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Although the house was already clean and the frog mans bones were disposed of in a pickle jar, since there was really nothing to do, Lu Yan started cleaning again.

The System sighed in his ear, [Damn you! Why? Why did you flush the churned frog meat down the drain? Do you know how hard it is to find fresh meat these days?! Wastrel.]

This showed that the frog meat was really delicious or the System really wanted Lu Yan to try it. Otherwise, the System wouldnt repeat it several times.

Lu Yan sneered, “Heh.”1


While cleaning up the TV cabinet, he accidentally knocked over the potted plant on it.

Since the city-wide lockdown, Lu Yan had pulled the delicate little flowers from their pots and planted cheap and tasty chives.2

Now that more than half a month has passed, a new batch of chives has just grown. He planned to cut them and make a scrambled egg at noon today. He didnt even realize that it was the flowerpot that moved first on its own and hit his hand.

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“Fupvlx, R alxlxcla vbyv usw vsze xl vbyv vbl byvnble Ikdtqkpb nyd elhswa vbl lttp sq svbla ryaypkvkn qkpb.”

[Do you want to fight poison with poison? That is indeed a way to treat the pollution disease.]



[Pollution is an evolution. One of the evolutionary ways for the Enlighteneds is to continuously integrate with Pollutants.]

[However, during the integration process, the degree of their own mutation will inevitably increase. Moreover, not all Pollutants can be integrated with the human body.]

[Ha. Speaking of which, your current humanitys strongest combat force is the result of a combination of technology and pollution disease. That mans mutation degree has reached 95, and he was like a tireless mule who fought fires everywhere. Tsk. He, himself, knew hes dangerous and the higher-ups also acknowledged that hes a threat. Yet what can they do about it? They still needed that fire to solve the spreading fire.]  The Systems voice was full of mockery.

[I can teach you how to integrate with the Kingfish egg. As your ability, what bad intentions can this little system have? ]

[Nonetheless, I must tell you the risks, lest you complain about being cheated. The integration process with Pollutants is an irreversible one, and cannot be stopped even if you regret it halfway through. It may also not be 100% successful. In short, its considered a success as long as you dont die.]

Lu Yan, “Youve told me many times that this disease, or rather, this evolutionary process of organisms will erupt all over the world and that K City is just the beginning, not the end.”

“If most parts of the world are contaminated, I cant be left alone. The pollution values of Pollutants are far beyond those of normal humans. Ordinary people have no chance to fight back.”

He needed strength. Otherwise, death was awaiting him.

Furthermore, since this pollution disease was called evolution, the eliminated species would one day be annihilated in history and become archaeological relics.

“Whats more, Im a doctor and it is my bounden duty to save the dying and heal the wounded.”

Lu Yan hadnt spoken such a long sentence ever since he was birthed from his mothers womb.


It was more like he was convincing himself.

“Tell me what to do.”

Lu Yan had held a scalpel many times. He didnt also have a tendency to do self-harm, yet for the first time, he had to cut himself with a knife.

He vaguely remembered that when he pretended to sleep in a mental hospital, he heard the attending doctor and nurse chatting. They said that he was a rare patient in the intensive care unit of the mental hospital who did not harm himself.

According to the System, he needed to cut his own blood vessels and stuff the fish egg into them to hatch. The result would be known in about 1 to 3 days.

As for why not orally… Those who had taken the fish eggs thru their mouths, Lu Yan had already dissected one.

Considering the three features of easy operation, observation, and treatment, Lu Yan chose his arm as a hotbed for incubation.

Disinfect, use anesthesia, hold the knife, and cut it.

Lu Yan didnt cut an artery, so the blood did not overflow. There was no bloody event of blood spurting high to the ceiling. The depth of his cut was appropriate.

A foreign body entering the bloodstream may form an embolus,3 which could be serious enough to cause paralysis. Judging from the fish eggs diameter, it could easily block his aorta.4

Lu Yan stuffed the pale golden egg in and stitched it.

The whole process did not even exceed 3 minutes.


It was around 11:00 oclock, almost noon, when this minor surgery was finished.

Just before the meal, Lu Yan started to cook rice and scrambled eggs with chives. He also warmed up the leftover corn-stewed spare ribs5 from yesterday.

He has always been a good cook.

However, today, as soon as Lu Yan swallowed his first bite of food, he couldnt help but throw up.

“35 minutes post-op: Significant increase in temperature was observed. It was accompanied by dizziness, palpitations, and severe vomiting.”

Too much vomiting and stomach acid would irritate his throat and cause irreversible damage to his esophagus. Furthermore, Lu Yan felt an unspeakable hunger.

Therefore, he chose to give himself a bottle of glucose through an IV drip.

There was still the sound of waves surging in his ears.

K City was close to the sea. Lu Yan had been to the beach several times during the hospitals team-building activities.

The difference in latitude resulted in differences in the central gravitational fields on the surface, such that the tides vary from region to region.

He could hear that this was the sound of Qu tidal waves.

Lu Yan wrote down a line in his notebook, “55 minutes post-op: Tinnitus6 symptoms.”


“6 hours post-op: Severe high fever, 42 degrees Celsius; consider the possibility of functional impairment7 or necrosis.”8

“Despite these, I didnt lose consciousness. Its probably caused by evolution.”

The Systems tone was odd, [To be honest, I think a normal person would choose to sleep.]

Lu Yan could completely hold on. Every time he felt like he was about to pass out, he would madly pinch his own center acupoint.9

Unconsciousness itself was a protective mechanism of the human body that could at least insulate itself from most of the pain.

A layer of sweat rose on Lu Yans body as he shook his head and replied, “Since I know I might die, I want to at least die awake.”

Being conscious in death, or, perhaps to a new life.

24 hours after the operation, fish scales grew on Lu Yans arm.

At the 30th hour, the fish scales disappeared.

On the third day, his fever disappeared and symptoms of discomfort subsided.

“Body temperature is normal. However, its too low… 27 degrees Celsius.”10

Thermometers were now electronic and unlikely to make errors.

Lu Yan opened his eyes and looked down at his hand. His previous scars disappeared without a trace, leaving only a neat row of stitches.

He could feel something swimming in his veins— rapid and slow, very active.

[Its a young Kingfish in a symbiotic state. Congratulations, you got stronger.]

[Now, you can rip three of Zhou Kaiwens genus of toads with one hand.]

It did not seem to be an illusion.

Symbiosis and parasitism were two completely different states.

Perhaps its because Lu Yan remained awake during the integration process. The outcome of his surgery was even better than the System expected.

Lu Yans body and consciousness had always maintained resistance. The sharp pain, which was enough to make people faint and wake up again and again, just made him sweat a lot.

Lu Yan wanted to take a bath, but it did not rain recently. There wasnt much water in the rainwater filter, so he had to simply clean himself.  

He then conducted some simple experiments in the kitchen.

Lu Yan took out a kitchen knife and slashed his arm without a change in his expression.

“Duang——” There was a loud noise similar to cutting ribs with a machete.

His arm chipped the kitchen knife and curled the blade.

Lu Yan looked pensive, “It doesnt hurt.”

Nonetheless, his behavior seemed to scare the juvenile fish in his body. A small bulge formed on his arm like a silent protest.

This hardened attribute was only limited to his arm that had grown fish scales. Although there was also increased strength in other parts of his body, it was obviously not as terrifying.

After that, Lu Yan took another basin of water and buried his face deep inside.

An hour later, except for feeling uncomfortable with too little oxygen in the water, he had no symptoms of drowning or suffocation.

As for his other speculated possible changes, there was no way to try them for the time being due to environmental constraints.

Lu Yan finally asked the question he was currently most concerned about, “The Kingfish has hatched. How about the cure for other peoples pollution disease?”

[I told you that on the first day.]

The System sounded extremely helpless.

Lu Yan thought about it carefully, and said two words out of his mouth, “Shark Evolution…?”11

Then, he couldnt help but frown, “But the Kingfish is inside me. Do I have to take it out first every time I devour?”

System, [Well, why dont you go out and find a distorted person to try? ]

Lu Yan turned his head and looked out of the window to the obscure sky.

It was 7 oclock in the evening and the sky was already completely dark.

Due to the serious shortage of power supply three days ago, K City started their rotational blackouts12 at 8 oclock in the evening and would not return until 8 oclock in the morning the next day.

“Indeed. After being locked up at home for so long, its time to go out,” Lu Yan muttered to himself.

The rotational blackouts in K City were actually not entirely due to power supply issues.

According to the latest discovery, the distorted Pollutants in K City were phototropic.13

This was why fishermen, who fish at night, liked to bring bright flashlights.

Recently, the central square of K City has been brightly lit.

The place was littered with the bodies of Pollutants.

Because there was no time to deal with them, some have begun to rot, giving off a pungent fishy smell. Mixed together, it was similar to a canned herring14 that had been fermented for 50 years.

Lin Sinan cleared another shot. The monster in the distance collapsed to the ground before it could get close.

He had cigarette butts, or rather, military tranquilizers, piled up around his feet.

Lin Sinan hadnt had a wink of sleep for five days. It would not cause sudden death for an Enlightened, only some psychological discomfort.

Its too much.

K City was already a large, densely populated city, and the spread of pollution was faster than imagined. The evolved species were even more bizarre.

There were less aggressive Ostae15 who sprayed fish eggs on sight. At least two-thirds of the citys Pollutants were infected by them.

There were more hostile Anurae16 that were extremely sensitive to living people. These Pollutants had rudimentary intelligence and would make noise to attract Ostae that would complete the contamination. When the density of Pollutants within the same space became too high, these Anurae would choose to feed directly on them.

Even the Phytae with the least number17 that stay in place kept on growing and contaminating.

The Phyta who gave the PDC the most headache was the encoder employee, 007.18

This Phyta came from the Internet industry and volunteered to work secretly overtime in the company during the lockdown. After he became contaminated, he refused to be left behind. Now, lush green algae had broken the windows, hanging from the window glass of the Science & Technology Building, squeezing out, and branching out for dozens of meters.

These marine plants grew from the belly of the Phyta. Although they were green, they looked like sections of intestines. The thick, dense leaves have embedded eyes for sight and spreading disease.

In short, its appearance would cause ones san index19 to drop. The staff did not dare to look up when they were doing circuit maintenance.

The most frightening thing was that, based on the images observed in the drone feed, this Pollutant didnt even realize that it had suffered contamination and was still writing the last line of codes in his lifetime over and over again…

Because of this reason, the Headquarters simply did not dare cut off the electricity to the Science and Technology Park. Every now and then, they would also perform network maintenance, lest this brother found out there was no network and a mass of seaweed would engulf the entire city.

Its pollution value had reached an astonishing 1200.

The Headquarters decided to wait for the Pollutants in the city to be controlled before letting Bai Qiushi uproot it.

Pollution disease generally followed an evolutionary principle, but in many cases, it could not be explained by normal science.

In the headset, the voice of the liaison officer came, “Squadron Leader Lin, according to the meter reading, your mutation degree has reached 52. We suggest you return to the Pollution Disease Prevention and Control Center20 immediately for rest and treatment.”

“No need,” Lin Sinan replied while changing the magazine skillfully, “Its almost the last area. It will be over soon.”

There were currently 62 Enlighteneds stationed in K City. Among them, there were 12 newcomers in the combat system, who have just awakened recently.

In the previous years, these newcomers had to have at least three years of training at the Headquarters before they could take up their posts. Its just that in this crucial period, the number of Enlighteneds were seriously insufficient. Thus, they could only adopt new training methods.

Among them, Bai Qiushi was on the edge of the city, responsible for isolating pollution with his ability. Lin Sinan and the other three were in the central square, responsible for the annihilation of most of the Pollutants. There were seven Enlighteneds guarding the PDC.

The remaining 50 people were divided into 25 teams to clean up the hiding Pollutants.

Because of the detectors sent by the Research Institute, the fact that the mutation did not last for a long time, and the Enlighteneds mutation degree was topped out to 200, there was basically no danger, and it could only be regarded as manual work.

At present, in the entire scope of K City, only Qu River District has not been cleaned up. This was also where the Pollution disease originated.

Qu River21  District, Yinhe neighborhood.

Lu Yan, dressed in all black, carrying a bow and a dagger, sneakily opened the door.

“It seems like my night vision has gotten better too,” he said to himself as he gently closed the door, “Im going to shoot … Oh! No, cure ten people.”  

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