”Where am I? ”

Looking around, it was nothing but endless night with a mist surrounding him, he looked at his body, he was currently in his astral form in the mist, he could see endless creatures moving around the mist, their sizes varied, but he could only see their shapes hidden by the mist.

”In the end, I failed ”

He floated there not knowing what to do, while the surrounding mist was becoming thicker, and he saw the few creatures scattering in fear a large shape approaching from the mist.

”What is that? ”

Before he could do anything, everything turned black, he felt restrained in the endless void for a long time, he could do nothing but stare into the void, his astral body started forming cracks, still he did nothing but continue to stare at the void.

”Impressive mental strength ”

Voices echoed throughout the void as eyes of all shapes and sizes appeared in the void, all focused on him, the eyes put a constant pressure on his body he could feel at any time he would collapse into the void, never to reform.

”Still you continue to resist your hope of immortality failed, what else is there for you ”

Staring at the countless eyes, he thought of what led him here, his hunger for knowledge of the unknown, to know everything that lurked in the shadows, to know the demise of civilizations., he would continue to resist, he would not fall and be a footnote of history!

”Interesting ” the voices echoed.

”Lets talk ”

A light so bright blinded his vision, knocking him out. When he woke up, he found himself back in his library surrounded by his vast collection, grabbing the closest book he read about the various poisonous creatures found in the wrentmore forest.

Everything was correct, nothing was out of place, but a few of the runes placed on all his books used were not in order.

”A small mistake, your mind has not yet collapsed, making your knowledge incomplete ”

Turning to face a wall of countless eyes staring back at him, he still felt dread, and this made him take a few steps back.

”What are you? ”

”You can simply call me watcher and I have a task for you ” the wall of eyes disappeared until a single eye with an endless sea of irises floated before me.

”What sort of task? ” stepping back and falling into an unseen chair, looking at the chair, it didn look like one he had owned before.

”Remove an insect interrupting my domain, and you will receive your immortality and more ”

”A being with unimaginable power like yourself can remove this insect, what hope do I have of removing the threat? ”

”Choose your words carefully! ” the room started to shake, shelves and books floated in the air before returning to their original position.

”I said insect not a threat the world it inhabits is one am observing, but it has sealed the world any interference from me and the world collapses! ”

Angering such a being would prove unwise, he thought to himself, it regards it as an insect. Its power must be close to world shaking if it can cut off an entire planet.

”Not quite its main domain is the mind you would call its realm of magic psionic in your world, but its limited in knowledge ” the eye replied

”You said immortality would be mine and more what would you give me ” such a powerful could easily kill me and immortality would mean nothing.

”You fear me going back on my words, understandable but useless the few times I offer a mortal a gift. I keep my word, watching want they would do with such a gift is interesting. ”

The eyes floated back and fused with the wall, and the countless eyes returned.

”You may decide on five gifts, but before that information about the world, its people and knowledge will be given to you and as a bonus immortality, you will not age and whatever minor injury you have will recover in time. ”

”Why give me immortality now? ” this puzzled him, why give him what he most desired.

”You can simply call it insurance not full immortality dying of age or sickness would hinder my plans, but destruction to your body limb loss is something your body won fix now decide. ”

”Does this world have mana or am I limited to psionics? ” reduced to the use of machines would render me a dwarf, and I could never get along with their absolute dedication to the forge.

”Your lack of knowledge of machines is laughable when most worlds advance further than those with mana now decide ”

”I want full mastery of psionics the astral plane and knowledge of how to craft these machines you say are more advanced than whats on Iliv and a way for my tower on Iliv to be protected from those who would seek its contents ”

”Granted but not mastery of the astral plane, I will give you the laws of the astral plane that will make this gift wasted ”

A man appeared before me looking lost, the way he was dressed was so far from the ways of Illiv he dressed more like a serf with fine tailored clothes he was not magically gifted even minor mages would be able to sense the astral

”He will be my caretaker, he lacks any form of mana training his posture matches a scholar, but there is an aura of bloodlust surrounding him ”

The man had a hoarse he tried to communicate in his native tongue, but I couldn understand him, ”what is he saying ”

” Nothing important, you both have yours tasks his knowledge of machines will be yours and your knowledge of magic will be his now I will see both of you in fifteen years ”

All around me, I felt warmth, my mind reawakening. I felt safe but strange, my limbs foreign to me but also right.

Time passed in this state. My mind muddled with thoughts of foreign lands and creatures, more memories surfaced, some made sense, others completely fractured.

My mind fully awakened, everything came back, my memories resurfaced. I knew who I was, how I came here, but also a sense of loss. Part of me was gone forever. I didn know how long this state would last.

I finally felt like I was in a cage, my body pressed against the walls, thoughts of escape entering my mind constantly.

My cage broke. I could finally see light and feel the heat on my body. My eyes struggled against the bright light.

I could hear voices in a language foreign to me, my powers too weak to use slowly, I entered a deep sleep.

When I Finally awoke, what greeted me was a ceiling covered in a large mural, the mural depicted the night sky covered with numerous stars and a few planets and two suns.

Moving my arm, I noticed it was an arm of a child my mind went blank, at the thought of waking up as an infant with the mind of an old man was a new feeling of dread and horror.

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