”Why would I be reincarnated couldn the watcher have directly sent me here! ” sending out whatever little control of power I had been born with I sensed no mana in this world, my link to the astral plane was there but gradually becoming weaker.

”Enjoying the new body ”

Looking left the countless eyes were now staring at me, but now they all had a dark sclera with a grey iris, the feeling of helplessness increased as the eyes continued to stare at me ”More fear than enjoyment why reincarnate me ”

”I may not have cracked your mind, but I have access to your surface thoughts, and you are an ambitious mage you wish to escape my task, such a foolish endeavour the moment you accepted my gifts you tied yourself to me ”

The eyes multiplied until they covered my entire view, all continued staring at me before reducing and taking the shape of a single eye with multiple irises, why does it always do that.

”What is my task watcher ” it seems no matter how hard I try ill always be a pawn in someones power games.

”All will be revealed but not now its time for you to meet your family ”

I found myself levitating into the air while the watchers eye turned into a black mist before shaping itself into a humanoid form, the mist disappeared and a woman with dark skin wearing a white robe and a white hood.

She carried me in her arms while we left the room, I gained a new understanding of the wealth of my family the hallways we walked through were adorned not in gold but murals depicting multiple stories of war to great tales of struggle against countless humans and beasts.

The servants wore the same thing as the watcher, but they moved with the grace of warriors ready for combat and the guards posted throughout the hallways wore white robes with light leather armour and carried what looked like guns, but the way they
e looked spoke of something out of fiction.

Stopping before large thick doors with four guards posted outside it the doors were thick with a symbol of one large circle containing a smaller cutting the bottom of the larger one within on their front, it took all four guards to push it open, within was a large gathering of people with multiple guards who stood at the ready, but all turned quiet when we entered.

As we walked into the centre of the room two people walked into the centre with us a man and a woman both severely malnourished while the man and the woman had the same dark skin the woman had multiple scars with spiral patterns all over her neck and arms, but those were old but highlighted new injuries.

A bell run and everyone stood up while one woman and guards walked to the highest platform a one woman dressed in simple but expensive clothes mixing gold and cloth of red and black while carrying a staff she looked more like a priestess, but her eyes stared at the kneeling two with disgust.

The guards wore matching pairs of red robes with heavy leather armour with the symbol found on the doors etched on their forehead the carried a weapon he had never seen before, its design looked like something more advanced than what the guards had.

”We are gathered here today to tie the accused Nazn of house Soliv against the orders of the ascendant for crimes of bedding a nomad of the voiceless wastes and giving birth to a feeble rodent in this holy place ”

Murmurs rang out through the room, discussions of the accused and the severity of the crime others looked at me an old man reborn, already seen as something blasphemy the watcher did nothing but continued to stare forward.

”Nazn you were of higher ascension, gifted with the emperors powers you swore an oath to the order and yet you ignored the orders teachings ”

The man just stared at her saying nothing, his face blank it showed no emotion the woman was the same the stared forward and said nothing but their hands told a different story they held each others hand before they stood up at the same time.

”The empires fall is coming! ” their voices spoke in perfect sync ”the emperors divine might are powers stolen from another, he hides on this world like a cornered rat ”

Shouts of blasphemy run thought the crowd while the guards tried to maintain control, the priestess staff glowed before a heavyweight fell upon everyones minds silencing the crowd.

”Ive heard enough to execute them for their treachery, mount their heads upon the cities gates, as for the child send it to the slave pens. ” her voice echoed throughout the quiet

The guards standing behind her raised their weapons, two loud bangs echoed and both his parents dropped dead mere puppets in the watchers game, but he observed the weapons closely, they showed electricity running through them.

Gaps run through the crowd as both bodies stood up facing the priestess still talking in sync ”We are born from the void, and we will always return to the void death is meaningless ”

More shots echoed as guards fired at the bodies, their bodies continued to stand tall, while behind them were splatters of blood covered the wall eerily the turned to him and smiled before finally dropping dead.

”Take the child to my transport house Soliv has forfeited their right to ascension and are to be branded as heretical these grounds will be cleansed ” guards raised their weapons and fired into the crowds screams and the sounds of weapons firing was all I heard before we left the hall.

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