Bodies scattered throughout the hallways were all I could see, the guards had not even spared the old and young, the hallways covered in blood with sounds of battle and screams could be heard echoing through the hallways.

Our small group arrived outside seeing daylight in this world, provided that this world was something out of the norm the two suns and the large rings covered the sky the midday heat felt like I was standing near second-ranked firestone.

The large courtyard had bodies of house Soliv laying everywhere while more guards in red armour stormed the house, the large commotion had drawn a large crowd of onlookers the crowd was of different racial groups dressed in various robes and leather armour some equipped with the same weapons as the house guards but most avoided looking and walked away.

The crowd dispersed as a convoy of armoured vehicles stopped in front of us, stepping into one of the vehicles it was designed with simple designs still with a mixture of black gold and red.

The ride was a quiet one with the watcher and the priestess still silent the awkward environment persisted until I was given to the priestess, the watchers form vanishing and returning to the single eye.

”I find this form better, but It is done other distractions around the empire have hidden the child, his forces will be busy for the coming months ”

”Yes watcher but this child what hope does he have of changing anything our members are scuttered and our numbers dwindle Vithra has his eyes everywhere ”

”What you see before you is an old soul trapped in a young body, treat the child as an adult ”

”An adult? ” the priestesss voice didn hide her confusion, I couldn blame her information about my task was vague.

”Yes your task mage make sure we are not disturbed ”

The world vanished, and I was back in the astral realm, examining my form, still covered in cracks but healing slowly.

The world shimmered before a table covered with maps appeared, the walls covered with books and paintings of families and unknown individuals.

”A valuable tool for the job ” the watchers floating eye hovering behind me

”I know mages mastered in psionics capable of creating these ”. The room was something he had seen in small circles of psionic mages, but rare to find in many who study the craft.

”Tell me mage what are your thoughts on this world ” the eyes, always the eyes surrounding me like I was nothing but a plaything.

”The two suns and the large rings covering the sky are beyond my understanding of this world the weapons and armour are beyond the scope of my current memories and the people its rare to see a wide range of ethnicity unless in trade cities ”.

The eyes flashed in random colours for a split second before returning to their dark grey with intensity.

”Correct your current memories are a baseline I can only give you to understand this world trying to extract memories even from those who follow me has proven useless even descending on this world has scrambled my memories ”

Something even the watcher can control is an important point to remember.

”Your thoughts of rebellion are meaningless mage I may not have your mind, but you are a servant until my task is done ”

I felt unimaginable pain, the intensity of the pressure on my mind cracked the walls of the room while paintings began to fade before the pressure stopped before everything returned to normal.

”And what is this task you have explained nothing watcher, I have been reborn into the body of a helpless infant on a world where technology advanced far from the norm ”

A large globe projecting this world appeared on the table, with various rings floating around the globe, but there was nothing on it that resembled a human settlement, nothing but black towers placed in random locations dotting the month.

”This world is an anomaly you and I have something in common we both collect knowledge of the past, and we protect and preserve it, but like all mortal races you always seem to find yourselves where you don belong ”.

”The humans are a lost colonization fleet far from their galaxy the crashed here seven hundred years ago I first observed their slow progress struggling to understand their new world facing this worlds threats, but three hundred years into their colonization the towers sent a large pulse rendering everything to be useless ”.

”What are the consequences of this pulse? ”

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