Alchemist Of Dead

ch-5 A New team Ariah

This is going to be a very destructive fight. ”

Jon escapes from his grip

He uses a teleportation spell and gets out of his radius.

Sen follows him to a lake

He sees Jon take a dip in the lake

Jon rises and talks to Sen

Jon- ”I know if I fight you I will fail

So I brought you here

This lake is filled with magical energy.

Now that I absorbed it all I shall destroy you! ”

Sen sighs

Sen- ”Its so sad that everyone wants to see me fall ”

Sen runs to Jon and tries to punch him but Jon uses a defense wall spell.

Sen breaks through and punches him in the face.

Jon starts bleeding from his nose.

Sen suddenly punches him in the stomach but Jon defends

Jon kicks Sen and sends him flying

Sen catches a tree nearby.

Sen- ”ahh looks like the lake increased his physical strength. ”

Sen uses teleportation skill to get close to him.

Jon senses him and hits him with a fireball as big as a basketball

It hits Sen in the stomach.

Sen falls to his knees

Sen- ” ah That hurt. ”

Jon- ”hoho I didn know that the alchemist of dead was such a weak man. ”

Sen- ”heh sorry kid tutorial is now over. ”

Sen infuses his hand with lightning and pulls out his sword.

He runs so fast that Jon can see him anymore

Sen suddenly cuts Jons right hand off

Jon shouts in pain

He uses a regeneration spell to heal his hand

Jon then pulls out his batons and lit them up with fire

Sen and Jons weapons clash and make a huge spark.

Sen keeps defending Jons quick-fire batons which keep attacking him.

After a while, Sen finally gets a chance to distance himself from Jon

He steps back and uses a beam spell

Sen- ”Atlantica ”

It hits Jon, he hits a tree and falls down

Jon- ”As I thought you are very strong. ”

Jon rises picks up his batons again and rushes to Sen

This time Sen destroyed his batons with the lightning-filled sword.

Jon is filled with anger.

Jon- ”How dare you destroy them. ”

His eyes become red

And his hands are glowing with fire.

His anger turns into fire and his hair starts to glow with fire.

Sen- ”Is this a transformation?? The first one I ever saw. Your main element is fire so u transformed.. ”

Jon hits Sen straight in the stomach and sends him flying.

Jon quickly follows him and hits him while he is in the air.

Sen hits the ground. He coughs out blood.

Sen- ”I know you are angry but I am sorry I can let you run free. ”

Sen takes his sword and starts to fight with the newly transformed Jon.

After a few mins sen runs out of patience.

He is worried about Joe and Arina. q

Suddenly he finds Joe looking at him fight Jon.

Sen uses his teleportation skill to teleport Joe out of there.

Sen- ”What are you doing here? ”

Joe- ” I was worried about you. But why is no one here. ”

Sen- ”Joe he is coming after me now so run from here. ”

Suddenly Jon comes out of nowhere and kicks Sen.

Jon- ”You aren going anywhere. ”

Sen teleports Jon and himself far away from joe

Sen takes all of Jons punches.

He then infuses his blade with water.

Sen- ”This might not be enough to extinguish your anger but I still have to try. ”

He slashes Jon with his water slash.

It cuts Jons stomachs skin from his right shoulder making a scar.

The water on sens blade goes inside Jon and cools down his body.

Jon falls and returns to his original state.

Sen sighs and carries him to a police station on his back.

Sen- ”I don know who you are but you want to see me fall.

Just wait because I am coming for you. ”

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