Gazing at the vast desert landscape, seeing the sand carried away by the wind and feeling the heat on his body in the midday sun, he remained standing staring out looking at the endless sea of sand and the occasional cry of beasts circling above.

Even the beasts wait for my death

Numerous beasts circled above his head, he could hear the occasional cry of more beats approaching the growing flock.

My last chance at immortality will be the one to damn me and the gods will seek my soul

He walked forward while conjuring a spell his hands were a blur as a black crack appeared in front of him walking through the void he felt his body become numb as he heard numerous whispers enticing him with knowledge if only he would head their call.

When he finally left the void, he was now standing in an extensive library surrounded by tomes and artefacts, looking at the extensive collection he felt only regret staring at the largest collection of magic and mundane knowledge.

Knowledge collected over his one thousand years now staying here left to catch dust, artefacts, and treasures known across the world left to gather dust when I die.

A thousand years to build this collection, and it will gather dust, until my wards fail and the collection raided

He raised his hands, gathering mana around his body as the tomes and artefacts levitated each tome and artefact levitated into the air as he cast a powerful spell on them, sealing them. Each tome now looked the same, and each artefact became invisible and scattered around the library.

Soon my death will come, but no one will take what belongs to me

Looking at the tome and missing artefacts, he cast his last spell on the library. The room shook as the library descended, leaving nothing but an empty room.

Scarlet, come here

Soon the room became hot as a tower of flame appeared, swirling around until it disappeared, leaving a large six-tailed fox. Her fur made of fire constantly shifting around her body, the flames ended at the tips of her tails. On her forehead was a crest of a red scarab surrounded by two rings.

This is my last order. After six hundred years, our contract will end, but as a parting gift I leave you forty-six tenth ranked fire stones if you ensure no one finds the tower.

The temperature increased as a large pile of red rocks appeared in front of her, each of these were valuable and rare, looking at the large pile she would be able to form her last tails.

You don have to do this the other ways to extend your life the fox soon shrunk until she was chest height with me. The flames on her body replaced with ordinary fur.

None will work on me. Magic is what I pursue. Other mages have failed and look at what they are damned to serve another the liches of the whispering isles, the countless blood mages of the vampire clans. This will work.

”Why not shed this mortal form and ascended to astral plane ”

”And be

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