Alchemist Of Dead

Ch-1 The Unknown Alchemist

This world has faced many great wonders but Alchemist Of Dead is the best one that happened.

2000 years ago there was A 21-year-old who was the most powerful mage and the first alchemist in the world. He faced and killed the Ryu oh (dragon king) and was recognized worldwide. An ancient story says that after killing Ryu oh he had devoured all of his rage and hatred towards humanity and had planned to destroy the world but before he could the king at that time had imprisoned him in the GREEN EMERALD PRISON. Since then none had ever seen him. People believed it to be a legend but finally, after 2000 years the world turned upside down when The GREEN EMERALD PRISON WAS FOUND!

Rose vanguard and a few officers open the gate of the prison and found a man inside!!! Who is this man??? Is he related to the alchemist of dead??? Is he the alchemist of dead?? How is he alive after 2000 years????

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