Age of Revolution

The Watcher 2

”May the void protect them ” a resounding chorus of voices echoed, looking around the cabin visible signs of grief were there for all to see how many were lost to retrieve me the games of powerful beings never ceases to amuse me.

”Ascendant Sana, such heavy loses of our brothers and sisters, was it worth it to rescue one child! ” everyone went quiet, looking at the man who was heavily injured. The left side of his body was badly burnt, he was bandaged, barely standing staring at the priestess with visible rage.

”The watchers gave us a vision of what was to come, and you all saw that vision our brothers and sisters accepted their fate, many knew the risks. ” she sounded determined, but there were small signs of desperation in her speech.

”The void awaits them, that is our fate, and we shall meet them again many of our loses were for one goal many of you have lost those closets to you and many have lost faith in the watcher, but this child personally chosen is our salvation. ”

Many didn say anything, but the mans rage would not sway, he tightened his fists before walking towards me.

”Can he pull a miracle out of his ass our numbers have dwindled the surrounding warlords will attack when news breaks ” the man just shook his head not believing her, frankly I wouldn blame him.

Standing up to face the man, her face showed fewer signs of fatigue but determination ” The oasis will hold, none will break through her walls ”

Ive been many things, insulted and cursed in many languages, but to be called a salvation watcher what have you done to these people to make them believe am some type of prophet am a researcher I have no time to start sermons.

”Rest Parvan yeah barely standing they will be time to grieve for the fallen ” the man next to him said reluctantly he sat down, but he continued to stare at the priestess before he stared at me all I saw was rage and fatigue.

I need time to plan ahead stuck in the body of an infant will limit my movement, but I will have a head start mastering psionics and hopefully repair my astral form, I need to truly learn about the people in my command and the surrounding threats and then theres the watchers task.

Closing my eyes trying to concentrate, the world went quiet, and I woke up back in my study walking towards one of the shelves, everything about psionic was gathered before me, books floated into the air as information transferred into my mind.

”Seems the power I now wield is more complicated, I should have pushed arch magus Ezora for more material on the subject ”

Will meditating in here or out in the real world really change anything, is the process faster in the mind or the physical the watchers logic of what a mortal body is capable needs to be thoroughly researched.

Sitting down, trying to concentrate and search for a connection to the void was a long process the watchers notes send to avoid the whispers the constant voices reaching out to you tempting you with unimaginable things, but this brought more questions does teleport transfer my body through the void when used back on Iliv.

Sensing my mind drift into a trance, I felt it expand beyond what my mind could contain before it compressed and felt secure within the sense of time in this state felt long before my mind detected a threat and the trance broke.

Waking up in my study with the watchers never ending wall of eyes still unnerved, it took a human form once was it so difficult to take one in my mind.

”I find it rude to enter unannounced into a persons mind watcher. ”

Her form gradually vanished before the form of the servant she took appeared and sat down in the one of the chairs surrounding a table piled with books.

”Am surprised a scholar of your calabar would have a study this disorganised ” books started to float before it read a few before putting them back ”If I had not interfered you would have been trapped in the void caught in a never ending trance ”.

”Its organized chaos, everything is arranged in a complicated system ” pulling a chair before sitting next to it.

”You said a trance how disastrous was my attempt ” trapped in a trance and stuck in a never ending void, the watcher notes have to be reorganized.

”Thats why many pray to Vithra he is able to wake them up his power will continue to grow until you two come into conflict ”

”Why conflict? ” am far from any threat to anyone unless my ass now produces miracles at this point the might believe it.

”You are an anchor, this proves his religious doctrine wrong, so I advise you not to herd north until you are able to hold the south ”

”This brings more questions, watcher, do you want a conqueror or a scholar? ”

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