Alchemist Of Dead

Ch-6 Sacred Arts Oceanic Operetta

Just wait because I am coming for you. ”

Sen carries jon to the police station on his back

Rose and Joe look that Jon and take him to doctors

After a few mins doctors say that he is going to be fine.

Rose goes to Sen and hits him on the head

Rose- ”Thank you ”

Sen grabs her by her collar and pulls her close to him

Sen- ”Don hit me you little- ”

He becomes unconscious and falls on her.

Rose takes him to the doctors for a checkup.

1 weeks later

Sen finally wakes up.

Sen-ahh how long was I asleep.

Doctor-1 week

Sen- ” what!!!! Damn ”

The doctor informs Joe and others that he woke up.

Joe rushes to the hospital to check up on Sen

He goes into sens room and finds rose inside.

Joe-Rose? What are you doing here.

Rose- ”I was nearby so I came to pay a visit. ”

Joe- oh okay.

Sen- ”Anyway where is Jon. ”

Joe- ”They are interrogating him right now. ”

Sen- ”Take me to him. ”

Joe- ”but- ”

Sen- ”Joe I didn ask. ”

Joe takes Sen to the interrogation room where jon is held

Sen goes inside and sits in front of him.

Sen places Jons batons which he fixed in front of him.

Jon- ”How did you?

Sen- ”Are you happy? ”

Jon- ”Why would I be happy I am in an interrogation room.

They are dying to throw me in jail. ”

Sen laughs

Jon- ”why are you laughing? ”

Sen gets up

Sen- ”Don worry I will not let them hurt you kid. ”

Jon- ”ehhhhhhh u called me kid I am 19 years old. I AM NO KID OLD MAN. ”

Sen- ”Hey just because I am 2021 years old doesn make me old I am still in my youth. ”

Sen leaves the room

He heads to Joe and urges him to not press charges.

Joe agreed but he says that Jon has a bounty on his head So

They can leave him.

Sen- ”Joe he might look bad but hes still a kid. ”

Joe- ”I know but you are also a kid you punk. ”

Sen- ”No I am not. ”

Joe drags him to his office.

In Joes office

Joe- ” I can let him run free Sen. So I decided do make a team full of mages. ”

Sen- ”What? ”

Joe- ”You are going to lead a special unit called Ariah.

Your job is to investigate all this case.

Joe throws a newspaper in front of Sen ”


Sen- ”What? I never heard about these 11 getting statues carved. ”

Joe- ”you know them? ”

Sen- ”Yeah I do 11 mages of SHALE-Zaraki,Hari,vile,amber,son hung,Zhen li,Yuri,Victor,zeke,Adam, Yutaka. ”

Joe- ”wow you know their names too. Can you tell that to the department of archeology.

But they are no ordinary statues they have some unknown energy In them. ”

Sen- ”I will check them out later but first whos going to be in my team? ”

Joes office door opens

Its Jon who comes Inside with rose.

Jon- ” Why am I here. ”

Joe- Jon de cruz as of today you are a member of Ariah. ”

Jon- ”What? ”

Sen- ”From today onwards you are going to be working with me. ”

Jon- ”working on what? ”

Sen- ”I will tell that later first lets go to a bath house ”

Joe- ”Wait what? ”

Sen takes Jon to a bathhouse

Sen insists on washing Jons back but he refuses

The both sit inside a hot tub

Jon- ”ahhh that feels so refreshing ”

Sen- ”yea I wish we had these 2000 years ago. ”

Jon- ”ahh your so damn old ”

Sen- ”Jon who told you about me? ”

Jon- ”Eh? ”

Sen- ”Eh? ”

Jon- ”it was a mage I fought. He told Me that you were alive and I was a huge fan of your strength so I came to you. ”

Sen- ”Then who attacked neo city? ”

Jon- ”I don know. I have no idea. ”

Sen- ”It must have been a puppet. ”

Jon- ”Not like I care ”

Meanwhile in police station

??- ”you little shi# your gonna pay for your mistake ”

Suddenly Joe gets the news of the death of the imposter Jon.

Joe runs to check his body and the authorities inform him it was a murder.

Joe- ”whats happening in this world right now? ”

suddenly joe gets informed that there is a meteorite heading for Neo city right now and if it hits then it will destroy the whole continent of Ruso

Meanwhile Sen and Jon enjoy a nice expensive meal with joes money

Jon- ”how did u get the card? ”

Sen- ”I stole it hehe he. ”

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