Alchemists And Artifacts

Chapter 1: The Man With Glasses

and hung it on the coat rack.

”Here sir the request and the document detailing the information send by the requester. Umm…. you might want to see the name of the requester first sir ” the boy said while giving the man sitting on the chair a document.

”Hmmm….Madam Maria huh? Thats why you were so anxious. A bigshot just request something from us. A job to be exact. I need to meet her to talk about the details of this job. ”

”Do you want me to get in contact with her sir? ” a dark cloud looming the boy face.

”No, you don have to. I will contact her personally. You know Alex, its been one year you know since you have become my secretary, one long year. Sigh. You still don get over your fear of bigshots. ” remarked the man while adjusting his glasses.

”Well what can I do sir, Im still just a normal human being unlike you sir. I might have taken this position and job but I still want to live a long life sir. I want to have a beautiful wife and cute kids, huge house and- ”

”Stop, I know I know. Sigh. Bring me my coffee and tell the kids there is a job for them. ”

”On it sir. ” Alex then walked out of the office happily.

The man sighing while adjusting his glasses.

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