Alchemist Of Dead

Ch-4 See me fall

”I- I am the one whos going to kick your ass. ”

”also known as ALCHEMIST OF DEAD. ”

Sen infuses his hands with blue lightning and puts them on the ground

The blue lightning is spread and many skeletons start rising from the ground.

Sen- Rise Of the dead.

Jon- ”Ah damn it. ”

2 hours earlier

Joe- ”What kind of deal?

Sen- ”This mage you sent your team to fight against. I will beat him for you. ”

Joe- ”what? How can you beat him? You are just a kid. ”

Sen lets his energy go wild and everything around them starts breaking.

Joe starts to feel breathless

Sen stops it and Joe pants

Joe- ”OK Ok I believe you ”

Sen- ”Finally. So deal? ”

Joe- ”But what do you want? ”

Sen- ”I just want Freedom! ”

Joe- ”what no thats no- ”

Sen- ”It is. No make me free Joe vanguard. ”

Joe- ”Fine I will talk to the higher-ups ”


Sens army starts to fight Jons army

After a long battle, they manage to overwhelmingly win

Jon runs away from the scene

Sen runs after him to kill him

He catches up to Jon

Jon panics

Jon- ”Why why are you after me??? ”

Sen- ”cuz I made a deal ”

Jon- ”what?? But who are you??? There is no way the alchemist of dead is still alive. ”

Sen- ”you are not entirely wrong. ”

Meanwhile, Joe arrives at the scene

Some of the officers ask him about Sen

He ignores them and searches for rose

He finds her unconscious and wakes her up

He asks her if she is OK

Rose asks about the man who saved her

Joe- ”I don know what he is but that man is a monster ”

”He is the one who is supposed to be dead. ”

Suddenly Joe finds Sen dragging Jon towards him.

He throws Jon to Joe. Joe catches him and cuffs him.

Sen- ”Hahaha I can believe that he is so weak.

Alright then if fate has it we shall meet again ”.

Rose catches him does a freaking slam and throws him on the ground

Sen shouts in pain

Rose- ”you are not going anywhere. ”

Joe- ”Yea we still got some paperwork left for you. ”

Sen- ”What? ”

Joe- ”You said u wanted to be free, we need to make some documents for you. ”

A Few Hours later

Joe approaches Sen and talks to him

Joe- ”ok now that we are done shall we go home? ”

Sen- ”Home? whos home? ”

Joe- ”I am taking you to my house! ”

Sen- ”what why?? no I don - ”

Joe drags him out of the station and takes Sen to his house

At Joes house

Sen- ”Wow you have a big house old man ”

Ariana- ”Hello u must be senso! Nice to meet you I am joes wife Ariana. ”

Sen- ”OHH aunt Ariana i have been dying to meet you!!! ”

Joe- ”wait a minute now How do you know my wife? ”

Sen- ”Oh right I have this skill to absorb others knowledge when I touch them ”

”so i touched Rose and now i know all about you guys ”

Joe- ”I see thats why you know my name! ”

Ariana- ”Alright get ready guys, Dinner is ready. ”

joe and Sen sit down at the dining table.

Joe- ”Look I usually don do this calling people to my house and feeding them but You saved my niece so I am treating you. ”

sen looks at the food and says

”Thank you For the FOOD. ”

After dinner

Sen and Joe sit down on the couch

There is an awkward silence between them

After a few minutes Sen stands up

Joe- ”What happened? ”

Suddenly a man comes Inside crashing joes ceiling

And tries to attack Sen with a blade

Sen punches him in the stomach and sends him flying.

Joe- ”ahhhh my ceiling and my walllllllllllll… whyyyyyyy….. ”

Sen goes out to fight the man and Joe follows him

Sen summons his sword and points it towards him

Sen- ” I was right after all Jon de cruz. ”

Jon- ”How did you know it was me.

Sen- ”I know that a man worth 2.7 billion dollars isn so weak. ”

Jon- ”hahahaa you sure are interesting. ”

Joe- ”Sen whats happening? ”

Jon rushes to attack Sen

Sen dodges him and hits dumps him to the ground.

Sen- ”Take Ariana and run. ”

”This is going to be a very destructive fight. ”

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