Alchemist Of Dead

ch-2 A new world and its order

Its a normal bright morning in neo city.

Rose wakes up with a very abnormal dream about a man saying ”It was a Great Journey ”

She thinks about that dream a lot, and after a few minutes, she looks at the clock and realizes she is late.

she hurries to the shower but stubs her toe to the door by mistake and starts cursing.

”YOU little son of an f### I swear to god u M###F#### ”.

She takes a shower, gets dressed, gets her car keys, and heads out.

she goes to a coffee shop near her station and grabs a coffee but before she could drink it someone pushes her and the coffee down.

Rose- ”What an unlucky day ”

she heads to the police station

Rose finds a large crowd of people and became curious about why all these people are there.

She asks a detective who says that they all are here to give complaints.

She heads to her desk after talking with the detective.

After a few hours, the chief of neo city police calls rose to his cabin.

Rose heads to his cabin.

Rose- ”What do you want joe ”

Joe- ”we found something last week and I think you should take a look at it ”

Rose- ”Look I don know what u found but I am not going to take a look at it there are so many people here to give complaints. ”

Joe- ”Those people are here to give a complaint but till now there hasn been a single complaint registered. ”

Rose- ”what why? ”

Joe- ”We think its a mage. He/she wants to hide something so they muted all these people. ”

Rose- ”What do we do about it?. ”

joe- ”what you need to do is go and take a look at what we found. ”

Rose- ”Joe there is a mage out there muting people and u want me to take a look at some old artifacts? ”

rose starts to head back

Joe- ”WE found the Green emerald prison. ”

Rose- ”Thats not possible. ”

Joe- ” Your Dad was not a madman rose. we found it. ”

joe finally convinces Rose to go to the green emerald prison

After a few hours at the green emerald prison

some random officer informs rose that the prison was sealed and they are using mages to remove the seal

After a few minutes, Rose and some officers head in

They go to the end of the prison and find a door

They opened the door and found a mountain of skeletons in front of them

On top of that mountain, they find a man.

Rose asks him who he is but there is no reply

She electric shocks him by mistake.

After getting shocked the man starts moving he comes down

Rose asks him who he is again

An officer says that he thinks it might be a mage

The man starts heading toward Rose

They all shoot at him

He disappears in a blink of an eye.

He leans on Roses back and says

”I am not a mage, I am an ALCHEMIST. ”

1k Special announcement

Hello everyone this is pledis prime here

I am thankful to everyone who read the prologue. I still can believe we hit 1k views so fast. It took the ch only 46 hours to hit 1k views. I am very grateful to everyone. Thank you, everyone.

Announcing The Next 2 chapters release dates and names as a special thanks

2. Ch-2 A new world and its order (coming out in 1 and half hours)

3.Ch-3 The one who is supposed to be dead (coming out on 30th July.)

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