten off of the operating table; the blood in his eye sockets had not yet abated, and his vision was hazy and a little red.

Although there were numerous strangers around, he still easily saw Lu Yan at a glance. He stood outside the crowd, with a distant and calm expression, somewhat like an audience not belonging to this world.

For some reason, Tang Xunan felt an impulse to cry.

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The next second, a circle lit up under his feet, similar to a teleportation array in a game. With the use of his ability, his body distorted.


He disappeared.

Except for Tang Xunan, no one knew when Zhizhi would appear in the future.

However, Lu Yan was clearly aware of one thing, that was, he had to survive despite Tang Xunans absence, after all, if he died in a dream, he would really die.

The furious and irrational Pollutants would not give up their attack on the Institute just because No. 0 disappeared.

It was now 23:57.

The floor slightly shook. Most people didnt know what was happening, so they walked out of the room in a panic, thinking, “Is there an earthquake?”

While there was still a signal on the mobile phone, Qiao Yu sent the message to the work group. He didnt say that it was because Yu Zhizhis awakening attracted Pollutants, but only said that the Institute was being surrounded.

“Wake up the volunteers in Building 9,” he said to the staff on the phone.

Huge worms and beetles hit the wall one by one.

The entire building of the Institute was cast from a single piece of metal and buried deep underground, which made it far stronger than ordinary buildings.

On the ground, the wolves howled at the moon. The largest of these giant wolves was ten meters high. From a distance, it looked like a hill.

In addition to them, there was a steady stream of Pollutants coming in. Humanoids and non-humanoids gathered together like a carnival feast.


Pollutants could evolve by eating their own kind, and of course, they could also evolve by eating Enlighteneds.

After all, they were essentially “evolutionary species”.

The Pollution Disease Prevention and Control Center had discovered something unusual from satellite surveillance and had handed over the information to every Enlightened class all the way to the top. The Headquarters quickly dispatched reinforcements, but no matter how you looked at it, it was like a drop in a bucket.

Today, the strongest Enlighteneds in the world were concentrated in the Institute. Now, the Institute could only find a way to save itself.

Fortunately, it had not been many years since the outbreak of the pollution disease. In the era of Lu Yan, with the Institutes combat power, they could only wait for death in place. 

On the broadcast, a staff members notice came, “Everyone, please gather on the first floor. The power supply of the Institute is unstable, please evacuate from the safe passage.”

The first floor was the shelter built by the Research Institute, which was the most expansive.

When it was built, the ground was completely submerged, so it was more like a small town than a shelter. The rooms were all capsule houses, which could accommodate tens of thousands of people.

Several officers rushed over and said, “Director, lets evacuate from the safety elevator first. Your safety is the most important.”

In their eyes, todays Qiao Yu was more important than the entire Institute combined.

Qiao Yu glanced at the others, nodded slightly, and said, “Okay.”

After speaking, he naturally said to Lu Yan, “Lu Yan, come with me.”


The officer hesitated, “Director, its best to use the safety elevator alone.”

“The elevator can hold two people.” Qiao Yus attitude was firm, “Hes Tang Xunans psychiatrist. Tang Xunan needs him to control the severity of the disease.”

After hearing this, the officer stopped insisting.

The sandworms had bitten through the holes in the metal walls; lava poured in from the outside, and several screams and cries could be heard in the distance.

Qiao Yus footsteps unavoidably stopped, but quickly moved on under the urging of others.

Under the cover of these special forces, Qiao Yu and Lu Yan came to a hidden operating room, revealing the elevator behind them.

At the first sight of it, Lu Yan understood why the officer said the safety elevator could only accommodate one person.

Compared with an elevator, this was more like a circular vertical passage that had an extremely narrow space. It wasnt powered by electricity but by magnetism.

The elevator was like a tin can.

Qiao Yu walked in and waved at Lu Yan.

The size of the area was less than 2 square meters, and there were two big men with a height of 180+ standing, which did seem a little narrow and uncomfortable.

Qiao Yu pressed the number 1. The elevator started to operate, making Lu Yan feel a little weightless.


“I heard,” Qiao Yu suddenly said.

He turned around and looked at Lu Yan.

Unlike some old-fashioned photos in textbooks, Qiao Yu, who was over forty years old, still looked young. Even if his hair was slightly gray, it still did not hamper his good appearance.

Qiao Yu asked, “Are you from the future?”

Lu Yan thought for a while, “Yes, but also not quite.”

Everything here seemed real. Although it was just Tang Xunans dream, everything was like the real world. Truly heart-wrenching.

Qiao Yu didnt bother with his answer but asked, “Is there any change in the future?”

Lu Yan, “One hundred years from now, society will still have order and civilization. At that time, pollution disease was already serious, but no one gave up.”

Thus, a smile appeared on Qiao Yus face, “Thats really great, even better than the future I imagined.”

He was very abrupt and pressed the stop button on the elevator.

“Ive performed numerous fusion transplants, but Ive only failed once in my life. I lost… my love.”

Lu Yan felt that Director Qiao and his lover must have loved each other so much, because when he said this, Qiao Yus mouth had a hint of a smile. 

“He was contaminated and distorted. To save him, I performed fusion surgery. But he failed to awaken as an Enlightened… It stands to reason that I should have euthanized him according to the experimental rules, but I couldnt. 

“I lied. I said that he was just too sick and lost his mind. I then put him on the ninth floor.”

Qiao Yu got out of the elevator, “Although the volunteers on the ninth floor have a high spiritual power threshold, most of them are still in an unstable state of fusion. I cant go. Besides, its time for me to end this lie with my own hands.”

Lu Yan grabbed his wrist, “Professor Qiao, let me come with you.”

Qiao Yus current spiritual power threshold is 6,000. Although he was not an Enlightened of the combat system, his physical fitness was not as weak as he imagined.

He opened Lu Yans fingers and said, “Dont follow me… Go to the first floor and wait for him to come back alive.”

After speaking, Qiao Yu used his fingerprint to unlock the emergency plan of the elevator.

In the Research Institute, he was the only one who had such authority. After being activated, the elevator reached the first floor at the fastest speed.

Lu Yans head hurt a lot, and he was a little flustered. Fortunately, in the textbook, Qiao Yus death was around 2070. It comforted him a little bit.

A few minutes later, the elevator came to the first floor.

The staff guarding the door was stunned, “Wheres Director Qiao?!”

Lu Yan took a deep breath, “He went to the ninth floor. I stopped him, but he didnt listen. I dont have elevator access.”

The two staff looked at each other, one went to report to the Headquarters, and the other led Lu Yan to the refuge area.

Some of the people who stay in the institute are researchers, but more are ordinary people such as clerks, nurses, cleaners, and canteen aunts.

Because the evacuation had just begun, the two groups of people gathered together, adding up to no more than a hundred people.

On the outermost side are the soldiers and the Enlighteneds of the SpecOps Division. If the situation deteriorates further, the protected group of people would hide in the safe cabin.

Lu Yan seemed relaxed and comfortable when he saw that some people were still fighting the landlords on the spot, it was probably not a big problem.

They didnt even know the Pollutants were coming, they just thought it was a normal earthquake.

Half a day later, Professor Wu and the other researchers were also escorted from the laboratory below.

Many peoples expressions were frightened, and described as embarrassed. There were even soldiers who lacked arms and legs.

They were even still arguing. @Infinite good text, all in Jinjiang Literature City

A group of people cried and shouted, “The data! The data has not been rescued! That computer motherboard! It is more important than my life! Why dont you let me get it!”

Another group of people are scolding, “What do you plan on taking?! If you go and take it, you wont be able to get it out. If you are a combat type, its fine, why the hell are you stepping on other peoples lives to take it?! There is hope for people to live. We still remember those numbers in our minds! Give me another five years, no, two years—”

Seeing Lu Yan, Professor Wu breathed a long sigh of relief, “Damn, the lower floors are too scary, and I almost couldnt come back. Did you know that some kind of sandworm got in and blocked the corridor. Its full… like a maggot magnified hundreds of times.”

“And that kind of beetle that looks like a flying scythe and spews lava from its mouth. Once its sprouted, the walls will melt. I built a laboratory that took hundreds of millions of dollars! Damn, everything is wasted already.”

Lu Yan listened and put down the lunch box in his hand indifferently.

“I really envy you, being able to evacuate with Director Qiao.” Professor Wu glanced around, “Wheres Director Qiao?”

Lu Yan had to repeat what he said to the staff.

Professor Wu was stunned for a long time and then suddenly burst into tears, “He must have gone back to find Mr. Song. Mr. Songs surgery failed, and he was already dead when he was sent. We have been revising the disease severity report and lied to him about Mr. Song. He hasnt become a Pollutant yet, hes just locked up on the ninth floor and cant see him yet… Director Qiao, Director Qiao has always wanted to see him.”

His face was still devoid of features but large teardrops burst out from it.

Qiao Yu said that he lied to these researchers.

And Professor Wu said that they lied to Qiao Yu.

Both parties actually knew, but they thought the other didnt.

Lu Yan rarely had emotional fluctuations, but at this moment, he couldnt hold back and let out a heavy sigh.

The dust of history falls on everyones head, as heavy as a mountain.*

The author has something to say:

*The last sentence is from the Internet, I dont know the source.


PS: As for whether this is a dream or not, yes. but it is also what actually happened in the past (only the truth in the novel).

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