”During their following centuries, individuals began to manifest psionic powers, which I find odd for the humans of this realm ”

”Whats odd about it, humans in my realm were able to wield mana ”

”Your realm and this realm are simply possibilities of what could happen they run parallel to each other in your world mana was humanities tool, in this world its machines now look at the map this world is your new future ”

The maps detail increased showing large lakes covering the world various forest covering the lakes giving them a green ring around them with vast deserts and savannas covering the rest of the world the names of various powers appeared covering the map but also small statues of animals doting the map.

”You will have more time to study the map in great detail what I wanted to show you is the start of decay on the map, look at the Southern Hemisphere ”

The land scarred with large cracks covering the desert dividing the landscape, the scale of the destruction is vast, stretching around the planet.

”That is part of your task when pulse ravaged this world, the south started dying and humanity gained psionics, but the towers are my main interest the lands around the towers are barren ”

”Has no one tried to understand the towers? ”

”Before the pulse the towers were covered under layers of dirt, only when the pulse ravaged the world were they revealed no one can get close to them, but they draw large amounts of power from them ”

”Ill need resources and people who are experts in their field to study the area properly ” starting off with resources and people will speed up this task.

”You will have to gather them by yourself, Vithra led a purge throughout the east when unifying his empire ” the watchers eyes various shades of red for a brief second before changing back to grey.

”And who is Vithra and what steps have you taken to for your people to escape the purge. ”

”He considers himself a god like your mages his lifespan will be limited to a thousand years, but he is what anchors psionics minds to this world or what he calls his ascended ”

Anchors I know psionics think of themselves as otherworldly, but does that make psionics another form of existence or are the creatures searching for hosts like the creatures of the lower planes.

”All psionics are bound to the void no matter the realm all psionics end up in the void even your death will take you to the void, so avoid meaningless conflicts where your death is certain even I cannot breach the void. ”

”I understand the risks. ” this brings more questions than answers if all psionics are immortal and if I had studied the path of psionics and tried to ascend would I have all also ended up in the void the psionics never mentioned the void in our discussions.

”You are confused the immortality you seek is no easy feat to gain, and you will have questions, but our time comes to an end the shelves contain all you need to understand the people and creatures of this world ”

The watchers presence left, leaving me alone in the room closely examining the room I could shape the room in any design I could think of quickly shaping the room into my study and I had a brief moment of melancholy the details matched it to the tee even the stone golems created to clean the room got to wake organizing the books and paintings of this world.

”A future of servitude awaits ”

Awakening to the desert heat on my body, what surrounded me was a scene of carnage bodies of dead guards around overturned vehicles, looking up seeing an unknown man cradle me in his arms hearing footsteps I saw the priestess walking in front of a pile of dead with more guards dressed in brown robes.

”Reinforcements will arrive in thirty minutes, this gives us a brief opportunity to head west to the oasis gather whatever is salvageable, leave the rest ” the priest shouted

The ambush group was large, I counted close to forty individuals running around gathering weapons and stripping guards out of their armour, ripping apart the vehicles, taking whatever was not nailed down.

Hearing buzzing in the distance, my view got obscured by the large dust clouds as a mammoth machine descending in front of us with four blades mounted at its sides it looked like something out of fiction

Entering the machine with our savage everyone strapped in before I felt us ascended, the flight was quiet the entire cabin bathed in blue light with a tense atmosphere weighing down on everyone

a sudden crackle at the front interrupted the silence before voices and gunfire became clear ”Team four reporting we have suffered heavy casualties but will hold and continue the mission, may the void protect them ”

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